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    I was alone at the party. A few friends had brought me there, and they had paired up with girls and left me to fend for myself. I had no real prospects. There was a very hot busty brunette who got me to buy her a few rounds, she flirted with me for a bit but always went back to her big, burly boyfriend or husband, with whom she seem devoted, except for a bit of playfulness.
    She was about 5 ft 8, with a slender waist, a tight little butt and full rounded breasts. You could see the outline of her soft nipples through her blouse. She seemed to enjoy the attention she was getting from me and others.
    When we spoke, the conversation went all over and seemed to come back to secret fantasies. She was prodding me for mine and was hinting that she had one; even alluding to the inclusion of “someone like meâ€￾ in her fantasy. She really had me going.
    She spent most of the time with her boyfriend, though, and late into the night I could see her point me out a few times while they cuddled and kissed around the pool table. She was really feeling frisky, at one point she sat on the table facing him and he was dry humping her with her hands on the table behind her. She was pushing her hips up to meet his, her breasts her sashaying back and forth and a number of guys and gals seemed mesmerized by the scene.
    I turned away for a while, not knowing what to do with the energy and watched another crowd. I was chatting with a fellow next to me when I saw the big boyfriend take off out the door and she grabbed onto me.
    She looked me right in the eyes. She was on fire.
    “Brad says you can come if you’ll help us fulfill my secret fantasy!â€￾
    I had never been in a 3 way before, and the idea of even being around her was giving me a hard on. He hair was luscious, her eyes were electric and locked onto mine, her thick lips stuck out at me, and she smelled like Nirvana.
    I started to say yes and she practically pulled me off the stool.
    “Come on! Brad says we’ve gotta hurry!â€￾
    I could tell who was running this show. It wasn’t me, it wasn’t even Sheila. Brad said go so we went.
    In the parking lot the big diesel in the hi-lift 4x4 was rattling and rumbling. We climbed in, me, with some difficulty and Brad took off with me scrambling to shut the door and get on a safety belt.
    “Yoo Hoooooo!â€￾ Sheila screamed and grabbed us both by the thighs. She turned and gave Brad a big kiss on his cheek and his oversized biceps that stretched his t shirt to exhaustion. Then she turned and kissed me on the lips, shoving her tongue down my throat so that I could not breath and had no interest in such a thing while her lips were covering mine.
    “Just look at those juicy lipsâ€￾ Sheila announced when she was done with me. “He is perfect for my little experiment tonight! Thanks, sooooooo much Brad, You wont regret it, I promise!â€￾
    Sheila had been rubbing us both and whispering to Brad from time to time. They laughed and she shot me a few looks that made me feel embarrassed for my size. I am not incredibly big, in fact I may be a little smaller than most. Brad looked over at me with a sneer that made me a little nervous, but Shiela’s hands on my thigh and further up erased any concerns. She had been rubbing his crotch for most of the drive and his pants were straining like his t shirt was. He seemed phenomenally large. He caught me looking at her hands rubbing his cock, which seemed as large as a forearm in his pants.
    Brad drove hard “ Hey, little buddy, You’d probably love to have a wanger like mine instead of a little dinger, huh? Well, maybe you’ll get one before the night is over!â€￾ They both laughed over this one, but I didn’t get it , until later.

    Brad stopped on a forest road. The engine whined down and the silence of the woods surrounded us. Sheila was still working us both over. She was moaning and cooing, nuzzling Brad and then me, asking me if I liked it.
    I hummed that I did as she was running her hand up the inside of my shirt, pinching my nipples and biting my neck. Then she would return to Brad, soon she had his cock out and was pulling on it, then kissing it and I heard the unmistakable sound of slurping and popping from her mouth. Brad was getting sucked on. Her right hand was on me most of the time, pinching and caressing my crotch and chest. She would stop from time to time and play with me directly.
    Then she let out a smacking pop with her mouth, Brad was moaning and Sheila grabbed me around the neck with her arm and pushed her lips to mine and stuck her tongue down my throat, then pulled away and looked into my eyes, smiling.
    “Suck on it baby, suck it off…â€￾ She pushed back inside me. I did as I was told and sucked on her tongue as it pushed to the back of my throat. I was moaning as she rubbed and kissed me deeply. I was enthralled and dizzy.
    Then I realized she was back to Brad, sucking and slurping, still grabbing my anxious little penis which was about as big as it gets, straining to get bigger.
    Brad was moaning and pulling and pushing on her head, fucking her face. I thought my time was over, then he released her and she came back to me, sliding her tongue through my hungry lips, biting me and pushing deeper, with a musky taste which I tasted as it slid down my throat.
    “mmmmmmmmmm…you little sucker, lick it offâ€￾ she stuck her tongue out at me and I used my tongue to lick on her tongue like a popsicle. Brad was watching, then he grabbed her head again and pulled her back on him. He looked at me while she sucked his huge cock, I could see she had about half of it in her mouth and she was gagging some of the time.
    “You like this, don’t you?â€￾ he stared at me with half-open eyes, thrusting his hips towards Sheila’s face.
    I couldn’t see what was not to like. I gave an enthusiastic “yesâ€￾ and licked my lips. He just smiled and closed his eyes.
    That got me thinking for a while, but then he started bucking wildly and Sheila had let go of me and had both hands of Brad, her head along for the ride, pumping furiously up and down, coming close to the steering wheel. I was entranced and stared at them, I started to rub my crotch.Brad struck my arm while he was cuming in Shiela’s mouth.
    “uh uh, no…don’tâ€￾ He wacked my arm again, then my chest. “Stop!â€￾
    I was ready to go but I stopped, he shocked me so.
    “Save… it… for… later…â€￾ he finally said to me as his gyrations calmed a bit. So maybe I would get some action with Sheila after all.
    At that point Sheila was licking him clean, then she turned towards me with a fire in her eyes. She didn’t say a thing, but she charged me with her body and planted her mouth on mine. She sealed our lips and began to push into me, not her tongue at first, but a warm, creamy musk, salty, with the consistency of snot, I tried to block it off, but she pushed it down my throat with her tongue and I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed again. I felt it run down my throat into my belly. Then I began to inhale it and and pull into my mouth willingly. Then came her tongue again, she pulled it back, then in again, then back, slowly, sensuously , looking me in the eyes, checking my reaction as she carefully began fucking my mouth with her cum-drenched tongue. She was moaning and I was too. Her smell mixed with Brad’s was making me even more dizzy, in some other world and I sucked her tongue everytime she pushed in into me. Brad was watching carefully as she pushed her cum-soaked self into me as she grabbed my breasts and nipples and plied them between her deft fingers, stroking, pinching, rubbing them with the creamy jizm, exciting me to the state where my hips began to buck and roll.
    In between pulses of her tongue, she would ask me if I was enjoying it. I could only nod my head, for at that moment she would push back into me and I obediently took her in and sucked on her. Her breasts rubbed against mine and her hands were on my cheeks and ears, guiding my mouth where she wanted it. I accepted and sucked when I could.
    Brad was sitting back in the drivers seat, looking relaxed but with some anticipation. Sheila stopped and looked at me.
    “Do you like my fantasy so far?â€￾ She had a goofy, expectant smile on her face, as if she was giddy with her pleasures, but still playing me.
    My eyes were half closed, but I managed a definite “Yes, miss!â€￾ My mouth opened with strings of Brad’s cum connecting my lips. I don’t know why I said it like that, but I felt very submissive after her “tongue-lashingâ€￾ of my mouth and throat.
    Sheila turned to Brad. “Are you ready now, honey?â€￾
    “Anytime!â€￾ Brad smiled broadly. “Bring your lap-dog over here and let’s give him some juice first-hand. He seems very hungry!â€￾
    Sheila started to bend my body towards the driver’s side, down towards Brads hips. I stiffened up, making questioning noises.
    “Come on little boy, you know you want itâ€￾ Sheila was teasing me, playing with my ass now, giving mock spanks, some a little more than that.
    “NO!â€￾ I blurted out. I didn’t want to be shamed in front of another man, to be at his crotch with my mouth openly taking him in me. To do that would be to accept his dominance over me and who knows what could happen to me after that admittance.
    She coaxed and threatened, but I wouldn’t give. I was not going to cower down to another man, especially in front of such an attractive woman. That would give them both the wrong image of me as a man.
    Brad was getting impatient.
    “Shiela…if your little boy isn’t going to get down and put his pouty little cocksucking mouth over my crotch head like he promised, Im just gonna leave him out here in the woods to find his own way home. If he’s good with directions, he should get home by noon tomorrow!â€￾ He laughed, but with a tinge of anger to it.
    Sheila looked nervous. I was not good with directions and felt worse after her reaction to his threat. It seemed to be not idle and not concerning some walk in the park towards home. We were deep in some woods that I had no idea about.
    Sheila begged with him to reconsider.â€￾Come on, baby, please? Im sure he’ll come around. Let me coax him a bit…â€￾
    “I’m warming up the truckâ€￾, Brad snarled as he pulled his cock into his pants and zipped up. The diesel truck shook to life.
    Brad came around to the passenger side and opened the door. “No free-loadinâ€￾ he called as he pulled my ass out onto the ground.
    Sheila shut off the truck and looked at us. I looked up at the truck, at Sheila stepping down, and then up at Brad. I was afraid of what would happen if I tried to get up. He stared down on me.
    “You know what to do, boy, now moisten up those lips of yours and get to work on me!â€￾
    Brad was not smiling.
    Sheila got down on her knees and tried to reason with me. “Brad won’t hurt you or leave you here if you just go along. You’ve already practically done it, now haven’t you?â€￾
    I thought that over, she did have some kind of point, but it’s different sucking on a gorgeous woman’s tongue with cum on it, rather than actually putting a penis in my mouth.
    But then there was the other angle of getting home, without getting the shit beat out of me.
    I looked up at Brad. He was getting ready to do something. Sheila looked at Brad, then at me one more time.
    “Look baby boy, I’ve got an idea that might save your poor little ass, just go along with me, okay? Ya gotta trust me, we’ve had fun so far, right?
    She was definitely right about that, and when she looked at me, and I thought of the huge thug hanging over the top of both of us, I decided to trust her.
    “…k…â€￾ I meekly answered and looked up at her.
    She seemed relieved, as if she didn’t like the idea of me being beaten and left out in the wild. She leaned towards me. “Kiss me, and let’s keep our lips together, follow my lead.â€￾
    Our lips came together and she slid her lips on mine, teasing my lips with her tongue, then lightly pressing in me. She barely came into my mouth, only teasing. I was hungry for her full tongue to invade my head again. She still had that musky and sweet mix of Brad’s smell and hers and I was moving towards ecstasy again.
    She moved us closer to Brad and, kissing me still, used one hand to grab his crotch and feel her way to his zipper and let it down. She grabbed my hand and led it to his fly and pushed it in. It was wet and hot inside there.
    “mmmmmmmm….babyâ€￾ She moaned, pulling away just long enough to speak, nibbling on my ear. “pull him out, in all his raging glory!â€￾
    Brad grunted and his hips thrusted forward.
    I felt his skin, hot and moist and, entranced by her feel, smell, and direction, reached down, way down towards the head of all this energy. I had never felt a cock before, only my little penis, but this was like something else. It was a boa constrictor to my garter snake, which was feeling more like a worm compared to him every second.
    Sheila noticed my apprehension. “ mmmmmmmmmm….baby….nice, huh?....big…juicy…pull it all out now.â€￾
    I did. It plopped onto our heads as we began kissing again. Then Sheila directed us to share our kiss with Brad’s cock, which seemed like a fourth member of the group, it was so large and imposing.
    We started kissing with its girth between us, her tongue only occasionally flitting over to tickle my lips. Brad started moaning and grabbed both our heads, pulling us to his groin. He pulled my head to where all I could lick was his enormous, hairy balls, and I began to lick and suck on them. Sheila was in front pulling him into her mouth, slurping and popping, licking and moaning.
    Then she was gone. Brad’s hands grabbed me by the hair and put me in front. He looked down at me and I looked up at him. Sheila was looking down at my face, increduluous, and then looking up at Brad proudly, intently. I had made the shift to being downsized to a girl in front of a man and an attractive woman, whom I wanted to have earlier, but who now was a fellow man-pleaser along with me. I was on my knees in front of him, he as staring down at me, Sheila was nuzzling him, kissing his neck and chest, also looking down at me. In our eyes, our new situation was cemented.
    “Boy…?â€￾ Brad questioned and demanded at the same time. Sheila’s eyes echoed his statement and tone.
    It was quiet. Brad’s cock even seems to be waiting on my reply as it stared me down, its powerful head and arm, powered by those huge balls hanging down like coconuts, reminding me of what I wasn’t.
    “…yes, sirâ€￾ I swallowed and looked up at him, my eyes large with acceptance of his will over me. I could see in my periphery Sheila’s look of wonder and heat. This is what she wanted. Her man cowing another man down into something less than manhood, to a boy, or even something like a girl. I was there, dirty knees, cum-filled mouth on a level his cock and balls, his woman looking down at me, smiling. I didn’t dare look away from Brad, but I could hear her breathing, moaning, and I could feel her heat.
    “Ask me, boy.â€￾
    He pulled my hair up and jerked my head up. “You know what, you little cum-mouthed pussy-bitch!â€￾
    I swallowed again, tasting his cum. I knew just what he meant. I looked at Sheila, she was waiting for this her look of expectation was rich with feeling.
    “Well?â€￾ Brad moved closer, his snake-cock bumping my cheek. I didn’t move away.
    I cleared my throat, looking up at Brad, my manhood melting in front of him. His getting larger and more powerful.
    “Sir?â€￾ My voiced squeaked. They looked at each other and laughed, then looked back down at me.
    I cleared my throat again, my eyes asking Brad for forgiveness for not being able to speak.
    “May I……may i …please… suck your…….. cock… sir?â€￾ I spoke the words with such a deep meaning, his eyes down on mine, knowing that she, was witnessing my transformation.
    His eyes glowed with satisfaction. There was a shift in her attitude, too. though I dared not look at her, for fear of displeasing Brad. He was in charge of me now.
    “You my bitch, girl?â€￾ He looked at me, then turned and looked intently at Sheila, then back down at me.
    Even though the only female for miles was Sheila, I knew he was talking to me.
    I swallowed again and lowered my head, bumping his cock head again. It rested on my lower lip.
    I looked up without moving my head, “yes sirâ€￾ was my meek reply, swallowing deeply, after it.
    His gaze lasted a while, with a smirk on his face he said “Sure, now that you’re my bitch, you can pull those fat lips open and slide right onto me, girl…. Suck –my- cock, biiitch!â€￾ He smiled and started kissing Shiela and fondling those breasts I had been eyeing all evening. I parted my lips, as he had instructed slid my mouth as far as I could, over his python, as it consumed me, farther with each stroke.
    Sheila got down at one point, almost studying me, smiling as I got pushed and pulled along Brads cock. “Oh little boy, you are a cock sucking whore!â€￾ She laughed “ I love it!!! Yooo hooooo! “ She yelled into the forest. I wondered if some animals of the woods were even witnessing my submission, noting who the bull was, in any language.
    Sheila eventually got on my shoulders as they made out, with me on bottom, sucking on Brad for a long, long, time.
    I heard her say, a few times, “See, the little sucker really likes it. Those fat lips are just gobbling you up!â€￾ She giggled each time.
    Brad then pushed me onto my back and had me use my mouth to guide him into Sheilas dripping pussy. I still had work to do them, licking them both while he plundered us both, cumming buckets in her and on me.
    I passed out at one point. I vaguely remembered eating her clean while Brad drove his very large point home further on my backside to a furious conclusion.
    When I awoke, it was quiet, the early morning light just brightening the day. My pants were down, my mouth was sore, my face covered in cum, even my ass was sore. I pulled up my pants and started on my long walk home, licking the cum off my face with cum dripping from my aching ass, and started reading and re-reading the thank you note from Sheila. Even Brad had added a note at the bottom. “Thanks, bitch!â€￾
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    Nice posting!
    When I read such stories I always have in mind "be careful what you wish for, maybe it could become true."

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    thank you subbyhubby for your post. you had me straining
    in my chastity before they left the bar lol
    locked lil ken

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