How my wife cheated and cuckolded me

Discussion in 'The Affair Zone - Cheating!' started by Clucky hubby, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. open2it

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    I agree, you are fortunate to have explored chastity and cuckoldry at your age. It allows the opportunity to explore as you continue down life's path. What type of cage are you wearing? Have you been required to clean or fluff her BF yet?
  2. Clucky hubby

    Clucky hubby Well-Known Member

    I'm just wearing a basic cage. Nothing special haha. I've been cleaning up after her bf for over a year now. She even admitted to me that a few times when she cheated on me, she let me go down on her when she had another guys cum inside her. Naive me just thought she was extra wet.
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  3. open2it

    open2it Well-Known Member

    Imagine the naughty thoughts that were running through her mind as you unsuspectingly cleaned her creampie especially if you were caged!
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  4. We started off in a similar situation. She cheated on me before we got into the lifestyle. After some honest discussions, we realized that we could both enjoy her sexuality and interest in fucking other men!
  5. aloneandneeding

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    I was born as the result of cheating almost 60 years ago. To me cheating happens because of two things. First is something missing in the relationship. Second is just plain sexual or maybe both. If we knew how widespread cheating is we would think it as the norm.
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  6. jean.soumis

    jean.soumis Guest

    I just read this thread from the beginning and I only wonder about one thing: didn't your wife realize how small in insufficient your dick was BEFORE you two got married? So, why did she still go ahead with it without adressing the issue? She could hae avoided cheating and risking the marriage that way. Or did she know that you would be open to it? DId she just not tell you that she STARTED doing behind your back what you had already agreed on she could do IN FRONT?

    Apart from that point, I thoroughly enjoyed the read and would LOOOOOVE to be in your shoes with a hotwife like yours, one who is self-confident enough to set the rules, cage me, keep me chaste and my orgasms controlled, and has an understanding of my pleasure at getting humiliated, especially in oral ways as I love oral games and would always enjoy, perhaps more than you do, to lick her body clean and be her personal domestic servant: washing, feeding, housekeeping.
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  7. Guhunkadorn

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    The previous comment is spot on to me as my now wife - who is sexually conservative - 'looked under my hood and kicked the tires' prior to any talk about marriage. It was obvious at the time what she was doing as her previous physical interactions with me where no where near that level of intimacy....she made 100% sure my equipment passed inspection.

    Her previous boyfriend asked her to marry him and she turned him down based largely on his size. When talking about it years after we where married she waved her pinky and said he was this big. The guy, just to note, is well over 6 ft. and 200 lbs. I'm 5' 8" and less than 150 lbs.

    So I too would like to hear the OP address the 1st paragraph of the previous comment.

    I do like your posts Mr. Clucky...and congrats on being allowed to father your child.
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  8. Clucky hubby

    Clucky hubby Well-Known Member

    At the start of our relationship when she first saw my dick she told me it didn't matter. But obviously as time went on, it started bothering her. I assume at the time that size wasn't such a big deal for her. We occasionally spoke about her cheating on me during sex. It was just dirty talk but she obviously loved the thought of it. She really enjoyed when I'd unsuspecting eat her out after she had cheated on me.
  9. UCUM666

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    Couldn't you tell because of the smell and taste that something seemed off?
  10. Clucky hubby

    Clucky hubby Well-Known Member

    I just thought I made her really wet.
  11. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Do the three of you still sleep in the same bed when the bf stays over? My wife and I have shared our bed every night with her live-in lover---my best buddy, now 24---for more than 4 years. He now fully co-husbands her with me and his sharing our bed is very natural and fulfilling for the three of us. That said, I quite often vacate our bed from night through to morning for him to make love to her when they need total privacy.

    Has sharing your wife in your bed with the bf got any earier or more erotic for you since he first arrived?
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  12. Clucky hubby

    Clucky hubby Well-Known Member

    It really depends on how they feel. Sometimes they want to be alone so I sleep in the spare room. Sometimes they want to humiliate me so they tie me up in a chair and make me watch. We are exploring more humiliation ideas and situations. Including playing in public where she makes it obvious she's cheating on me with him. It's definitely more erotic, I love that they have Sex in our bed.
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  13. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    I love that too, CH. But try this:

    In the early hours of the morning when your wife and her lover are fucking beside you in the bed, stay on your side of the bed, feign sleep and listen to their whisperings and kissings and the wet sounds of his cock thrusting in her vagina.

    When I do that I quietly masturbate to the rhythm of her young lover's heavy breathing and beautifully effective thrusting. I always get off hugely on my wife's lovely crying out and the scrunchy thudding and grinding together of their pubes and the slamming of the bed-head against the wall when her lover loses control as he builds to orgasm.

    Sometimes I pretend I've been woken by his long loud tenor cries and gruntings as he manfully ejaculates into my wife, which usually triggers my own orgasm. At such times I often reach out in the dark and place one hand on his orgasmically clenching muscular butt-cheeks, and he loves it.
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  14. hankhavelock

    hankhavelock Active Member

    Awesome and absolutely spot-on, mon ami!
  15. Hotwife0407

    Hotwife0407 New Member

    Congratulations Clucky. I mentioned being caged to my wife not long after I told her about my fantasy. Her eyes lit up immediately, there was no doubt that it hit a nerve, she loves me being caged. I think some wives think that we want to cheat on them too! Now she wants a chain to wear the key around her neck wherever she goes.
  16. michael1987

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    Dammit your wife has extraordinarily beautiful breasts!! So like my wife's. I would love you to be subserviently sucking on one of them while I'm fucking her. I would be sucking on the other one of course---very thirstily and arousingly and expurtly indeed, I assure you.

    Does your wife orgasm from breast and nipple stimulation alone? I like to think she does. Most women can, especially with a very spunky younger lover who is truly craving breast. My wife orgasms most easily and strongly from nipple-sucking---by me and her young lover and her beautiful baby boys by him---when she is lactating.

    Your choice of wife was exquisite. I would believe the rest of her body is as beautiful as her breasts. But be a good cuck and post some more revealing pics of her nude body so we connoisseurs of young womanly beauty can get off on them. Please.
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