How old were you the first time you tried cuckolding?

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    I was about 31 when I suggested to my wife she should sleep with other men. It took her a while to get used to the idea but eventually started a relationship with three men she knew through work. She said she couldn't just have sex with men and there had to be an emotional connection so they became full on affairs - going out on dates and text messaging etc. This became a bit stressful for me as I wasn't expecting her to have an affair as such. But I accept that is part of being a cuckold. It was a strange feeling knowing she was in another relationship with another man and they were behaving like real lovers, calling each other and being romantic. I suppose it made me realise what being an obliging cuckold really meant and I needed to deal with the anxiety and jealousy I felt.

    Anyway, the relationships didn't last too long as a result of my feelings. But now I am older I feel I would be able to cope better.
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  2. DeannaHouston

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    I was never monogamous.
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    I was 9. My girlfriend and I would make-out in my room. She told me that another guy was cute and that she wanted to kiss him. I suggested that she invite him to join us and she did. Since then, I have been into the lifestyle. I had a couple of high school girlfriends who also had sex with other guys while we were dating. Except for a couple of years when I tried the non-cuckold lifestyle, I've always dated a cuckoldress. Deanna and I have been I this lifestyle since we met and we fit perfectly with each other.
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    I was 23. My wife who is my X now was 18 at that time. She got a crush on the painter who worked on our house, I found it a huge turn on for me too. She never been with anyone else before me. So I thought why not.. let her try another.
    They were a little shy fucking in front of me after a hot bj so they went in the bathroom and locked the door leaving me outside. I thought just let them break the ice. Not long I began hearing my wife moaning then moaning louder...

    When they came out they fucked nicely in our bed. She was very pleased.
    When I asked her later on what they did in the bathroom and why moaning so loud she said she letting him fuck her in the ass something she never let me do :eek:
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    What set it for me was my step aunt who got off on cheating and demeaning her hubby. I was a kid with a foot fetish and got off watching her swing her big feet and verbally bust his balls. She let and encouraged me to disrespect him. She loved when I would damage his stuff or talk back to him. Eventually I began getting off on it. I would hear her lash into him , then find something of his and cum all over it. Before he came home I grabbed his sandwich and rubbed it on her feet. She loved it.
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    I was barely 18 (and had never even tried to go to "second base" with my Few girlfriends), when I met my wife. She was almost 5 years older than I and was definitely "experienced". She took my Virginity almost 2 months later.

    I DETAIL this in my Thread on the Humiliation forum section here, with the Title about my Over 3 Decades of my being a Cuckold. But in short I discovered Cuckold fantasies and the Curious but Amazing affect they had on me when we were engaged to marry, I was barely 19 then. I confessed those fantasies to her a few months later (still months before we were married), to say that she Embraced them would be an Understatement.

    Yet due to Life and it's demands it didn't happen until shortly before our second Anniversary. I was barely 22.

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