Her Black Lover, My Blissful Agony

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    Warning: This story gets rough at times with an emasculation/humiliation theme.

    Her Black Lover, My Blissful Agony
    By: Got2,
    All rights reserved, repost by permission only

    My name is Jack Cooper, I’m thirty-eight years old and my wife, Jenny, is thirty. Jenny and I had a good sex life. We’d been married twelve years and I was under the impression that both of us were very satisfied with our sexual relationship. However, through a series of events, mostly of my own doing, I find myself now an impotent cuckold to my beautiful wife, not to mention, the target of constant public humiliation.

    We married very young, well at least Jenny was young. Fresh out of high school, with the body of a cheerleader, she fell in love with me, a man of twenty-six with a successful internet business. I thought everything she needed to be happy was mine to give her.

    Wherever we went, my friends were taken with Jenny’s beauty. Her long blond hair and her tight little ass never made it through any room without attracting the gaze of every man present. She would revel in the attention while I enjoyed the knowledge that the woman every man in the room wanted was mine. After an evening out with my wife, I’d take her home and ravish her like a conquering hero. I really got off having my cock where the other guys could only fantasize about. Jenny noticed my increased passion after we went out. She began to tease and flirt with other men while watching my desire build up.

    My wife works in a doctor’s office with two other women, Gina and Kim. They all talk about their lives, leaving nothing to the imagination. It’s as if they’re trying to outdo each other to see whose life is the most exciting. One day Jenny came home and told me that Gina, one of her friends at work, was having an affair. Gina is a cute little Italian girl, with a big round ass and a matching large set of breasts. Her short dark hair frames her pouting lips, and mischievous eyes. She went on to say how Gina’s husband was completely oblivious to the whole situation and could not even tell that his wife had been having sex with another man. Even when Gina came to bed with her lovers cum dripping from her pussy, her husband was still blind to the situation.

    Jenny asked me what I thought of Gina and her situation with her husband. I thought she was asking me what I would do if she was having an affair, so I said, “if it was you that was screwing another man, I suppose I would want to know about it.â€￾

    “That’s not what I was askingâ€￾ said Jenny, “but since you brought it up, how would you react if you found out I was having an affair?â€￾

    I thought about it then replied, “as long as you still loved me, and it was just about sex, I guess I could live with it.â€￾

    “Bull shitâ€￾ Jenny said, “there’s no way you could handle your wife being with another man, let alone bringing his still warm semen home with her.â€￾

    “How do you think this thing with Gina is going to play out?â€￾ I asked my wife. Jenny said Gina’s husband Joe, was not performing well in bed, so Gina was getting what she needed elsewhere. The rest of their marriage was great, Gina loves her husband and they have fun, but he does not compare to her lover’s big cock.

    In the weeks that followed Jenny and I played with the fantasy of her taking a lover, even to the degree of calling me another man’s name while we were having sex, then asking me to go down on her to see if I could tell that she’s been fucked by another man. For me, it was a thrilling experience to think of my sexy wife seducing and servicing another man. We both got excited by the fantasy of the marital taboo being broken, the danger, thrill and naughtiness of it all.

    Sadly, Gina’s husband finally found out about the affair, then asked for a divorce. This put an end to the most exciting fantasy that Jenny and I had played with in years. She didn’t even want to talk about another man in our sex lives. The cold realization of the consequences for Gina took the fun out of our game.

    In fact, all of our role-play fantasies came to an end around that time; sex was starting to become plain vanilla for us. I knew somehow I had to find a way to convince Jenny that I was not like Joe, that even if she wandered and slept with another man, not only could I forgive her, but I would gain some sexual satisfaction
    of it as well.

    My chance came in the form of a medical supplies salesman named Phil. I had often heard Jenny’s work mates talking about Phil, mostly about how all of them wanted to go down on this guy in the worst way. It seems he has a reputation for having an extremely large penis. I asked Jenny what she thought about Phil, and she sort of blushed a little, and said “he’s cute, I guessâ€￾.

    At the next office Christmas party I met Phil and was very surprised that he was a black man. Jenny seemed to spend a lot of time alone talking to Phil, so Gina and Kim came over to me and asked if I minded that my wife was chatting up a handsome black man. I told them that Jenny could do as she pleased, what pleases Jenny, pleases me.

    “Wow!â€￾ Gina said, “Your wife is a very lucky woman.â€￾

    It was getting late, so I went looking for Jenny. Gina said she saw her outside with Phil, by his car. When I spotted them together I was stunned. Phil is at least a foot taller than Jenny; his dark skin is a stark contrast to Jenny’s pale complexion and blond hair. She had her index finger hooked on one of his belt loops, she kept tugging on him as they talked and laughed. When they saw me coming over they separated. Jenny said, “I’ll see you Tuesdayâ€￾, then she tuned and walked over to me.

    That night was some of the best sex I can remember; I kept telling Jenny to imagine that it was Phil’s big cock that was in her pussy. She responded by saying that she wished it was Phil’s big cock instead of my little one. This was the first time she referred to my cock as little. While it was a bit humiliating, it was also a great turn on for me. As hard as I tried to hold off, I was so tuned on that I told her I was about to cum.

    “Pull out!â€￾ Jenny demanded. I did as she asked; she held out her hands and said, “cum in my hands.â€￾ I wildly jerked on my cock until I spewed my cum all over her delicate little palms. She held her hands up to her face, for a moment I thought she was going to eat my cum, then she looked me in the eye and asked, â€￾Do you really want me to fuck Phil?â€￾

    “Yes,â€￾ I answered emphatically.

    “Will you do anything I ask if I agree to do it?â€￾ Once again I breathlessly answered, “Yes.â€￾ Jenny had now subtly turned the situation to her favor. Cleaver girl.

    “Then lick your cum out of my hands,â€￾ she ordered in a stern tone.

    I bent in and got a whiff of my semen. It was overwhelming. I quickly backed up.

    “I don’t think so,â€￾ I said, “I just don’t think I can go through with it.â€￾

    “Too bad,â€￾ Jenny said, “we probably could have had fun with this. I knew you weren’t serious though.â€￾ She got up to go into the bathroom to wash up but I stopped her.

    “Wait! Don’t go, I’ll do it.â€￾ I sighed as her feet touched the floor. The sexual thrill had gotten to me.

    “Reallyâ€￾ Jenny beamed as she turned to look at me. “I’ll tell you what. Since I didn’t get off while we were fucking, how about you go down on me? After you make me cum I’ll give you your treat, ok?â€￾

    Jenny spread her lovely pearl white legs wide for me, giving me full access to her furry dark blond pussy entrance that glistened with her juices. The whole time I was licking my wife’s pussy, she kept her eyes closed. She told me what a lousy lover I am, how she’s going to enjoy Phil’s big fat cock. Her legs began to quiver as her orgasm built up. Her whole body shook as she came, she drove the heals of her feet into my back to keep my face buried in her pussy as she came.

    After she recovered, she sat up and said, “ You’re always telling me to imagine that it’s Phil’s cock that’s fucking me. Now it’s your turn. Imagine it’s Phil’s cum you’re licking up.â€￾ Then she brought her right hand, still covered in my cum, to my face.

    I slowly lowered my head down and took a tentative lick. “Mmmm, I like this even better than watching you lick your cum from my pussy,â€￾ said Jenny. “In fact, I think you shouldn’t cum in my pussy anymore. That should be reserved for nice big cocks, like Phil’s.â€￾ Her tone was strong and direct. As I finished cleaning my wife’s hands of cum, I could tell by the smile on her face that we had crossed a line, and I loved where it was taking us. Jenny had taken away the privilege of my shooting cum inside of her. I voiced no objection.

    Tuesday was Phil’s regular day for stopping into Jenny’s office; so when she got home that evening I was a little anxious to hear about her day. She didn’t say much happened, but she did bring home some catalogs of Phil’s medical equipment. It seems that in addition to selling to doctors, he also sells to veterinarians. Jenny pointed to a page, and asked if I knew what that thing was. I told her I didn’t, so she explained that it was called an elastrator, it was used to castrate bulls and other animals. The instrument placed a tight rubber band around the scrotum, when left on long enough, it would kill off the animal’s testacies by cutting off their blood supply. Eventually the dead tissue would fall off, leaving a slight scar where the sac and balls once were.

    I’ve never seen Jenny so excited. She was breathing hard and very flushed. “Maybe we should get one of these, so I can keep you in line,â€￾ she said.

    “I don’t think so,â€￾ I replied, “it looks like it would hurt. Not to mention it would be dangerous.â€￾ Licking up cum was one thing, but a castration scenario sent shivers down my spine.

    “We’ll see,â€￾ Jenny said with a laughing tone, “maybe Phil can get me a sample.â€￾

    That weekend we went to a party at Jenny’s friend Kim’s house. Kim is a tall skinny red haired woman, a few years older than Jenny and Gina. You can tell by the look in her eyes that she can get pretty wild. Gina was there and asked me what I thought about Jenny’s long lunches with Phil on Tuesdays. I told her that Jenny didn’t mention anything about going to lunch with Phil, but what ever she did, it was all right with me.

    I asked Jenny about lunch with Phil, she said, “oh, it’s just a couple of good friends grabbing a bite to eat, that’s all.â€￾ Then she smiled at me and said, “ Why, do you want there to be more than just lunch?â€￾ All I could muster was a grin and looked away.

    That night was a repeat performance of the week before; with me ending up this time eagerly licking my cum from Jenny’s hands as she told me, “now that you’re so accepting about eating cum, I’ll have to find another test to put you through to see how sincere you are about me screwing Phil.â€￾

    The next Tuesday, Jenny called to say she’d be working a little late, but she’d be bringing home a surprise for me. I wondered if she was talking about having sex with Phil. ‘Was she bringing me her pussy with his cum in it?’, I wondered. Although we’d talked about it a lot, I wasn’t sure if Jenny would really do it. I was so excited that I could hardly keep myself from jerking off before Jenny got home. Around eight fifteen, Jenny’s car pulled into the driveway. When she got out, I noticed she was carrying a box.

    She came in, and set the box down and asked how my day was. We made small talk for a few minutes, but I kept staring at the box. Jenny saw me and knew I was curious to see what she’d brought home. “Open it.â€￾ She said. I took the cover off and pulled out a large pair of what looked like gleaming silver pliers. It was spring loaded and had a wide grip. In fact, it looked like some sort of medieval torture device. “It’s an elastrator!â€￾ she exclaimed.

    “I know what it is, but why do we have one?â€￾ I asked, knowing what Jenny intended for me.

    “I thought it might be a little fun to play a gameâ€￾, she said. “Follow me to the bedroomâ€￾. She was so bubbly that she bounced up the stairs, her sexy ass beckoning me to catch up.

    I followed her into the bedroom apprehensively. My knees shook as I approached our bed. “Lay down,â€￾ she whispered in a sexy devilish tone. I followed her instructions.

    “I want you to try as hard as you can to please meâ€￾, Jenny instructed. “But,â€￾ she added, “I will put one of these on you, and when I cum, I’ll cut it offâ€￾. She was holding a blue elastrator rubber bands in her right hand.

    “What if it hurts me,â€￾ I said. “Don’t worryâ€￾, Jenny explained, “ I’ll use one of the bigger ones so it won’t squeeze you too hard.â€￾ That devilish grin was back on her face. I was like putty in her hands.

    I undressed quickly. As I lay on the bed, Jenny calmly fit the rubber band onto the tool, then she carefully slipped it over my balls. The cold stainless steel made me shiver when she pressed it up against my thighs. Once my scrotem was stretched through the device, Jenny removed the tool, leaving the band around my balls. The band pressed them together and held them tight up against me. The fit was uncomfortable but not agonizing.

    “You’d better hurry up and get me offâ€￾ Jenny chuckled, “you know what happens if we leave this on too long.â€￾

    I literally dove into her pussy, pulling her panties aside and feverishly licked her with the gusto of a condemned man until she exploded in orgasm. “That was the best cum I’ve ever had,â€￾ Jenny said, “we’ll have to do this more often,â€￾ as she carefully cut the band from around my balls. Jenny’s smile was overwhelming.

    When the blood rushed back into my ball sac, it kind of hurt a little, but that went away quickly as Jenny began to give me a fantastic blowjob. I was in ecstasy. Just as I was about to cum, Jenny pinched down on my cock, stopped me, then slowly milked my cum out into her hand. I came, but I didn’t orgasm. The cun dripped out of me instead of shooting out. Jenny lifted her hand to my mouth and I obediently cleaned it up. I had surrendered to my wife and I was enjoying it.

    We decided not to do the banding thing too frequently, to save it for special occasions. Jenny’s vivid imagination about an affair with Phil was providing us with a wealth of role-play material. Whether we were having intercourse, or if she was giving me head, she always knew when to stop so I could cum in her hand and then lick it up. She would add new comments like, “guys with little dicks must learn to like the taste of cum.â€￾

    Although I was slightly embarrassed by what she was saying, I was starting to enjoy the taste of my cum. The fishy smell, the salty taste and gooey texture were becoming familiar. In the back of my mind the realization was forming that soon Jenny’s pussy would be filled with another man’s sperm that she would have me clean out with my tongue. The thought both sickened and excited me at the same time. At this point, all of our love making culminated with my licking up my own cum from her hands. Jenny had kept her word, I was barred from cumming inside of her.

    Part II

    Several weeks had passed before we attended another party, this time at Gina’s
    house. Even though she was the one who cheated on Joe, somehow she still wound up with the house. We arrived early to help set up. When I was alone with Gina I asked her how she was doing after her separation from Joe. She said that she missed Joe, but the sex had never been better. She told me that Phil set her up with two of his friends and she has been getting laid every night.

    I was surprised at her candor, so I asked why she didn’t ask Phil to date her seeing as everyone thinks he’s such a catch. “Phil only has eyes for your wife,â€￾ Gina responded, “besides, I’m very happy with Reggie and Curt, you’ll meet them, later. They’re coming with Phil.â€￾ I was a little taken aback. Usually it was just the women and their spouses at the parties. I was wondered why Phil was invited and how Jenny would react to him being there in close proximity with me.

    Around nine o’clock, Kim and Bob showed up. Then Reggie, Curt, and Phil arrived about twenty minutes later. Everyone was enjoying the casual mood of the party; we all had a lot to eat and drink. I couldn’t keep my eyes off Gina, and her two men. They were both as big as Phil and both as black. It was obvious to everyone there that they had a three-way relationship as both men were kissing and touching her constantly. I must have been paying so much attention to Gina that I didn’t notice my own wife had gone outside to the pool with Phil alone.

    I was on my way out to join them when I felt a hand on my elbow pulling me back. It was Kim. “Leave them alone,â€￾ she admonished, “it looks like they went outside for some privacy.â€￾ I looked around for her husband, Bob, and found him at the bar enjoying the show of Gina and her two studs.

    “Jenny told me that you have developed a taste for your own cum,â€￾ Kim said in a cool tone. I froze in my tracks. I never thought Jenny would tell her friends about that.

    “Oh yeah Bill, we talk about everything in the office. Jenny even told us how you secretly want her to get together with Phil.â€￾ I was starting to feel very uncomfortable, I was looking for a way out of this conversation. Then Kim went on to say that even though Jenny told them that she found Phil attractive, she would never approach him.

    “That’s why we told him, Jack,â€￾ said Kim, looking me directly in the eye.

    “You told him what?,â€￾ I asked nervously.

    “Gina and I told Phil that you want your wife and him to become lovers. That’s why he’s here tonight.â€￾ I could not summon a response so she pulled me back toward the bar and poured me another scotch. I downed the drink quickly as my fingers trembled holding the glass.

    When Gina saw me she smiled and said, “I know, let’s all get into the pool.â€￾ I turned around to find that Jenny and Phil were just walking back inside. “Great idea, Gina,â€￾ Jenny said, “but I don’t have a suit.â€￾ Gina reached behind the bar, pulled out a couple of bikinis, and tossed them to Kim and Jenny.

    Kim handed hers back and said, “It’s getting late, Bob has to get up tomorrow, so we’ll pass on the pool.â€￾ Jenny ran into the other room and put her suit on. Gina handed me and the three other men Speedo style suits and said, “Let’s all meet by the pool.â€￾

    There were a limited number of rooms so I had to wait until Reggie was done before I put my suit on. By the time I got out to the pool, everyone was already in the water.

    I saw Gina standing in the pool, being sandwiched between her two black lovers. At the other end of the pool was my wife, pressing her chest against Phil. I must have been staring so intently at my wife’s white body compressed against Phil’s ebony mass that I didn’t see the chase lounge in front of me as I walked toward them. I fell over it with a loud crash and scraped up my elbow.

    Jenny quickly got out of the pool and brought me inside to bandage my elbow. “Let’s go home,â€￾ she said, “you can’t go back in the pool with your arm all cut up.â€￾ I told her that I’d be ok to say in the house. I made up an excuse about her going back to keep Gina company. Of course, I wanted her to continue to bond with Phil.

    “Ok,â€￾ she said, “but when you’re ready to go, just yell for me.â€￾ She then turned and walked back out to the pool. I watched as her tight little, mostly naked, butt went through the door and thought, “what the hell am I doing.â€￾ Then I rationalized situation by imagining the hot sex Jenny and I were going to have tonight with her being so worked up from being around Phil. I sat on the recliner, flipped on the TV
    and watched the football game.

    Forty-five minutes later, the game ended. I walked out to the pool to get Jenny. The pool was empty, the patio looked empty. I was just about to go back inside when I saw Gina at the far end of the patio. In the dim light I could see she was bent over a lounge chair, sucking on Curt’s cock while Reggie plowed her from behind. I wanted to stay and watch the live sex show, but I figured I should leave before they noticed me. I went back inside to look for Jenny and Phil.

    I checked every room in the house then I went out to my car. Just then I saw Jenny getting out of a shiny black Escalade. Phil got out of the drivers side and they walked up to the house together. It was clearly obvious from the bulge in Phil’s Speedo that the rumors of his size were not exaggerations. My wife’s nipples were jutting out hard against the thin fabric of her bikini top.

    Jenny saw me, and said, “I’m ready to go now Jack, just let me get my skirt and blouse.â€￾ She walked right up toward me. As she passed, she stopped and gave me a deep tongue kiss.

    I immediately noticed a salty, creamy taste in Jenny’s mouth. I had tasted it a lot recently. It was semen, Phil’s semen. I looked her right in the eyes. She just winked at me and ran into the house to get her clothes. Phil just stood there smiling; his big white teeth gleaming in the moonlight. His ebony muscled skin glistening with the sheen of his perspiration.

    “Quite a woman you’ve got there Jack,â€￾ said Phil in a deep muscular tone. “I hope you don’t mind me monopolizing her time tonight. She can be a lot of fun.â€￾ I was about to stammer a response when Jenny came bouncing out of the house and said, “ I said good bye to Gina for you, let’s go.â€￾

    Then she turned to Phil and said with grinning eyes, “see you Tuesday.â€￾ Phil gave her a close hug and told her he would be looking forward to it. Again, I was treated to the sigh of the contrast between my wife’s white skin and blond hair and Phil’s deep black muscled frame.

    Part III

    Jenny and I walked arm in arm to my car and headed home. On the way she said, “Thanks for letting me have a good time with my friends tonight.â€￾ “That’s ok,â€￾ I said with a great deal of anticipation, “you can make it up to me when we get home.â€￾

    “Why wait till then,â€￾ Jenny responded as she unzipped my fly and pulled out my semi erect penis. As she stroked me she asked if I noticed how Reggie, Curt and Phil filled out their Speedo’s.

    “I don’t know how Gina handles those two big guys,â€￾ Jenny said, “but it looks like she has fun doing it.â€￾ Jenny kept me on the edge of cumming all the way home. Left unsaid were her activities with Phil. It was our shared secret. When we arrived home, we went straight to bed.

    I desperately wanted to fuck her, to have my cock inside of her just after she had given Phil a blow job. To reclaim her as my territory, to ravage her pussy with my cock, to use her as my wife.

    “Just wait,â€￾ Jenny said as she drew her arms around me as we stood naked next to our bed.

    “Let’s play our little game again. You know, after all, I feel like this is a special occasion. After you get me off with your tongue, I’ll let you fuck me.â€￾ I nodded in agreement, my semi-hard cock just barely making contact with her pussy hair, her hard nipples pressing against my chest.

    In moments I was flat on my back, legs spread out. Jenny had the elastrator out again, grinning like a wicked devil, and loaded the device with another rubber band. “I’m all out of the big bands,â€￾ Jenny said, “so we’ll have to try one of the smaller ones. They use these on dogs, so let me know if it hurts, ok?â€￾ Since I was on my back, feeling like a dog in heat myself, I did not notice how small the dog rubber band was.

    She gently slid the band on, her fingers worked my balls through the opening of the device. I don’t know if it was the alcohol I drank or what, but the band didn’t hurt at all. Jenny then slid up and sat her warm dripping pussy on my face. Her juices quickly covered my face. The whole time I was licking her, she was saying things like, “that’s it pussy boy, lick me good,â€￾ and, “your little cock and balls are no good for me, you’d better be good with your tongue.â€￾ I was struck with a combination of jealousy and desire to please her as I pressed my tongue deeper and deeper into her.

    Jenny must have been a little drunk too because it took her an awfully long time to cum. When she finally slid off my face I sat up and noticed my balls were a bright purple. I started to panic; especially when it took Jenny a couple of minutes to find the clippers to cut the band off. When she cut the band, the blood rushed back in. It felt like my balls were on fire as waves of pain shot from my groin up my spine.

    “Here,â€￾ Jenny said massaging my swollen testicles, “let me make you feel better.â€￾ She bent down and began to suck my cock. As hard as she tried, my cock would not get fully erect. I had tears in my eyes as I realized I would not be able to perform, that I was not going be able to take her with my cock.

    “We have to find a way to get the cum out of these balls,â€￾ Jenny said in a half serious tone. “ I know how,â€￾ she went on, “Kim told me about a trick.â€￾ She then wet a finger, and slid it in my ass.

    Suddenly I felt the urge to cum. Jenny could tell too. Having my wife stick her finger up my ass felt a bit humiliating, yet, I was so desperate for sexual release that I did not give it a second thought.

    “You want to cum Little Jackyâ€￾, she said in a little girl voice. “Yes!â€￾ I nearly screamed, “Yes please!â€￾

    “Well your little dickie is too soft to put in my pussy, so I am going to finger fuck you to orgasm.â€￾ Jenny continued to work her finger into my ass and slowly stroke my soft cock. In less than a minute I went over the edge. The moment my cock began to spasm, Jenny cupped her hand over its head and captured all of my cum.
    Delightfully, she brought her hand up to my lips so that I could savor the taste of my emissions.

    When I finished, we spooned and fell asleep pressed together, nude.

    For weeks after that night I couldn’t get an erection. When, on the rare occasion my cock responded, it never got rock hard. Of course, my cock never got even close to Jenny’s pussy. Even so, Jenny and I had never been more intimate. We looked forward to making love in the evenings, especially on Tuesdays when I knew she had been to lunch with Phil.

    Since I was having a problem with my erections, our love making consisted of me going down on Jenny, and then either jerking off, or getting a hand job from Jenny. She didn’t like to suck on my dick unless it got hard. For a few weeks it was just her hand, or mine.

    Once, while I was in the shower, I tried to jerk myself off just to prove that I could cum; that I could still fuck like a man. My penis refused to respond no mater how much I pulled on it. In the end, I leaned against the shower tiles and had myself a good cry of self pity. I think Jenny heard me. After I got out of the shower she came into the bathroom wile I was shaving and gently caressed my small, lip cock through my boxer shorts. “I still like my Little Man,â€￾ she whispered into my ear. As I turned to kiss her she had already left. Indeed, I was her Little Impotent Man.

    Still, I loved licking Jenny’s pussy. It made me feel so intimate with her. Her juices tasted like the ocean, her soft dark blond feminine hair ticked my chin as I circled my tongue against her beautiful pussy lips. It also allowed me to confirm that she and Phil were not fucking on their long lunches, although, I suspected that she was giving him head.

    (To Be Very Much Continued)
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    So, I take it that you like the story so far??
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    Congratulation! Very nice story!

    Are there additional parts available? I would be interested to read more.

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    I have taken this story to 5 chapters. Search for them on other pages on this section. If you liked the first part, wait till you get to the last chapter so far in the series.

    Glad to hear that you liked it.
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    Great story thanks for your contribution, I really enjoyed it.
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    Very Lucky Man

    This story gets more exciting with each new segment. My wife started much the same way, with an office partner. By the end of her first month with her lover, I had to get both of them ready for sex. My reward was a huge butt plug shoved up my ass. I had to sit on a hard stool and watch them fuck until it was time to clean them both up. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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    Hot story. I particularly like Jenny's supportive friends, and how they nudge the couple into new territory. More women should have friends like that.

    Favorite part: the ending of Gina's party.

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