Hearing about her past sexual experiences

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    My favorite story time is when my girlfriend tells me in detail about her past sexcapades. I sit quietly and listen to all the things she describes and how she felt. The more recent ones before we started seriously dating involved her finally giving it up to a guy she had known for several years. She used her charm to "try to win and impress her" with a simple lunch date not far from her house.

    A few days passed, and she agreed to have breakfast somewhere with him and afterwards knew the connection and desire was there. So, they kissed in the car and proceeded to go to his place. There they kissed, took there clothes off and started getting hot and heavy. She told me she gave him what she calls her "dedicated blowjob", where she is one of those women who you can tell is really into pleasing a man at that point. That's precisely what she did. After getting him revved up more, they had sex. She likes to just let guys control and direct everything and just goes with the flow. The guy was on meds so he suffered from being able to climax. So she just let him keep trying.

    Eventually, they would stop and take breaks, and go back at it again. She thought he would climax easier with her letting him pound her doggy style. So, she turned over and told him maybe he'd like it this way. She hasn't gave doggy to many men, he got it that day. He plowed away for awhile, but to no avail not to climax, despite that she deeply enjoys having a man cum, knowing she was the one that helped them reach that plateau of sexual pleasure. She also wanted to reach her climax, and it took her much longer than she thought, but after a lot of effort on his part he was able to make her cum.

    After she was growing tired, she decided she would just try to blow him to completion. Apparently, for a good while and still he wasn't able to. They soon gave up because she had spent the whole day there and needed to leave to get back to responsibilities.

    That was there only encounter, and while nothing all that memorable. It's all true, and I had her tell me all about it.
  2. gatorrdw

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    I always enjoyed hearing about my wife's experiences. GTR
  3. slinky1

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    I think its a great way to warm a wife into cuckolding. They get to share their stories of sex that happened outside of your relationship, plus you know if was a proper relationship their pussy/ass/mouth has been flooded with another man/mens sperm for the entire period of that relationship/s. If they have old photos, you even can put a face to that sex as well. I think if you can get a wife to share her past, and you can show how horny it makes you i.e.: show her how you need to immediately masturbate in front of her, cum on her toes/feet, give her oral like its the last supper as if you were licking every last drop of her ex's cum out of her, you may start to plant a seed in her head of how much you want or need it, it will possibly rid her of the possible guilt she may have issues with... all in the safety of you're own home without another man insight.
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    I agree with slinky1 if a wife/gf is prepared to talk about her sexual past in details and she knows it turns you on its certainly easier to broach the subject of her taking another lover. I knew about my brides sexual past all of which had taken place with me as her BF when I married her when she was 18 and had forgiven her.

    I just hadn't figured that with a wedding ring on her young finger she would continue wanted the thrill and fun she only found with another cock. When she finally make the mistake of sort of telling me then forgetting she had! did she confess to a 5 year on/off affair with my best mate and told me some details, she found it strange that months later it turned me on after I got over the anger and shock.

    However it was he who was angry too at her telling me and over the following months gave me examples of what they had done, I think more of spite to show me how easy my wife was to seduce and fuck he even said she had said she would like his baby as he came into her fertile and unprotected body numerous times over the years.

    So it was I that got the kink as I related the experiences he had given to me as I fucked her she would cum heavily as she added bits to it, she never denied what he had told me but said she would never have a foreign cock again and would stay faithful to me from then on.

    It was me a year later that introduced her to a bull I knew it was a trait in her to like the fun and thrill and she fucked him the second time we met him I say she fucked him it was really for her and me not him and the rest is history.
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  5. legshowcuck

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    it as always been a huge turn on for me to hear Her past experiences...

    as fas as i can see She loves to describe them in detail and enjoy Herself as She sees how much i am turned on and how i like that my Wife was/is a slut...

    God i love it!!
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  6. gatorrdw

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    While I always enjoyed when my wife would tell me about her sexual history and current lovers, one of my favorites was her very first that I have mentioned before was a black man that I worked construction with that as far as he knew was my sister and at work he would tell the other guys about this white chick he was "balling" and he did ask me if I was OK with him being with her and "going to bed" with her and I told him if you're fucking her that it's her choice not mine, and I was completely OK with it. GTR
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    I have been with my wife since we started dating in high school. So I was around to watch her with my friends during those early years. But I have always loved hearing her stories about junior high and how much she enjoyed the boys.
  8. gatorrdw

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    Wife4others, you and I are very fortunate men, to have wives that understand how to make us happy. GTR
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  9. Wife4others

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    Agreed. We are very lucky.
  10. wagonneer

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    This is pretty much how my wife and i found the lifestyle. She liked sharing her past experiances, i think she wanted something like cuckolding from the beginning as she volunteered her stories i loved them and she could tell they excited me. The rest as they say is history.
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