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    Hi, I am from Poland and on will start I have Darek, I came the forum across because there is in Poland no good forum about this subject matter. I am greeting all forum users. My English is crummy because I am using the translator.
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    Witamy w forum. Proszę powiedzieć nam swoje doświadczenia z ich rogacz. Bardzo chciałbym mieć tej stronie są ogromne miejsce na naszych polskich przyjaciół i gości.

    W jakich witrynach jest tam dla polskich cuckolds?

    Nawiasem mówiąc, jestem również za pomocą Google tłumacz, więc mój polski zabrzmi niewygodne.

    Tłumaczenie z Google:

    Translation from Google:

    Hello, welcome to the forum. Please tell us your experiences with being a cuckold. I would love to have this site be a huge place for our Polish friends and visitors.
    What sites are out there for Polish cuckolds?
    By the way, I am also using the Google translator, so my Polish will sound awkward.
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    I welcome my experience again is quite modest. So far I was it third with around two pairs. One these are acquaintances, unfortunately they left the country, and second it is steam from advertisements. I have 33 years, they had 31 and 34 and second 40 and 41. In Poland subject matter cuckold a taboo is a subject matter, many persons regard her as something abnormal, at least slowly sie is changing it. As for sides about this subject matter, is of them very little, often are it is finding sides sie on foreign servers. He is a few for e.g.or , and it probably only forums which something with oneself reprezenrują. I am greeting
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