How many men has your wife fucked in front of you?

Discussion in 'Polls and Humor' started by Cindyscuck, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. cuck03867

    cuck03867 New Member

    mine has done about 100 in front of me don't know how many I don't know about
  2. small9

    small9 Active Member

    2 at the same time last night. Rang in the new year right.
  3. spmartini

    spmartini New Member

    Over the past year she had added a significant number to her total which is now around 38. There have been a few that I have not watched her with, but yes 38 fucked with me present and I loved every minute of it
  4. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Question for those of you who are being cuckolded. How important is it (for her and you) that it be a new guy? Is it just as thrilling to see her wanting to repeatedly get satisfaction from the same guy?
  5. mickey99997

    mickey99997 New Member

    I love it all, but prefer it just a little bit when she is with a regular lover because she tends to relax more and be more at ease doing whatever comes to mind with a guy she has been with several times. She'll more easily suck his cock, or more easily switch positions, whereas with new guys it's usually straight missionary, not that I'm complaining. Shoot, I'm cool with some guy just squeezing her tits, but, of course, having him cum in her pussy is the best.

    I wish I could hang a sign on my wife though that reads, "I'm OK with anyone squeezing my tits if you'd like." So many guys are so skitterish about that, and perhaps rightly so since so many women will scream bloody murder if you graze against them accidentally. But my wife wouldn't mind a bit if you squeezed her ass or tits. In fact, she'd take it as a compliment, and would most probably be hoping that it would lead to something more! There needs to be some sort of sign or signal or something she could wear that would let guys know that she likes to be touched.
  6. mufoi

    mufoi New Member

    More then 20.
  7. canadianwittol

    canadianwittol Well-Known Member Founding Member

    One - as of just less than 48 hours ago!!
  8. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Getting to see my wife fucked by the same lover on repeating occasions is what does it for me. "With knobs on"! Firstly, a repeating lover is obviously there in my wife's arms because he is a chosen favourite, for his youth (under 30) and his handsomeness and athletic physique (all 3 very important for my wife and me), his preferred-sized cock (about 8 inches and very girthy) and his romanticism, confidence, love-making skills and (highly important) his stamina. My wife's present lover (now 22) is also multi-orgasmic every single fuck and cums buckets in her; which capability of his has developed steadily since I first introduced him to her 3 years ago. Presently he is fucking my wife 2 to 3 times each week. it eas their very early and easy sexual familiarity and his standout potency in fucking my wife that him lead him to become her favourite lover. Of all time. The downside for me is the occasional attacks of jealousy that unpredictably hit me when I see my wife getting off hugely on his youth and superior physical attributes and stamina while he is fucking her. But I wouldn't have it any other way. His having been her only lover for the best part of 3 years now has inevitably established such satisfying sexual familiarity between them that I have no need or thought to bring multiple lovers for her into our marriage.
    My wife has told me that she too has no erotic need or hankering for any further lover or lovers.
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  9. Gussy

    Gussy New Member

    I would say 10 or so. Not sure how many she gas had when I am not there. Lots of guys seem to be uncomfortable with it
  10. cheryl's-cuck

    cheryl's-cuck New Member

    Of the 20+ she has been with I have watched her with 7
  11. wycome38

    wycome38 Member

    zero so far :(
  12. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Is that because you haven't been able to watch, or because your wife hasn't fucked around yet?
  13. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Some of the guys Audrey used to fuck didn't want me there to watch, but once we were married, it was our goal. She gave them an ultimatum: either I'm there occasionally when she wants, or "No more pussy for you!" You can guess what they chose. ;) Eventually, I was not only there but participated in the action and both of the holdouts actually came to like it. They were both out-of-towners, so it was still only Audrey most of the time.
  14. xtracock4u

    xtracock4u New Member

    My wives personal individual record was 14 guys over 3 hours. 6 x 3 loads. 3 x 2 loads 5 single loads... A glorious mess...
    She and a girlfriend shared 30 guys but lost count of numbers....
  15. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    What was the average recovery-time of the 6 guys who came more than once in your wife in that 3-hour session? And what was their age-range? Did you personally witness any or all of them fucking her? Were they wearing condoms? And if they were, did any of them rupture?
  16. Mexcuck

    Mexcuck Active Member

    As of this month 20.
  17. jaynlila

    jaynlila Member

    X Wife: around 35 guys 4 girls. All with me or in front of me.
    New and current wife: 14 in front of me. 11 alone but I knew all about them upfront.
  18. jaynlila

    jaynlila Member

    This is so hot. Once we start again I'd love it if my wife's new bull would allow a friend to fuck her. I doubt it though she's so hot if a bull gets a hold of her he would not share her. Unlike me.. I'm a cuck.
  19. denvercouple71

    denvercouple71 Active Member

    its been 15 years of this life style (cuckold and hotwife). During these 15 years, I'm pretty sure she fucked more than 200 hundred different men...
  20. oompa1977

    oompa1977 New Member

    9 in about three years. Two regulars. One I was present with everytime and the other I just might get to see pictures of the fun

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