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Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by dlh247, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. dlh247

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    we hadnt even heard of the word cuckolding when me and penny stumbled into the lifestyle. one night chatting freely about sex she admitted that she wished my dick was deeper inside her during intercourse and liked the idea of sex with a man who could fill her up and make her orgasm through fucking which i dont.each time we spoke about it, the more aroused we became at the thought of her fucking a well hung guy and we both were fully aware of my friend lee`s repution with the girls for being a big boy.things moved really quick and before i knew it we had invited him over for a drink/chat.after a few drinks penny was obviously hot for him as she sat on his lap and wriggled her throbbing twat all over his enormous bulge.i made an excuse for the toilet and wanked my little dick and cum within seconds knowing she was gonna get hammered very soon. my heart raced as i approached the door and as i opened it i could see her bent over the edge of the couch being fucked really aggressively trying to muffle her moans with her face stuffed in the pillow and so i stood there for ages wanking and thrilled to see her having the kind of orgasm i never could.weve loved it ever since.

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    Was she honest with you afterwards about how much better he was?
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  3. dlh247

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    she was in denial at first then admitted later that it was the best fuck and orgasm she had ever had.....and that turned me on even more
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    Geese that cock is huge. If that is her she will never be the same :)
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  5. dlh247

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    that is her and the only difference in her now is that she doesnt have to feel embarrassed anymore about her preference in men with a larger than average cock size.
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  6. Sean Cress

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  7. rgby7879

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    wow! that progressed quickly! it took a while for my wife to admit that she likes bigger cocks. She wont say that she prefers them, she just now admits that she enjoys larger as well. She has never been with anyone but me, and I am average, the only reason we know she enjoys larger is because I have used toys on her and her reactions are incredible! I tell her the real thing would be much better but the thought of being with another person scares her.
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    yeah penny was not impressed to put it very mildly when i first told her that i dont mind her fucking other guys as long as i get to share some of the fun with her.i know secretly she loved the idea of being encouraged by her hubby to find and fuck well endowed men who can make her orgasm by deep penetration in various postions of which my small size cock wont allow me to perform with her and i always felt terrible knowing that i

    always cum, usually prematurley leaving the poor girl just gagging for a good , hard deep fuck ........ .to this day she still finds it a litte embarrassin to say she prefers a large cock 7/9 inches to an average 5/6 inch manhood but i know she does
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  9. DeannaHouston

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    DlH247, You are such a good husband. I wish that there were more like you. You seem to be encouraging her for her pleasure, not just because you want her to fuck around. It really sounds like you want good things for her, that is wonderful. Deanna
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  10. dlh247

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    nice post deanna you sound lovely too and youre right babe im not after her fucking anything with a pulse but i do really enjoy her finding someone knowing that she will have chosen a guy with a long girthy cock and will be able to fuck her properly.and yeah it turns me on knowing she will cum......hard.
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