How i became a cuckold last week.

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    Ok so to back date a bit she went over to his work as planned and had another great fuck from him. Tbh i can't remember many details now as it was over a month ago, but she told me that she reckons she had around 30 orgasms. They fucked without a condom, but when she said he could come in her pussy as she was on the pill, he joked "thats hat they all say" and pulled out and came in her mouth instead. so there was no "cream pie" for me. Not that i am too fussed about it, other than for the humiliation part of it.
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    Please do. We're gagging hear from you how much your wife is loving the feeling of her lover spunking in her. Some close-up shots of his cum overflowing from her freshly-fucked vagina would be very welcome too.
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    Thanks for the update. He really likes finishing in her mouth.
  4. sussexcuck

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    Last week though they had another meet- this time at ours. Its a lot fresher in my mind so i will share a lot more detail. It was undoubtedly the most exciting episode so far.

    So they had arranged to meet up in the afternoon at ours after my wife finished work at lunchtime. I work form home but had been instructed by her to spend the morning cleaning the house for them for top to bottom, change the bedding, and her dress and stockings laid our neatly for her. (and no underwear as instructed by her Fb) I had to do this in a french maid outfit she had bought me, and still be wearing it for her when she got back. When she arrived i greeted her at the door and took her shoes off. She burst out laughing as this was the first time she'd seen me dressed like this. I felt a mixture of shame and extreme horniness. (having been locked for a week)

    She had a quick shower, and then i dried her, moisturized her legs , helped her dress and then it was time for me to vanish. (we only had a 30 minute window form er getting back to when he was due to arrive)
    I then went out with the dog for 2 hours (in my walking clothes!) whilst she entertained her guest. Man i was so horny on that stroll - imagining what she was up to with him. I arrived back slightly early and actually saw his car pulling out of our drive.

    I went inside and my wife/mistress was flushed and glowing. She led me upstairs and straddled my face and instantly i knew that this time he had come inside her. I had to be very gentle with her as yet again he had broken her. Her pussy smelt of sex, the lips swollen and her pussy gaping open. She told me she had just had the best sex of her life, way better than anytime with me and had come at least 30 times although she had lost count.

    So she told me what had happened. They rushed up to the bedroom as soon as he arrived and started kissing standing up. He was swiftly fingering her pussy and making her come. When her legs started buckling she pulled him down on the bed and told him to get undressed, and then pulled him onto and into her. He fucked her hard missionary style for quite a while, giving her loads of orgasms. After this she sucked him for a while - doing her best she said to deep throat his cock. After this she straddled his face and came some more (although this is the one thing i am better at still she said). He then flipped her off him and fucked her hard and roughly from behind, and he spanked her too whilst fucking her - which she loved. After a break and then a fingering he then tied her up and fucked her some more before finally coming inside her.

    At this point then i have to confess being very naughty. I "accidentally" left my phone on top of the wardrobe, and recorded the sounds of their tryst. The recording is pretty good quality and is the sexiest thing i have ever heard in my life. The first time i listened to it, i ended up coming in my pants at the sound of one of my wifes massive orgasms. (had been locked a while). Since then I have listened a few times more, and its amazing as it really helps to picture what they are up to. I have never heard my wife cry out like that, or heard her pussy sound so obviously wet and squelchy. He fucks her so hard compared to me, and sounds like he is a lot rougher when he fingers her too. So we have very different styles with her, (as i am naturally gentle) and its obvious which she prefers. I loved the sounds of her saying breathlessly "fuck"," that's amazing," "oh my god yes" "fuck" "oh its so good" "please, please" etc as they fucked, or how submissive she was being (and how she came) as he spanked and fucked her.

    At the end it is so horny hearing her almost "beg" for him to come inside her. She was not exaggerating about the number of orgasms either. We have been together nearly 20 years so its easy for me to know when she has come when i listen. I tried to count them which is tricky just cause its so horny - and i was trying not to have another accident in my cage and yes it was definately more than 30. that was in just 1 hour! The most i manged to give her in one session was around 20 and that was years ago and over a longer unrushed session. Usually these days i will give her 3- 10 orgasms - mostly with my tongue, and perhaps 1 or 2 with my cock if i haven't been locked to long. having listened i can tell the orgasms i give her are not so intense either.

    So it was quite an eye opener for me. It was solid proof that he does indeed please her a lot more than i do and she was getting the best sex ever from him. Since then she has been delighting in being cruel and demanding to me and calling me her sissy bitch. Its beautiful experiencing her growing dominance over me, whilst having listened to how submissive she is with him. I have longed to feel this level of submission to her for years and it feels so genuine now. For my wife she gets to enjoy her dominance over me but also her submissive slutty side with him. Everyone is happy.

    Finally during the recording there are several times when she giggles to herself for no reason. He asks her what she is laughing at and she replies "nothing" It sounded to me like she was thinking about me in my outfit and laughing.

    After they had finished they had a bit of a cuddle and some pillow talk. What was reassuring for me was that at one point she defended me solidly when he was questioning her (and mickey taking ) about my fetish.

    So all in all - this was a wow moment. In one sense perhaps as good as being there - because then of course they would be self -concious . Hope you enjoyed.
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    Great to see another update of this great thread.
  6. CuckPride

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    It's awesome that you had a treat waiting for you when you got home. Over 30 orgasms is no joke.
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    For the love of all that is holy you should share that soundclip :D
    Nothings more arrousing than listening to the sound ;)

    Great thread!
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  8. sussexcuck

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    I have considered it but its possible to identify us from it so all in all i am not sure its a good idea. Once its posted there is no control
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    I can appreciate the importance of maintaining your anonymity. Don't do anything you're not comfortable with.
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    No way. Please do not share the sound recording. That would be an extreme violation of her privacy.
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    Given that he had confessed to her that he had recordet it i did mean that he should have posted it with her concent :)
  12. sussexcuck

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    I have deleted it now - just to make sure i never get tempted to share or it gets found having the PC fixed etc. Was fun to listen to though
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    Made me so hard reading this. I had my first taste of having to listen to my wife fucking someone, she locked me out of the room she was fucking him in the swinging club we was at, listening to her moaning and encouraging him and hearing the slapping of their bodies through the door was so horny
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    Happy Father's Day sussexcuck!
  15. My wife did the same to me. I enjoy to see my wife getting fucked by black cocks.
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    I hope your wife/mistress is continuing to explore her dominant side with you.
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