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    Part 1
    Wow, This just happened and I have to share it with everyone here. My wife & I went out last night (Saturday 1-10-09) and met a man that may change everything. We were eating when this large black man came in and sat at the bar. He was in a very nice suit, minus the tie, and very good looking. Medium dark skin, short hair with a gotee. He sat alone for about 20 minutes and I saw my wife look at him a few times. He was sitting so She could see his face but I had to turn a little to see him at all. I could see his reflection in a piece of glass behind my wife so I knew he was not with anyone. We have talked about her being with another man before but never made plans to go through with it. After a few glasses of wine I got up the nerve to ask if she liked what she saw. She didn't even hesitate and said yes. I then told her to go to the bar and get us a couple of drinks and talk to him. After about 5 minutes she nervorsly got up and went toward him but ended up going to the restroom. She was gone a while but when she was coming back she actually went to the bar, stood beside him and ordered drinks for us. At this point I got up and went to the restroom myself so if she looked back at our table and didn't see me she would feel more comfortable talking with him longer. I was so hard when I got to the restroom stall that I had to bend over to piss and there was precum dripping from my dick as soon as I got it out. As soon as I was finished I went back but not to our table. I wanted to see them talking if in fact she had to nerve to speak with him. I was able to get close to them but could not hear them talking but could hear my wife laughing and that was a good sign. She was sitting beside him and facing him in her chair. They almost looked like a couple that came there together. I let them chat for another 10 minutes then went back to the table. I paid our bill and ordered 2 more glasses of wine for when she returned. I had to because she had given my drink to her new man while they were talking and laughing. She finally returned and he got up and left the bar. She sat down directly beside me and not accross the table as we were sitting before. She leaned over and starting kissing my neck and said lets get out of here. Once we were in the car she said she loved me and wanted to know if I was serious about her being with another man. I said of course I am. She then shows me the palm of her hand which has his name and phone number! She gets out 2 pieces of paper and writes it down. She puts 1 in her pocket book and 1 in my wallet. She said they have made plans to get together next weekend if I don't mind. I thought this was moving a little too fast for me but she seems so excited that I could not say no. I found out later that he was just wasting some time at the bar before heading to the airport to catch a plane for a business trip. While driving home I reached over and started rubbing my wifes leg and she quickly spread her legs so I could feel her pussy. She was so wet that the entire front of her panties were soaked. She turned and put her left on the seat back and the right leg in the floor. I had 2 fingers in her for the next 15 minutes of the ride home. Once we got home we made sure the kids were OK and went straight to bed. She usually takes a while in the bathroom before bed but last night she was in bed in 30 seconds. We fucked for over an hour doing our ususal and routine and even some stuff we had'nt done in quite a while. Afterwards we talked and she wanted to know if I thought another man would enjoy being with her. My answer was absoutley yes. I new she was still hot so I started kissing her again and going down on her. She stopped me and said she wanted to clean up before I did but I would not let her up. I wanted to clean her up with my mouth so she knew this is what I want to do when she comes back from her date next week. After she came 2 times from my tongue I asked her to call the number and leave him a message. She said it is too soon but I got her cell phone and dialed the number. She tried to push it away but when she heard his voice saying leave a message she grabbed the phone and told him that she really wanted to see him on Saturday night and for him to call her when ever he wanted to make the plans. I was kissing her nipples while she was talking so she sounded out of breath the whole time. We fucked 1 more time after she left the message and then finally went to sleep around 3:00 am. Who knows where this is going? I have been hard all morning but we have not talked about it yet today. I know she wants this to happen. I will be back as soon as anything goes down. Later
    Part 2
    My wife called me today and asked me if I could come home for lunch. She never does that. When I got home she said that she had a phone call today from the black guy she had met Saturday night and had to share it with me in person. The guys name is Mark and she didn't actually speak with him. He called her cell phone and when she recognized his number (she already has it stored in speed dial eventhough they have never spoken on the phone) she freaked out and could not answer. He left her a message to call him and talk about this weekend and where they would meet. She was out of breath just talking about it with me so I knew she was hot for this man and it was for real. I sat down on our couch and pulled her down in front of me so her back was to my chest. She leaned back and I began to rub her tits and play with her already visible nipples. She tried to resist but she was already too hot. I unbuttoned the front of her shirt and had her left tit in one hand and using the other to unbutton her jeans so I could releave her with an orgasm. She slid her jeans off into the floor and I couldn't believe my eyes at how wet her panties were. The front was soaked and glistening like ice crystals. I rubbed her pussy through her panties and she was rollling her ass all over the couch. I asked her if she wished I were Mark doing this to her and she turned her head to kiss me with her tounge dripping with spit and said Hell Yes! She said she wanted to go to the bedroom but I made her stay right where we were. She was almost screaming but I didn't want her to be completely satisfied. I want her to build up all week until she is finally with Mark and then let go like an animal in heat. I told her I had to get back to work (which I really didn't) but I would let her cum before I left but under on condition. She said anything I wanted I could have. She was still sitting in front of me and I had full access to her body and was working her nipples through her bra and pussy through her panties. I told her if she would call me mark and tell me what she wanted that I would make her cum really good. She didn't waste any time and said Please Mark I need you to make me cum so badly. I slid my hand under the front of her panties and she pumped her pussy up off the couch. She grabbed my hand and pushed it down until she got the results she was looking for. She said Make me cum Mark and I will do the same for you. She was out of control like I had not seen in years and I was loving it. She turned her head to kiss me againg and whispered Please fuck me Mark, Oh Mark Please fuck me. I went to work on her swollen pussy lips and clit just the way she likes it. She was in full orgasm for about 90 seconds and then started to come back down to earth which took another 2 or 3 minutes. I let her get herself and her clothes together and watched her scamper to the bathroom to clean up. The couch looked like someone had spilled a drink on it where she was sitting. She has always had a very wet pussy but this was a crazy amount of pussy juice even for her. I got a towel and cleaned up the leather on the couch and finished just as she came out of the bathroom. She had on one of my tee shirts and said she would be waiting for me in bed. We fucked for a solid hour and I insisted that she call me Mark the whole time. I went back to work smelling like sex. She called me to let me know how much she loves me for letting her have this fantasy. I hope she goes through with it and if so you guys will be the first to know all the details.
    Part 3
    Okay, Hopefully you have read my previous posts on this subject. If not, you need to in order to understand the build up to this night.
    The week leading up to her meeting with her new man (Mark) went by quickly. We talked about it a few times but our lifes are so busy with work and kids that we only smiled and laughed mostly. The "Date" was planned for Saturday night. About 4:00 she took her shower and shaved in all the right places. Anne (my wife) keeps her bush trimmed thin and narrow in a straight line above her pussy (I love it). I took the kids to the grandparents house for the night while she finished getting dressed. I got ready when I returned from dropping off the kids and she was standing at the door ready for her evening. My role was to take her to the restaurant and meet Mark myself then leave them for the evening. When we got there she was more nervous than I had seen her in a long time. She asked me if I really wanted her to do this and I replied by kissing her with all the tongue I could get in her mouth. She sucked my tongue to let me know she was hot and ready. We got into the restaurant and found Mark at the bar. He had drinks waiting on us as he greeted Anne with a big hug and me with a firm hand shake. After the introductions were out of the way our table was ready but Mark asked if he could speak with me alone for a bit. Anne said yes and she went to the table alone while we stayed at the bar. Mark began by assuring me that she would be well taken care of and would bring her home any time I wanted. We sat and talked for about 15 minutes and the more we talked to more I liked the guy. I even asked him to play golf with me the following week. I knew Anne was getting anxious so I told him that I was leaving and we would talk later in the evening. He tried to get me to go to the table and have a drink or two but I said he had more pressing things to get to and that we would talk later. I then gave him a key to a hotel room within walking distance and told him it was on me. He was in shock at my willingness to give him my wife for the evening. When I left the restaurant I moved our car but stayed in another parking lot where I could see the door and watch them come out and walk to the hotel. Well, about 2 hours later they left the restaurant and walked toward the hotel. Once they got there I got a phone call from my wife and she told me thank you for the room and said what a great time they have had talking and what a gentleman he has been. I knew both of them were in for a wild time. She said he wanted to dance in the hotel lounge for a while before they went up to the room. I'm such a vouyer so I went into the same lounge and watched them from accross the room. They mostly slow danced and he had his hands rubbing slowly all over her back and ass and to my suprise she did the same. They kissed from time to time and that was more of a turn on for me than anything. She has the softest lips and really knows how to use them. After about an hour they got up from their table and left for the elevator. I watched as the door closed on the elevator and knew my wife was getting ready to get her first black dick. My phone rang a few minutes later as I was getting in my car to leave and it was my wife. She said she saw me in the lounge and was trying to give me a good show. I told her she did a good job and was proud of her for going through with the night. I could hear them kissing and she started moaning. She said he's behind me kissing me on my neck and I am going crazy. She then told me she would call me back later and hung up. Damn! That's no way to leave a man hanging on the phone. I was hard and needed to cum as soon as possible so I pulled into an adult book store. I went in and grabbed a hand full of tokens and went into a booth to watch some movies and jack off. I loaded some coins in the slot and started flipping through the movie selections. I found an interracial movie and almost exploded right away. The black guy was naturally hung like a horse and his slightly chubby white woman was sucking away. I let my cum go on the floor in about 60 seconds and sat back to relax. While the couple was still going at it on the screen i got hard again and came one more time before running out of tokens. I then left there and went home to wait on my wife to call or just show up the next day. I fell asleep around 2:00 am and the phone rang about 3:00am. Anne was in the bathroom of the hotel room. She sounded a bit tired but excited at the same time. She said they have been in the bed since she last talked to me and he was everything she wanted him to be. She said she wanted to spend the rest of the night with him if that was OK with me. I told her I wanted to pick her up so no one in our neighborhood would see someone else dropping her off. I also told her not to take a bath before I got there. She giggled and said she would save something for me, Needless to say I did'nt sleep any after that. I jacked off 3 more times while watching interracial porn on the internet. I finally had waited as long as I could and called her at 9:00am Sunday morning. They were both asleep when Mark answered her phone. It caught me off guard and I first asked for Anne then before he could say anything else I asked him if he had a good time. He told me how he loved fucking my wife and couldn't wait to be with her again. He said she can stay wet longer than any woman he had ever been with. He also said he knew I didn't want her to shower before I picked her up and that he thought that was sexy as hell. I then heard Anne say let me talk and she got on the phone with me. She said give us an hour then come and get me at the front door. I could hear him kissing her and her moaning and saying how can you be hard again. He said just hang up the fucking phone. With that I got dressed and went to pick her up. She was at the door waiting when I got there with the same clothes she had on the night before. She slid into the car and kissed me with her tongue leading the way. I could taste him on her lips and smell him on her skin. We went straight home which took about 30 minutes. I was rubbing her pussy the whole time through her panties and she had my dick out playing with the head which was soaked with precum. She would not let me put my hand inside her panties. She said she was saving something for me. I got her home and straight to the bedroom. We laid down and began kissing and licking and tearing off clothe like we were teenagers again. Her nipples were red and he had left love bites or hickies on both of them. I rolled her over and kissed her back and lower back and worked my way down to her ass cheeks. On my way down I could taste and feel his cum on her back where he had shot off on her from behind. I lingered there a while to get a taste of his cum for the first time. Anne just moaned with approva and wiggled her body back and forth. I put my hand between her legs and spread them apart. She was still on her stomach and lifted her ass off the bed for my access in anyway I desired. I first stuck my thumb into her soaking wet pussy and felt their collective juices. The palm of my hand was quickly soaked along with my thumb. She then said something that I thought I would never hear my white wife say. She said "Please clean me up with your mouth and tongue. Mark made such a mess and I want you to clean me up. I need you to do this so I know you wanted it as much as I did." I didn't have to be asked twice and rolled her over on her back. I could then see his matted cum on her little bit of pussy hair and started cleaning just as she asked. I had a finger in her pussy while I was doing my cleaning and she was rolling all over the bed. I then took the plunge and started cleaning her pussy not knowing what to expect. After only a few seconds I saw his white cum leaking out the bottom of her pussy and went straight to it. I tasted different than the dried up cum I had cleaned up from other parts of her body. I let it leak out and lapped it up as it did then started sucking on her pussy to get the rest out. I did this until she came again and then just laid there and looked up at her from between her legs. She looked down and pulled me up and kissed and licked the excess cum off my face and lips. This was definately new territory for both of us but we were loving it. She said she wanted me to cum for her so I pulled my body up until my dick was in her face. She took me in her mouth and began to blow me and then take my balls in her mouth. I reached back down to finger her well used pussy and I told her what a hot wife she is and that this was only the beginning of our new sex life. Then she did something she has never done before. She took my entire dick down her throat. After the shock of seeing and feeling it she looked up at me and said that Mark hat taught her how to relax her throat and deepthroat his dick. Then she said she wanted me to cum on her tits like Mark likes to. I could not take anymore of this sexy talk and told her I was cumming and she pointed my dick at her right nipple just in time to get the first shot which landed on the nipple and strung out all the way to her belly button. The rest she directed to one tit or the other and then took the head in her mouth and sucked until I was completely empty. I fell to the bed and she laid over on top of me and spread my cum all over both of our chests. This all seemed like a dream. We somehow fell asleep together in all that mess. I woke up and she was in the shower so I joined her. We washed each other off and got out without a word between us. We both knew what the other was thinking for the first time in out married life. This is the first time I have had to reflect back on the night and get my words together enough to type it down. I plan on meeting Mark this weekend for golf and I'm sure we will get together with my wife afterwards. This time I will be there to help. Who knows what will happpen at this point. My wife and I have fucked every day this week and she has told me how strong Mark is and how his dick is bigger than mine and that she wants me to be in the bed with them. I will be back as soon as the weekend is over and let you guys know what happens. Later
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    Very nice.

    Very nicely written. pity you could not have been there and seen his big cock fucking it's way into her pussy for the 1st time and to see the look on her face as she was stretched to accommodate him.
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    That is a hot story you just posted. Thanks for sharing it with us. I am looking forward to addional posts,
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    This was a very hot read, I was hoping for more but I see you orginally posted this 6 years ago, our loss.

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