Her Black Lover, My Blissful Agony (Part II)

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    Warning: This story gets rough at times with an emasculation/humiliation theme.

    Her Black Lover, My Blissful Agony (Part II)
    By: Got2,
    All rights reserved, repost by permission only


    For Jenny’s birthday, since it was on a Friday, we’d planned a nice quiet dinner at a restaurant, then some dancing. We were both looking forward to it. I waited for her to get home that Friday night, took a shower, and laid out my clothes. Jenny came home from work, carrying the presents she got from Gina, and Kim.

    Gina got her a gag gift, a T-shirt that said “BLONDES PREFER BLACKSâ€￾, and Kim gave my wife a twelve-inch long thick black dildo. “Want to try it out?â€￾ Jenny asked. When I saw the look of excitement in her eyes, how could I turn her down? “Ok,â€￾ I said, “but we don’t have much time. We have diner reservations in about an hour and forty minutes.â€￾ She literally ran upstairs, and stripped off her clothes and practically jumped onto the bed.

    “Lick my pussy to get it wet Billâ€￾, her eyes gleamed as she spoke. “I can’t wait to feel this thing stretching me.â€￾ Soon I had her vaginal opening wet and ready, and then I began to slowly feed the black plastic monster into her.

    “More, moreâ€￾ she panted, as I started fucking her with a slow, deep rhythm. “Lick my clit as you fuck me ,â€￾she begged, so I did. She exploded in a series of tremendous orgasms, shaking and crying as her body spammed.

    After she settled down, she asked if I wanted to get off. I said, “no, I think I’ll wait till we get home tonight, we’re running a little late.â€￾ So she got out of bed, and hopped into the shower.

    While she was in the shower, I looked at the black replica of what Phil’s cock must resemble, then I looked back to my limp little dick, I thought to myself, “Jenny deserves better than what I have to offer.â€￾ Mentally I had accepted that Phil would give Jenny what I was no longer capable of giving her.

    We had a wonderful dinner, and headed downtown to a couple of dance clubs. The first few places we stopped at were kind of dead, so Jenny suggested we go to a place that Gina liked to go to, called Le Zebra. Once we got there I immediately knew why Gina liked it, there was an over abundance of young black men in the club. The place was very large and poorly lit, but we found a booth, and ordered drinks. Jenny was very excited about being there, she wanted to dance right away, so she dragged me out onto the dance floor.

    Soon we were surrounded by a sea of horny men; all seeming to be dancing with my wife as much as I was. Jenny loved the attention, and was openly flirting with many of the men on the dance floor. The music ended, and we returned to our table to finish our drinks. Jenny said she needed to use the ladies room, and left me alone at the table. About fifteen minutes had passed, and Jenny still hadn’t returned, the music had started again, so I got up to look for her.

    I found her on the dance floor dancing with a tall black man, who looked a little dangerous to me. I waited for the song to end, then I walked over to her. To my surprise, she was escorted back to her dance partner’s table, and seated in a booth, between two other black men. I walked up to the table, and asked Jenny if she wanted to come back and sit with me.

    “Are you her boyfriend?â€￾ One of the thugs asked me. “No, I’m her husband,â€￾ I replied. “Not tonight,â€￾ the other one said, “Tonight she’s our wife.â€￾ They all got a little laugh out of that, except Jenny, she was looking very nervous.

    “Why don’t you run along home hubby,â€￾ the young black man said, “we’ll make sure your wife gets the ride she needs.â€￾ “Let me goâ€￾, said Jenny, as one of the men slid his hand up under her short denim skirt. I knew I was out numbered, but I had to do something.

    Just as I was about to raise my fist, I heard a deep booming voice from behind me. “That’ll be enough boys, let the lady get up.â€￾ I turned and saw it was Phil.

    Both Jenny and I were very happy to see him. The young men wanted no part in a confrontation with Phil so they offered no resistance when Jenny got up. We walked with Phil back to our table, and sat down. Jenny and Phil sat together. I was ok with that; I was very comfortable with Phil. As hard as we tried to get back in the party mood, we felt too uncomfortable there to stay any longer, but we also didn’t want to just get up and desert Phil after he just rescued Jenny.

    We asked him if he would like top come back to our house for a few more drinks. He was easily persuaded, so we left the dance club and headed to the parking lot. Jenny suggested that she ride with Phil so he wouldn’t get lost. “We’ll follow you home.â€￾ She said, as she hopped into Phil’s Escalade.

    I must have lost them at a red light, or something, because I got home about ten minutes before they did. Enough time to start a fire and pour a few drinks. Jenny came through the door holding on to Phil’s muscular arm, laughing. Her face was flush, her hair was askew; again she had that devilish look.

    My wife came up to me and gave me a big kiss. The moment our tongues touched I could tell she had been sucking on Phil’s cock. She must have known I could tell because she kind of smirked and walked over to get her and Phil’s drink. We all had a great time, Phil entertained us with stories of when he was overseas in the Marines.

    It started to get very late; Phil said he had to get going. “Wait,â€￾ I said, “you’ve had too much to drink, please stay. We have a guest room. I insist.â€￾ After a little arguing, Jenny grabbed Phil’s keys, and said, “No more talk, you’re staying.â€￾

    “Ok,â€￾ Phil said, “Boy you two really know how to play hardball.â€￾ Jenny set Phil up in the guest room while I went back to our room to wait for her. She came through the door in about two minutes. I told her I was surprised that she didn’t take longer to tuck Phil in. Jenny looked at me kind of shocked and said, â€￾Why if I didn’t know better I’d think my husband was suggesting I go sleep with another man.â€￾

    She climbed up on the bed with me, and started to rub my cock through my boxers. “You like the way my lips taste after I’ve had another man’s cock in my mouth?â€￾ She asked.

    “Yes! I said very breathlessly, I love the way you lips taste. I’d love it even more, if your pussy tasted that way too.â€￾ I could not believe that I heard myself saying that to my beautiful Jenny.

    “You really want me to fuck Phil?â€￾ Jenny asked as she looked deeply into my eyes. “Yes!â€￾ the word slipped past my lips quickly.

    She was still rubbing my cock, it was harder than it had been in months. “I’ll do it on one condition.â€￾ whispered Jenny. “If you allow me to tie you naked to our bedposts, I’ll consider sleeping with Phil tonight.â€￾ In a flash, I tore off my remaining cloths and spread my arms and legs out on the bad. Jenny quickly grabbed several of my neckties and fastened my hands and ankles to the bedposts.

    Jenny looked down at me and said, “Phil didn’t cum in he car, so he’s probably ready to pop. Are you sure you want me to do this?â€￾ I nodded my head, my cock was semi-hard and pointing at the ceiling.

    Jenny turned and took a step toward the guest room; then she stopped, turned, and said, “Just one more thing to make this really special.â€￾ I knew exactly what she wanted to do.

    My wife walked over to the chest-of-drawers and took out the elastrator. With the device pointed upwards in her hand she walked up to the side of the bed. Jenny looked down at me with a slight smile as she armed the device with one of the smaller rubber bands. I was speechless as she bent down over me, grabbed my testicle sac and banded my balls. I drew in a sharp breath as the band squeezed my balls together tightly, painfully.

    The game as on; we both knew it. Now the fate of my balls rested on the ability of my wife to bring off her lover quickly. If she delayed, I would end up castrated. Over this situation, I had no control.

    She could tell by the concerned look on my face that I was worried. “It’s okâ€￾ she said, “I told you Phil will probably only last a few minutes, and I’ll come right back in and cut you loose. Besides, this way we are now both committed to carrying through with this.â€￾

    My beautiful Jenny then treated me to a thrill I shall never forget. She took two steps backward from the bed and kicked off her shoes, reached back behind her and unzipped her dress. Then she pulled the straps of the dress from her shoulders and allowed the dress to fall to the floor. She looked me in the eye as she stepped out of the dress; standing there in her lingerie. She was delicious; her white skin flush with sexual excitement, her blond hair framing her smiling face. Her white lingerie reminded me of our wedding night. My cock ached as much as my balls with that sight.

    She looked at me directly, rubbed herself through the thin fabric of her panties and said, “God, I can’t wait to have a real man inside of me. It’s been so long since I’ve had a hard, powerful cock in me.â€￾

    Still looking me in the eye, Jenny turned her head to the side and unfastened her bra. That too fell to the floor. Her nipples had hardened to fine pink points. Silently, she turned away from me and clutched the waistband of her white lacy panties with her hands. In one motion she lowered her panties down her pearl white legs to her ankles; then spread her legs to give me and unobstructed view of her pussy. Her nether lips were full and prominent, they glistened from her moist desire.

    She held herself like that for want seemed like minutes, but was only moments. Jenny allowed me that last look at her chaste pussy, my wife’s pussy, before she would cross that last taboo with her black lover. Before she would spread herself before him, take him inside of her, frantically fuck him, have him jet his cum inside of her, so that she could return to me and release my balls. Jenny walked to the doorway without turning back to look at me, in a second she turned out the light and closed the door.


    I was alone, tied to the bed, my cock aching with desire, my balls banded in tremendous pain and in darkness. Involuntarily I began to shake against my bonds. I don’t know why, it must have been through a mixture of fear of castration, excitement of knowing Jenny was about to have sex with her lover and the pain from being banded so tightly.

    Although Jenny closed the door behind her, the walls to our house are very thin. I knew I’d be able to hear everything. I heard the door to the guest room close, Jenny was in there with Phil standing before him in the nude. After several minutes of silence, I wondered if she would actually go through with it. Then I heard a loud thunk, and then another, and then another. It was the sound of the headboard hitting the wall in the guest room.

    Soon after that started, I began to hear Jenny moan, first it sounded like, “Ow! Ow! Ow!â€￾ Then it changed to “Oh! Oh! Oh!â€￾ The tip of my cock dripped a few drops of precum as I listened to my wife get hammered by a big black stud, in the next room. After about five minutes, I heard Jenny scream out, “OH Phil! Oh Phil! I’m cumming.â€￾ She sounded like she was in pain. All I can remember was hearing her scream out like a woman in childbirth. Then, silence.

    I waited for Jenny to come through our bedroom door, cut this evil band from around my balls, untie my arms and legs and finally give me some relief. But there was still silence. Then I heard it, I’ll never forget the feeling of helplessness and inadequacy I felt when I heard the headboard start thumping against the guest room wall again. As the banging got louder and louder, Jenny’s moans started again. Then I heard Phil alternately grunting as he speared my wife’s pussy over and over. My cock began to shrink, flopping on top of my aching balls. The pain was so intense that I began to see flashes of white.

    The banging of the headboard, and Jenny’s screams, reached a crescendo. She once again screamed out her new lovers name as she exploded in multiple orgasms. This time, however, Phil did not slow down. The pounding of the headboard got faster and faster, until Phil grunted very loudly. Obviously, he was cumming inside my wife. Then, once again, there was silence.

    Less than two minutes passed before Jenny walked back into our bedroom. She looked like I’d never seen her before: her skin was all pink and sweaty, her hair was wild, and she had a very satisfied look on her face. I pleaded with her to quickly cut the band from around my balls.

    She slowly walked over to the nightstand, picked up the clippers, and got onto the bed with me. The smell of sex and His sperm filled my nostrils. She held the tips of the clippers next to the band and said, “Before I cut you loose, do you promise to do what ever I ask of you tonight?â€￾ “Yes!!â€￾ I said frantically, “I’ll do anything, just cut me free.â€￾ Jenny snipped the band and untied my arms and legs. As my legs were freed, I noticed that my balls didn’t burn like they did the other two times they were banded. That was a relief.

    Jenny started stroking my soft cock, but it stayed soft. She then began to relate her story of how she went into Phil’s room, how he was surprised to see her. She said that as soon as she was in his room she joined him on the bed, reached for his cock and found it already rock hard. Jenny said Phil then picked her up like a little doll, and laid her on her back. After a few minutes of probing her with his unbelievable tongue, he slowly began to slide his enormous cock into her. Jenny noticed that my cock was neither responding to her stroking, nor her story, so she asked if hearing her recount how she was fucked was exciting to me.

    “Yes, very much,â€￾ I implored. “I just need a few more minutes to recover.â€￾

    “Wellâ€￾ Jenny huffed, “I was hoping to be sitting on your hard cock by now. You know our deal Jack, if you can’t get me off with your dick, you’ve got to use your tongue.â€￾ With that, Jenny swung one leg over my head, and faced my feet, with one knee on either side of my head. The inside of her thighs were cold and wet . At first I thought it was from sweat, but then the realization hit me, it was Phil’s cum. Although we had never discussed it, I always thought Jenny would use a condom if she had sex with Phil. Now, I had Phil’s cold sperm on the sides of my face while I was staring up at Jenny’s red swollen pussy, dripping with what I could only imagine was a large quantity of Phil’s sexual release.

    I started to say that I didn’t think I could eat another man’s cum when Jenny stopped me mid-sentence and reminded me that I promised to do what ever she asked. With that, she spread her knees a little to lower her pussy to my lips; as she did, a big glob of Phil’s sperm dripped out and landed in my open mouth. My wife then settled her cute little ass right down so my nose was right between her ass cheeks. I was suddenly nearly drenched in spunk. I had to swallow several times before I could stop and take a breath.

    The awareness sunk in, this was not my wife’s love juices that were running down my throat. What I was drinking were the fluids of another man, his semen, his seed. Just a few minutes ago it was in his balls waiting to be pumped through his large black cock, into my wife’s willing vagina, only to wind up in my mouth, and finally in my stomach. “Mmm,â€￾ said Jenny, “your tongue feels so good, Jack. Make sure you get all of Phil’s cum out, you know what they say, the pill is only 99% effective. The way Phil filled me up, we don’t want to take a chance on that one percent.â€￾

    Not only did I lick my wife clean, I made sure she orgasmed, pushing out the last of Phil’s cum for me to swallow. When Jenny finally climbed off my face I noticed that, even though she’d been stroking my cock the whole time, I still hadn’t become erect. Maybe my balls needed more time to recuperate, I thought. Jenny seemed unconcerned. She stopped stroking my dick and said, “Jack, there’s one more thing I want you to do for me tonight.â€￾ “What’s that?â€￾ I responded.

    “Pull up the covers, and go to sleep. Phil is expecting me back. I want to sleep with him tonight.â€￾ At that point, all I could do was nod my meager acceptance.
    My wife then pulled my covers up, kissed me goodnight and returned, in the nude, to her new lover. I fell asleep to the taste of Phil’s cum in my mouth, my balls aching, sexually frustrated, and wondering if we/I had made some terrible mistake.
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    Stay tuned, I am finishing Part III over this weekend, it should be posted by Mon or Tue.

    Please, any comments or suggestions to help make this story better are welcome (and wanted). Any ideas for future 'adventures' for Jack, Jenny and Phil are also welcome.

    Perhaps I should start a poll, "Should Jack keep his balls?" Heheheheh:snakeman:
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    i think you should avoid the husbands balls issue, the more close to reality the most exciting, keep the girl friends more involved to talk to the husband about his wife cucking him. descripe his inadequaty, also let the wife confront the husband and give him the choice to stop this gor ever or keep it going for ever.
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    Good sequel. I was hoping to read about Kim and Gina.
    Favorite part: when Phil rescues Jenny in the bar - HOT.
    I wish the first sexual encounter with Phil would be longer and more descriptive.

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