He would mark my wife

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by cuckhusband, Jun 16, 2008.

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    Anyone ever had a guy mark your wife and send her home? I may have mentioned in other posts how my wife used to go out of town with, or meet in motels with her former boss. I never had the chance to meet him, but she often talked about how he had the FATTEST cock she had ever had, and how she LOVED it. There were several times he would send her home with hickies on her tits or thighs. I would get sooooo fucking HARD everytime i looked at them. Looking back on it i dont know why, but i only got pics of the hickies a cpl of times, and they were all after the hickies got older, and started to go away. There was one night when he took pics of her in the motel room and sent them home with her. I am including some of the pics he took (the 5 th pic is after he had used her) and the last 2 are of her with hickies that he had left on her tit during some of thier "meetings". In a cpl of the pics she has a teddy bear he brought along for her to take home, and keep on her bed as a reminder of that night together. The teddy bear was one thing, and the pictures were another, but when he sent her home with hickies on her i would almost cum in my pants by just looking at them (and of course she would flaunt them in front of me OFTEN). These pics were all taken several yrs ago. They no longer see each other as his wife became very suspicious. I do miss seeing the hickies he would leave on her as his way of showing me he had used my wife. If she ever has another lover who enjoys "marking" her i will definitely be taking pics of the evidence right after she gets home

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  2. DomMorgan

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    In BDSM, there is a standing joke among newbie submissive women when they have "earned their stripes." In other words, they met with their male dominants and had an intense enough session that they are left with welts or bruises or whatever. As you discovered from your wife's hickies, it isn't always all that difficult to leave marks.

    What the hubby thinks of all this depends on their relationship. Some of the women have conveniently hidden the marks. Others display them. As for me, I simply get to make them, and enjoy their appreciation.

    Life can be good.

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    OMG.. she looks great... thanks

    Something that is the reverse in our case is that Juana always brands us with hickies, I usually get two or three and more when we are alone, but Julio gets the worse part, he gets 3-4 and sometimes he gets them on his neck.

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  4. nietzsche

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    I love when they do that!
    One of the best lovemaking sessions I ever had is after one of my wife's lovers went after her breasts so intently that he left a number of finger-sized bruises on them. It's incredibly arousing to see how into your wife someone else was.
  5. two2_go

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    Yes, thats pretty hot. The marks or hickies are more proof that someone has used the wife the way they want.
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    Thanks for the great post and pictures to back it up. I used to enjoy it to the max when my wife would meet her boyfriend to have sex. I experienced the same feelings of anxiety and constant state of arousal as you. She used to make me kiss the exact spot her hickeys were and then of course lick her pussy to orgasm. Loved every second of it.:rolleyes:
  7. wifes_craving

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    Cuckhusband......i always enjoy reading about your experiences. That is such a turn on thinking of your wifes boss marking her and sending her home to you. Also something about him buying her a teddy bear for her to remember their night makes my little dick hard also.
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  8. Dkim

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    Not intentional but I've seen some markings. I think he's a bigger (like taller/heavier) guy and likes to be rough, which my wife said turns her on.

    So pinch marks on buttocks, nipples pinched raw, I've seen those most of the time. No hickies.

    Last Valentine's Day, I cooked a nice romantic dinner, and then gave her a nice romantic massage with music, candles, flowers, etc. I was putting on the romance full-stop and got into the old-fashioned lovey-dovey mode.

    When she got undressed for her massage, I saw the marks. I asked what happened and she said she took the afternoon off work to go to a hotel with her lover and didn't mean for me to see those marks. "He was great but I love the dinner you cooked and I'm enjoying this massage now so please don't stop."

    I remember it verbatim as it's one of those moments that seared into your memory by the incongruity of my own lovely wife lying there on her stomach nude with eyes closed and enjoying my massage as we were wife-and-husband in a private moment, and the knowledge that she already had sex with another guy all afternoon before our Valentine day even started and she dropped the news as if it's the most natural thing in the world. At least we got to spend Valentine evening together so it's all good.
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  9. Sheldon

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    Yes, I have left marks such as hickeys, finger marks on breasts, even a hand print on an ass. It is a very erotic feeling knowing that you have left something for the hubby to see when she gets home, beside the fact that you have left your seed inside them.
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  10. nietzsche

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    Makes me wish I lived near Dayton.

    Keep up the good work!
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  11. ffred

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    Lover wanted to mark her everywhere

    One of my wifes previous lovers wanted to mark her all over and also on places early to dedect. At this time he did not know that I was informed about the affairs of my wife, so he would like to mark her in a way that my wife has to hide the marks at home.

    They stayed in a motel and after love making he wanted to place a hickey on her neck. Due to the mid summer temperatures my wife refused because she was not willing to go to work with a scarf. So he changed his plans to place the hickeys around her tits. After doing it he was very proud and told my wife to tell him next time how she has hidden the marks so that I did not see them.

    Little did he know that my wife knew exactly that hickeys placed by her lovers are one of my favourite fantasies and I like to see them. She came home from her date and did not mention the marks. When we went to bed, she told me she had a present for me and I should unwrapp it. I did not understand at first but after removing her blouse I could see one big and some small hickeys around her tits. There is a photo of the big one but quality is not so good. I hope you like it.


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  12. NECuck

    NECuck Super Moderator

    ffred, Those marks will usually fade fast.. Your lucky he doesn't buy her a Tattoo!
  13. ffred

    ffred Active Member

    permanent marking???

    You are right, I think that I am lucky about it. In this case we would have a discussion about permanent pro and sons.

    Up to now my wife did not agree to any permanent markings. One previous dominant lovers did not accept any hair on her body except on her head. She followed the request and shaved all over. Then he insisted on genital juwelery but that she denied. Also all other kinds on body modifications were denied.

    First when she told me I was disappointed but later I found it ok that permanent marking is a sensitive issue and must be well considered.

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  14. formerfrank

    formerfrank New Member

    marks are a good thing

    i very much enjoyed seeing my former wife with marks. in our early days i traveled a lot. i was out from Sunday afternoon until Friday night. there were a number of times when i cam home to visible hickies on her neck. they were not there when i left. it was quite obvious to the people in her office that she was getting these when everyone knew i was out of town.

    that was a real thrill.
    best wishes,
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  15. evets40

    evets40 New Member

    I would like my wife to be marked. Use of lipstick or marker pen would suffice, but a tatoo would be excellent!
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  16. NECuck

    NECuck Super Moderator

    Being Marked with Ink

    evets40, I agree that a tattoo would be excellent! Being marked with a Tattoo would stop memories from fading. If wify does the deed, she is considering a Butterfly tat on her ankle...
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  17. Pppaul

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    Several years ago before we were married Liz used to go with a guy that bit her thighs
    I remember several times seeing 5 or 6 quite pronounced bite marks above her stocking tops and she they were quite sore for a day or to.
  18. dave3156

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    My wife's live-in boyfriend marked my wife with his cum. He came on every part of her body that he could. He came in her hair, in her face, on her neck, on her tits, on her belly, in her mouth (alot) and cunt. He splattered it on her thighs, in the back of her knee, on her arms and hands, on her butt checks, in her toes, on her back, on and in her ass. I told her it was his way of "marking" his territory.
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  19. filthywh0re

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    Although my husband doesn't know about my affairs, I'll admit to being incredibly turned on by marks left on my body by others, and the thrill of having to hide them until they fade. I've had bite marks on my shoulders several times and bruising on my back from being thrust up hard against a benchtop, all of it a little painful and obvious for days on end..... I love a challenge and a thrill.....
  20. longball8t

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    My wife is always tormenting me that if she did yake a lover, she would get her first tattoo to mark the occasion. It always makes me hot just thinking about it. -LB

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