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    A few months ago with the express permission and strong encouragement of her new husband---my very handsome and athletic young Afro-American best buddy and only male lover of the last 6 years---in a series of beautifully long fucks with him lying beside us and caressing and lovingly licking my thrusting cock, I impregnated my ex-wife on their marriage bed so that she can bear a much-desired all-white baby to complement the three mixed-race children that my buddy has fathered for her over the last 4 years.

    Since then my ex's libido has skyrocketed such that I and my buddy have been hard put to fully satisfy her in our regular threesomes. However, over the last two weeks I have been woken during the nights and early mornings by my buddy fucking my ex---every time in the missionary position---for much longer and more vigorously than he ever has, at least in my presence, and obviously satisfying her very deeply and long-lastingly which at present, despite my being able to maintain very solid erections, I am unable to.

    His vastly superior potency and studly sexual attractiveness with my ex is now unexpectedly making me extremely jealous and, with him being a superb stayer, enviably huge-cocked and an extremely vigorous and deep thruster in sex with her, I am very concerned for the safety of the baby---from trauma-induced early miscarriage in particular. I am doubly worried now because during their fucking and especially after my ex orgasms super-strongly with my buddy, her baby-filled womb undergoes obviously painful tightenings that after particulalrly long and vigorous fucks are now showing very clearly through her belly wall and often last for hours.

    I have tried to intervene by offering myself as her alternative gentler fuck-partner for a few weeks until things settle down and the baby is somewhat safer from the savage thrusting that my buddy invariably executes when he is building to his orgasms which have recently become recklessly multiple and uncontrollably convulsive in a single encounter without him even once withdrawing his cock---as if he is jealous that I have impregnated his wife and he is trying to fuck my baby right out of her. But with him now being my ex’s husband and her greatly preferred lover my pleadings are falling on deaf ears---including, of course, his.

    I am now extremely anxious. What to do?
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    Michael1987 -

    Doing a little Googling, I found this info provided by the Mayo Clinic's website:

    They don't seem overly concerned with sex during pregnancy, unless the mother has had problems with prior pregnancies or is showing overt signs of conditions that may pose an issue. Naturally, I'd say she should talk to her OB/GYN about your concern, if for nothing more than to allay it. I would opine that she (and he) wouldn't knowingly endanger the unborn child and risk the tragedy of a miscarriage. But I do respect your concerns.

    I know this isn't much, but hopefully of some help. Not being a doctor, or a woman, I wouldn't dare conjecture when it comes to pregnancy issues. I hope all parties--you, him, mom and child--are happy and healthy. May all go smoothly with her pregnancy.

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    Thanks Eric. Understandably I had cased everything online on the subject and had read the article from the Mayo. In fact I have taught there, but not on that subject.

    My concern has increased greatly since I speculumed my ex on Sunday morning about 2 hours after my buddy had been fucking her royally during their long lie-in from which I was excluded, but all-to-easily heard the giveaway full-on vocal accompaniments of from our downstairs kitchen.

    Before I quit the bedroom I had put my concerns to both of them, but to no avail whatever in respect of my buddy limiting the force and depth and duration of his thrusting.

    My speculum view of my ex's cervix revealed that its lips were grossly patulous and bright cherry red (instead of the normal pink) and its mouth was gaping widely enough to admit a man's middle finger (and the tapering snout of my buddy's cock-head) with relative ease---not that I attempted to do that of course. Thankfully there was no traumatic splitting or tearing of the cervix's lips visible to me.

    I estimated that the excessive downward protrusion of the neck of her womb into her vaginal vault measured close to 3 centimeters, and the entire surface of it was abraded and in parts also darkly bruised and still slowly bleeding 2 hours after completed intercourse. The cul-de-sac of her vagina was grossly stretched-up and awash with heavily blood-stained half-clotted semen and frank clots of dark blood----all par for the course for the recklessly uncontrolled fucking that I'd overheard my buddy giving his pregnant wife.

    Her after-fuck womb contractions have been getting more painful and longer-lasting by the day, and she is continuously bleeding heavily enough from her vagina to need her to put an absorbent pad inside the crotch of her panties.

    An ultrasound done last week for localisation of the placenta thankfully demonstrated no degree of placenta-praevia.

    Although there is presently no ultrasound evidence of frank cervical incompetence such as could cause a mid-term miscarriage, with my buddy being so uncontrolled in his fucking of his wife, her gynecologist is concerned enough now to insert---as a semi-urgent procedure tomorrow afternoon---a Shirodkar suture in circlage fashion into the down-dipping vaginal segment of the cervix to give some protection against the possible precipitation of premature labor by the very deep and alarmingly forceful uncontrolled thrusting with which my buddy is indulging himself and his wife and effectively refuses to give up. Of course, if she goes into very strong labor post-coitally, the suture will have to be removed and delivery of the hazardously premature baby allowed to proceed unhindered.

    So that is what my anxieties and agitations have come to Eric, and I can't tell you how relieved I am---but only partly.

    Btw, the pregnancy is singleton and the baby is the much-desired girl---definitely fathered by me (as you may have already read), not my buddy.
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