Hotwife powerfully ploughed and deeply inseminated by her young Rastafarian lover

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  1. michael1987

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    The beautifully big and muscular bum of the athletic young lover in this video is so like that of my buddy--my wife’s young black live-in lover--that given only a rear-view of it I could believe it was his. The way the young buck in this sensationally hot video moves it so sexily and obviously effectively while he bare-backs the young wife is enviably typical of my buddy too. Watching it live in action gets me off every time.

    Some white women, like my wife and the one in this video, obviously just love the way such athletic and supple young thrusters get their hard black bare cocks to stretch their vaginas every which way with their super-sexy circlings of their studly butts.

    I tell you, it’s truly heart-breaking but breathlessly hot to watch one’s wife orgasming so long and hard and convulsively under such beautiful young black men.
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  2. michael1987

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    For another beautiful example of bum-circling during pre-orgasmic thrusting by athletic young Afro-American studs fucking hotwives, check out this video-clip of my buddy making his second baby with my wife:

    For fully 40 minutes before his first orgasm he had kept up his beautifully sexy bum-circling, intensely pleasuring my wife until not a single square millimeter of her vagina was left unstretched by the huge head and enviably super-girthy shaft of his 9-inch plundering steely-stiff cock. My darling baby-wanting black-cock-loving wife fucking LOVED it, orgasming long and very hard and loudly under him at least 12 times. Such is the libido of women in their fertile times.

    I loved it too, as I proved by eventually putting aside my camcorder and helplessly shooting my pent-up load of cum all over my buddy's superbly muscular back as he finished ejaculating into my wife.
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  3. verkitwme

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    My lovers and I are similar in our "positions" when we fuck, they get balls deep and drive me WILD
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  4. Tammyhotwife

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    Mmmmm nice
  5. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Yeah! It's sensationally hot isn't it, Tammy. Glad you like it. I get off on the simultaneously reflected mirror view of the lovers as wildly as I do on the direct views of them.

    One can only envy the lucky husband who videoed his wife being so beautifully fucked by such an athletic young black.

    And thank you for commenting. I've been a lifelong student of what turns especially visuo-erotic women on.
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  6. juno

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    WHOAH.....WOW! Words fail me. I've been Servicing the BBC Like..giggle....Forever! Butt !last night into this morning.....11 Hours. ...having al! My Holes filled by some of the most Magnificent Ebony least 60 Gangbangers, real Ghetto Thugs have left Me sore. I'm Soooo filled with Slimy, Hot, Nigga Seed that before leaving I had to insert a Black Pyrex Butt Plug so I didn't leak. My be!ly is filled with both their sperm and piss!
    My entire 44dd-34-56 body and face is entrusted with it!
    And My Black BullMaster made me walk home like that and in my 7" Stiletto Cum Fuck Me Heels. And he made a Video of the whole thing. ....and he's threatening to put it on the Internet if I misbehave!
    The highlight was being gangbanged by 3 Black Transvestite Hookers. One in my mouth, one in my Huge Ass And another in my hot fuckhole!
    And they were huge. At least 11 inch Cocks and Massive Boobs. Each one was easi!y Six Feet Tall, but even bigger cuz they were wearing Thigh High Platform Boots.
    I have to get myself cleaned up and enjoy a nice 5 Quart Enema With Hot Water and French Castille Soap and of course a Bardex Nozzle.
    Bye Bi Bois,
    Slut Juno

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