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He is inside my wife

Discussion in 'Interracial' started by pltilli, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. pltilli

    pltilli New Member


    I am in London and I just got a call from my wife. She is in the US, just came back from the bar (it is just after midnight there). She was playing with a big black guy, and decided to call me to inform about the situation. This is a one-night-stand for her, she just wanted to make sure that I knew what was happining. She called and said hi, told me that she was in bed with a nice black (and big) guy and then handed the phone to him. He didn't know what the situation was, but just told me that he breast were superb and he was just about to enter her. He did, and handed the phone er to her and she laugingly told me that he had entered her. She didn't tell me much after that, except that he was inside her and she loved it. He is very big. So the only thing I know right now is that a big black cock is fucking my wife at this moment. [/i]
  2. efm1951

    efm1951 New Member

    Not being there was always hard for me as well.I like to be present , I viewed it as something we did together. Her happiness was mine also.
  3. SNJ_Dom

    SNJ_Dom New Member

    You are lucky, I've been trying for a while to see if I can hear my online slave being touched, fingered, or fucked by her black friend, but so far it hasn't happened yet (if he knew I owned her and dictated when she was allowed to be with him, he'd be completely pissed so we can't have her just hand the phone to him)
  4. kumanoki

    kumanoki New Member

    Oh man, that is great!

    Once my wife (then girlfriend) went to visit a close male friend for a week. They had a little electricity between them since the first time they met in person. Well, after she left I went crazy imagining what she might be doing with the guy. And sure enough, I got a similar call.

    I could tell something was going on in the background because she was having trouble concentrating on what I was saying to her. She was breathing funny, too. Not heavily, but erratic. Just before she hung up I could've swore I heard her do one of those almost-silent gasps.

    When she got home she confessed to me that she'd had sex with her friend. I'm positive they were having sex while she was on the phone with me.
  5. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    HOT! One of my fetishes. Look at my avatar. :)

    Didn't you find out if she was indeed having sex while on the phone with you? Didn't you ask?
  6. kumanoki

    kumanoki New Member

    No. I didn't.

    It was enough for me to know they had sex. I was of the opinion that pushing her about the affair would only cause her to clam up about it.

    When I press her about her encounters with other me, she gets coy and says things like, "I was too busy getting fucked to remember what was going on".

    Sometimes, having a little mystery there makes it that much more exciting.
  7. mikendede

    mikendede New Member

    This is Hot. I want my wife to call me the next time she is having sex with another guy.
    Man oh Man there are alot of fantasies arising from this site!!!!
    Woo Hoo
  8. seanjohnsn

    seanjohnsn New Member

    Sometimes we cant always be there when she has the urge. My wife has called me many times on lunch break, etc telling me she couldnt wait and that she just got some. I have yet to actually talk to any of these bulls
  9. al10jones

    al10jones New Member

    I would love to be fucking one of my lady friends, and have the phone ring, and it be their husband/boyfriend. That only make the sex more "forbidden", and makes me cum harder.
  10. ZekeMM

    ZekeMM New Member

    This is so hot....I always had a fantasy of pretending to be away and then come back secretly and looking into our bedroom window. I hope to see my woman in the bed with her feet wrapped around a muscular black man as he plunges in and out of her womb. The thought that she thinks I know nothing about what is going on really turns it on.
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  11. bluesky

    bluesky New Member

    We have several interacial video/cds and my wife always gets very hot and wet while watching these and has even said during fucking that she wishes that was her.
  12. shooter_18t

    shooter_18t New Member

    Awsome...that is funtastic

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  13. paco_alias2003

    paco_alias2003 New Member

    [[I would love to be fucking one of my lady friends, and have the phone ring, and it be their husband/boyfriend. That only make the sex more "forbidden", and makes me cum harder.

    Mmmm wish my wife was one of your lady friends.
  14. fastornge

    fastornge New Member

    I have done the bedroom window hing a few times, but we live on a corner and the bedroom window faces the side street. I was looking in when a set of lights came around the corner and flashed across me and the bedroom window. I freaked when I saw it was a cop car. They backed up and I tried to tell them i locked myself out and was trying to get my wifes attention. She came to the front door when she saw red lights flashing through the window. Phew was I ever lucky. I actually got hard for a second as I realized i might get caught by the cops with them finding out my wife was fucking another guy and I wanted to watch.
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  15. nightrider

    nightrider New Member

    wish i could do that, would clean her so good
  16. penischocolatx

    penischocolatx New Member

    I am looking for..cuckold.slut .slave .

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