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How many have wives with bi-racial experiences?

Discussion in 'Hotwifing, Swinging and Swapping' started by rob788, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. rob788

    rob788 Guest

    We're relatively new here and have been in this lifestyle only just over a year. We have since learned that many couples are most interested in other races, most often African-American men, to service their wives.

    We talked about it but haven't yet decided (mutually) on that. Can someone so inclined tell us what attracted the wife to that pursuit, what is different with a Black man in general and how they found their partner? At this point, we're only curious, but that could change.

    We also curious as to the results any might have from responding to Craigslist's "casual acquaintances" pages at the M4MF section.

    We're non-judgmental and open-minded. My wife's principal experiences have either been posted in "real life" and on this page if you wish to check us out before reading.
  2. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    Hey Rob, I'll respond to help bump your post back up. I myself, am not into BBC. I do not like picking men based on race. I prefer to pick men based on cock size and personality. I am allergic to typical bulls, and to racial stereotypes. That said I have fucked most all of the beautiful colors.

    I do not think with your eyes closed you could tell the difference between black and white cock. So I am not really able to answer what is "different".

    The men of pretty color that I have fucked were found either in real life or swinger clubs.

    I think you should keep being your non-judgmental and open-minded selves. Fuck who you want for the reasons you want. Trying new things is exciting. Deanna
  3. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    My wife's current and only lover, now 24 years old, is mixed-race black American. She did not seek him out for any reason, including his being coloured. He and I had been intimate buddies since he was 17. I introduced him to her when he was 19 and he has lived with us ever since. A few weeks into their sexual relationship, which was initiated by me and in which I was already a physical participant, my wife told me that since late puberty she had been fascinated and easily sexually aroused by the physiques of athletic young black males like him, and that if she ever took a lover, before or after marriage, she would choose a young black one. Early on in our marriage she was fascinated and thrilled enough sexually by me for her desire for a black lover to be submerged. But her desire was fatefully rekindled during our lovemaking one night when I sort of jokingly asked her what sort of lover, older or younger, other race or same race, she would choose if she ever took one. Without hesitation or any embarrassment she said "Younger, black and athletic"---which described my current bisexual buddy, at the time unknown to her, perfectly. On my introducing him to her a few weeks later, her sexual attraction to him was very obvious. Within a week he was sharing our marriage bed, to the open delight of my black-curious wife, making love to her with rapidly increasing skill and effectiveness, both of which have continued to seriously challenge me physically and emotionally to this very day.
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  4. rob788

    rob788 Guest

    Michael, that's intriguing. My wife had not entertained an attraction to other races. Having watched several cuckold videos for almost two years longer than her cuckolding experience, she has expressed thoughts about what that might be like. She hasn't pursued that, but our particular circumstances haven't been conducive toward that end. I suppose that if some contributive occurrence comes about, perhaps meeting a Black guy socially, she might do that.

    But I'm no longer encouraging her to do anything in particular. I now just enjoy her getting what she wants and deserves. If she decides to fuck guys of other races, I have no problem with that in that she is unable to be impregnated. We have no children.
  5. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    It's intriguing for me too, Rob, in ever- increasing and multiplying ways, I think because of the deeply erotic sensivity my wife and I openly share for the extraordinary inner and outer beauty of her young lover; beauty engendered principally, but by no means only, by his being of mixed race. My deep appreciation of my wife's fascination with him is frequently made literally tangible, as when she takes one of my hands in hers and guides it to touch and share in her appreciation of the action of some part of his magnificent young body that she is exploring and erotically experiencing afresh in their lovemaking beside me. My wife's guided sharing with me like this often, as if by her intention, hugely enhances her lover's pleasure, and thereby her pleasure too, at particular moments and on occasions even through whole phases of their lovemaking. Black Grace still comes into it, even more powerfully it did than 4 years go. But our three-way lovemaking, perhaps because of its intensity, has for all three of us unexpectedly and almost unnoticedly caused the importance of the black-is-beautiful factor to diminish in our consciouness to give place and primacy, it seems, to the breathtaking beauty of man-woman sex to guide our loving and our further erotic journeyings and intriguing discoveries.
  6. slowpoking

    slowpoking Well-Known Member

    My wife has screwed one black guy and sucked another, but race isn't high on her list of criteria influencing fuckworthiness. Through the years she's remarked not infrequently about black men who she sees and finds attractive, but she says the same about men of other races. Body type, general attractiveness, personality and chemistry are more important in determining who's a good match for her. She prefers shorter cocks, though girth is nice. And they should be very hard.

    Her experiences with black men weren't anything that would have converted her. The man she fucked had stereotypical size -- at least 10 inches long, on honest 10 inches, and thick. But a long cock is actually a drawback for her, they didn't have much chemistry, and for at least part of the time he wasn't very stiff. (It must take a stronger pump to fill up a cock that large.) I have some pics of her looking swept away, but she said she had no desire to sleep with him again.

    The other guy was part of a couple that we met to swing with a couple times. My wife did like him and was very interested to try his cock, which was also long and thick. She sucked it and enjoyed that, but the other wife was too jealous to let my wife ride it. She (the other wife) also was just not nice and the reason we stopped seeing that couple. Come to think of it, it was that experience that turned our focus to playing with individual guys and set us on the road to where we are now.
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  7. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    The erect cock of my wife's young lover measures 8 and 3/4 inches from pubes to cumslit before he begins to penetrate her, after which, due to his care and great skill in arousing her, she accommodates it's full length quickly and easily, her vagina now being well-adapted to him. His is erection is always steely hard but its already impressive girth visibly increases a lot as he comes to orgasm. The increase in its length is proportionately less during his buildup to orgasm but nevertheless appreciable by my wife when he is ejaculating ballsdeep in her. His being uncircumcised is another major plus for her. Over the last year I have become much less intimidated than I used to be by the cock-size advantage he has over me and of my wife's openly glorying in the undoubtedly greater pleasure he so easily provides for her because of it. But despite that, his cock-size has over the last two years become actually less distinguishable as part of the whole "package" that his youth and overall physical beauty has always embodied and expressed as the major turn-on for my wife in her loving of him. Ironically, these days it seems to be only me who becomes genitally overfocused during their fucking and, because of that, prone to being thrown and erotically challenged by the massiveness and visibly greater purposefulness of his cock in action. Nowadays it is my ever-growing appreciation and focus on the overall beauty of their lovemaking that saves me from obsessing too much over the great size of her lover's cock and my wife's easy and natural delight in it and the extreme pleasure it gives her.
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  8. slowpoking

    slowpoking Well-Known Member

    I gotta hand it to you, Michael. You can talk some shit. Sometimes I cannot keep up.

    Sounds like the three of you have a great thing going. I'm happy for you.
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