How do I turn my husband into a cuckold?

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    Another Quora-thing where this question was posted:

    How do I turn my husband into a cuckold?

    I still find Quora a strangely anonymous place with very little interaction between the folks who asked and the folks who took the time to answer, however, I do take part in the cuckolding "debate" there - even though it can hardly be classified as an ongoing debate, really.

    Anyway, it's always refreshing when the drive comes from the wife which at least the question seems to indicate :)

    Here's my answer:

    First question: Have you ever discussed this with him?

    There are three possibilities:
    1. He hates the idea and has zero cuckold emotions within him
    2. He is ignorant of the idea but finds himself strangely attracted to it
    3. He is a wannabe cuckold and will be thrilled that you suggest it
    Before we know his take on this it is next to impossible to guide you.

    So first of all find out where he stands on the issue. But do it discretely, please.

    Second question: Have you considered cheating? Is your wish to truly make him into a cuckold (a wittol, actually), or is your prime motivation simply to have sex with other men? Nothing wrong with that, but you have to get your priorities figured out before embarking on the cuckold route.

    I would like to add one point that may seem a little bit controversial but really isn’t when you think slightly deeper about it.

    In spite of our ingrown morality that monogamy is good and any thing else a sign of a bad relationship, the fact remains that a substantial amount of wives (and hubbies for that matter) feel a sexual attraction to others than their spouse.

    This is completely natural - in fact, it’s probably a sign of a healthy sexuality.

    Some act on this urge but that is far from the same as them being dissatisfied with their current marriage. In this regard the notion of socalled “cheating” is misunderstood.

    As my x-wife formulated it when she cheated on her first hubby, it invigorated her and did not in any way pose a threat to her feelings for him.

    Again, I know it may sound odd to some, but it’s second nature among cuckold couples.
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    my wife tried her best to peacefully turn me into a cuckold. She asked me whether I'd be okay with it. But the way she asked me did not make it attractive to me at all: She thought the most moral way of her having an affair would be under the guise of polyamory. She would have a boyfriend and in turn tolerate it if I find myself another man or woman.

    Now I know that I could have meaningless casual sex with men, but could never find another woman. So the "return" seemed to be nonexistent to me. My wife, however, as she made it sound, would have a deep relationship with another man. That rang alarm bells and of course I said no to the prospect.

    My wife did not cheat on me because she was unhappy with our marriage or I could not satisfy her sexually. She simply wanted to experience a sex adventure. Why not?

    The problems were the following:

    1) My wife did not really know what she wanted. She still does not or does not call it by the name due to a form of christian guilt.

    2) We speak different languages in a way: She likes it moral and I like it dirty. If she would have said that she simply wants someone else to fuck her after many years of monogamous marriage, I would have understood and accepted it. Making it sound like a life-changing relationship made it hard for me to accept her offer.

    3) I had no clue how great it truly feels knowing that the wife is having sex with someone else. I had to experience it in order to know.

    So my wife deceived herself into believing that I had given her consent and thus had the moral ability to cheat on me.

    I really don't know how wives should best approach the project. It is hard to tell how the husband will react. I guess it is safer not to act like me wife and ask for true consent before going to bed with someone else. But how on earth should they find the right language to communicate that desire? They have to know their husbands well and approach the task with a lot of tact.

    Obviously, all women who have any desire to have sex outside the bonds of their marriage should do so. If the words fail, they should go ahead and hope that the husband will understand. That may be a risk to high for the simple joy of a fuck. For us, it was just a stroke of luck that I discovered the beauty of being a cuckold.
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    As always wonderfully written, Bartleby. I could come with comments to your explanation, but the fact remains that I've never been in a similar situation per se, so it would merely be my take on something that for me would be "an academic answer" but for you is "post-graduate reality", so to speak. You have my full respect!

    That said, I probably COULD have been in a similar situation if it wasn't for the fact that I embraced cuckolding long before I was ever cuckolded - which seems to be the case for most cucks anyway.

    I do think, though, that though you may have felt uncomfortable with the whole notion of it all, then at least both you and your wife came out successfully on the other side - and in this regard I would believe that it must have been highly controversial for your wife even to get into her explanation to you - she did, though, and that shows that she probably knew you quite well, mon ami.

    Super respect to you both!

    Can I quote you namelessly at Quora? If not it's totally ok - but this is an amazing posting based on reality instead of my ramblings... :)

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    Again, communication is the key. Most men seem to think the easiest way to approach this subject is to eatch some porn with her with some cuckold being included. I believe a woman could use this same approach for their husbands. Maybe start with a little female domination. If a man wants to be dominated by his wife, he will be easily trained to serve the wife and the bull if she insists.

    Just a thought from someone who several men has thanked for their wives (who normally do not watch porn) enjoying watching Brett and Agness make love. The cuckold is secondary in many of our videos.
  5. Bartleby

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    Sure, quote away. I am happy to help other couples find the happiness in hotwifing.

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