How many men has your wife fucked in front of you?

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  1. Hawke82

    Hawke82 Well-Known Member

    I've seen my wife have sex with every one of her lover's over the years, but not everytime. My wife has been with seven other men, and all but one were long term relationships. Five of those seven were (still are) good friends of mine. Early on in each relationship I was there to witness her liaisons, but as the relationships grew, she would spend more and more time with them alone. I would say on average, that when she's with a long term lover, she sees him alone about 60% of the time, and allows me to be there 40% of the time.
  2. impotentcuck

    impotentcuck New Member

    seen 10 of her lovers fuck her MANy times. Participated in most of them. sucking dicks, placing dicks ather cunt n asking themto take her on. cleaning cocks and her pussy:p
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  3. Rockhead69

    Rockhead69 New Member

    Not even once. At least, not yet. My wife likes to have steady lovers. Since we started with lifestyle, about 4 years ago, she has had 3 lovers. She has a lovers who has fucked her throughout her 2 previous marriages and is fucking her now, too. He left her 2 times claiming he had had enough, which made her crazy and drove her to find different man to make him jeallous. So she started seeing a co-worker the first time and the second time her manager. Both times her lifetime lover came back to her. They've been back fucking for almost 6 months now, and grim is back on her face.
  4. Kudalskies

    Kudalskies Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Is the question in front of me live? or hidden cams?:p
  5. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Why not both? Tell us about both numbers.
  6. Kudalskies

    Kudalskies Well-Known Member Founding Member

    9 in front of me
    6 she dated alone.
    3 on hidden cam. 1 of which she dated steady for a year fucked her 40 to 50 times.
  7. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Nice! Can't wait to hear about some of your adventures.
  8. KCcuckoldBRIAN

    KCcuckoldBRIAN New Member

    I posted our story earlier, but the most at one time was 3 guys, all black and that was this past Saturday night. We had a guy over Sunday morning that I fucked and got to cum in, while he fucked and came in her. Fucking him was my reward for being a good Cuckold, watching her with them and eating all the creampies.

    The most she's had in one night was 5 other guys Fuck her that I saw. She was blindfolded that night and kept asking for more cock. But they were all one after another.

    Total in the past 4.5 years. Wow. I dunno. If I tried to think about it long and hard I could probably get a closer number but I would say at Least a couple dozen guys that I have personally witnessed Fuck her, but could be more. She hasn't played alone yet that I know of but says she will. She seems to get off on me watching. I guess it's part of it, me witnessing the whole thing.
  9. linda_wa36B

    linda_wa36B New Member

    Well, my hubby has had the privilege of seeing four other men slip into me (two were 1-time events; two have been on going; I have enjoyed my ongoing "others" several times and we always do bare with cream pies). Hubby seem to enjoy sloppy seconds (or thirds ;-).
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  10. Clarepear

    Clarepear Well-Known Member

    I've fucked three men in front of my husband. I've made out with maybe 10 guys (off the top of my head) in front of him and did other random sexy stuff (like letting a guy touch my boobs) with countless men.
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  11. Lakeslad

    Lakeslad Active Member

    Only one, so far but we are new to this. In time, I am sure there will be more.
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  12. Clucky hubby

    Clucky hubby Well-Known Member

    Your hubby sounds like me. My wife and her Bf always go bareback so there's plenty of cream pies for me
  13. Clucky hubby

    Clucky hubby Well-Known Member

    Wow that's hot. Never hotter than seeing your wife with other guys. I'm so glad my wife loves it
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  14. jagman1957

    jagman1957 Member

  15. Only one because my being present is not something that my Wife is into to, which I respect. The one time, however, was memorable in that it was in front of me and several other people and was only a week after we had got engaged. Deliciously embarrassing and humiliating, particularly when I apologised to our host and he expressed amazement that I was not breaking off the engagement immediately.
  16. JeffHouston

    JeffHouston Well-Known Member

    Many... and I enjoy it every time.
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  17. In the past 10 years she has fucked 8 guys directly in front of me. I've watched her masturbate in front of one guy (he rubbed his dick through his shorts), and I watched her give another guy a handjob. She fucked several that I was not allowed to watch.
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  18. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    Lol Many, I thought it was way more than Many! I doubt you could even remember them all, I can't. Your wife is a slut.
  19. JeffHouston

    JeffHouston Well-Known Member

    A beautiful, amazing and well-loved slut. I adore you
  20. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    I love it when women own the word slut!

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