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    Hi there first post. Gonna show off here and say Im prob one of the luckiest cucks about. I am currently engaged to be married to a very promiscuous lady. The night i met her she was sucking a guy off in a toilet in a nightclub classy or what. She has recently organised her hen night. She is going to benidorm with a group of girls. Out of all the wedding this is the thing she is looking forward to most. Her best mate who i think is awesome for no other reason than she encourages my fiancee to fuck a random guy every time she's goes for a night out. Her mate who also has an extremely lucky boyfriend has a weakness for bouncers last month i saw her getting screwed by 3 guys, cum everywhere i tell you! My wife to be is planning to get a good seeing too on her hen which i have blessed of course her only question was should i take condoms?
  2. le_petitdick

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    A couple of things i forgot to mention. Im paying for her hen night but to be honest she doesn't work so has no income. She has no intention of working and i don't ask her to look. She likes her lifestyle, the freedom that i give her and that everyone we know knows about. I came home one day to her Fucking on our couch. We call it an open relationship only Im faithfully and have no intention of sleeping with anyone else. Its a case of that's the way she is take it or leave it and i love everything about her. It doesn't bother me that she's banged half my mates, that when she comes home from a night out she has cock breath and full of cum, that most my mates have dirty texts, naked pictures and videos of her on their phones because that's what she's all about. Im just so lucky she wants to marry me.
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    nahhhhh..get the creampie. it's good for ya. be there...watch...help...then eat.
    i'm kinda just joking. BUT that's what i'd do. that's just my personal favorite...watch then eat it.
    (hope i'm not being too rude here) of course, if she uses condoms, there's always condom play too, as a possibility. i've enjoyed condom play with my ex, in the past.
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    The hen night sounds good, but what about the wedding itself? Is she planning on having some other mans cum in her when she walsk down the aisle? Then after the ceremony you can have your first creampie from your wife.

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