How many men has your wife fucked in front of you?

Discussion in 'Polls and Humor' started by Cindyscuck, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. slowpoking

    slowpoking Well-Known Member

    You're so awesome!
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  2. Clucky hubby

    Clucky hubby Well-Known Member

    Me too! I love that word when used as a sexual compliment. My wife thankfully uses it too.
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  3. obedientcuck

    obedientcuck Well-Known Member

    She's fucked only one other man since we've been married. We were looking for a Bull with very compatible interests, and one who'd make me feel intensely inferior to him. He was not an easy Bull to find, and my wife is happy to give him exclusive extramarital access.
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  4. Mohit6kka

    Mohit6kka New Member

    Uncountable men in our ten years of marriage.
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  5. JeffHouston

    JeffHouston Well-Known Member

    I can't even count or hazard a guess. It happens regularly and has been this way since 3 months after we met.
  6. Shambler

    Shambler New Member

    In 3 years, I've watched Lis play with 16 of her 51 different victims, that I know of. All but 4 of the 16 have also played with her solo.

    She's pretty good about telling me about her adventures, so I believe 51 is probably an accurate number, but she has been in a few group situations (tied and blindfolded), where she couldn't be certain.

    With the exception of 4 men, all wear condoms. When she's solo in a group, she has a primary date that ensures the guys that mount her, are covered.
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  7. Wife4others

    Wife4others Guest

    About 30 men.
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  8. Shambler

    Shambler New Member

    18 of 51
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  9. guymackey

    guymackey Guest

    12 out of 35-45 (she doesn't remember exactly.)
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  10. SJ1982

    SJ1982 Member

    15 if it includes swinger club meets
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  11. harlotandhubby

    harlotandhubby New Member

    since we have been in this lifestyle i have seen her fucked by 16 different guys, most of them more than once, and 2 of them became regulars who i have seen her fuck many times
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  12. amylen

    amylen New Member

    Four and one of those (the first, two years ago) who lives interstate, a place we like to holiday has joined us last year and this year. I say "joined us" because we have a hotel we stay at and we meet at the bar the first night and then head up to our room. Last year I tried to join in but it was very obvious that I was not wanted. They connect really well and he stays most nights leaving mid morning. It works well because the rest of the year their is no contact either side, its an arrangement that's purely sexual.
  13. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Crazyinvt, I have been reading your posts and I must say, your wife is a goddess. An empowered woman, a woman who knows what she wants and found a husband that is in tune with her inner-most self. It is just too bad that society is not yet at the point where non-monogamy is acceptable and reognized. Your wife would be celebrated for her accomplished life, a lust for sex that few achieve. She is a goddess that we all, women and men, should put on a pedestal for living life to the fullest, a gourmet of sex from an early age while most of the population never escapes being tied up with guilt, confusion, religion, shame and inhibition. And you too are a lucky man for sharing a life with your woman.

    You both should write your story for a mass circulation publication. Perhaps it would help nudge society toward accepting female sexual freedom.
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  14. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

  15. desimilf80

    desimilf80 Member

    One...wish it was more
    She does not like me watching
  16. mattcuck

    mattcuck New Member

    We started 2 years ago so I would say maybe 15-20 with the most...
    Teddy; 2-3 times a week
    Jimmy (Teddy's friend ); avg 4-5 times a month
    Sam )Teddy's friend); avg 4-5 times a month
    Teddy other friends and clients; anywhere from 2-6 a month
    Vinny Landscaper, Once a week
    Matt; 2 times a week

    This is what I know of.
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