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    Sally and I met in school and I was her first and only lover until she was taken over by a 'Bull' about a year ago. And if anyone can help me understand why I love what has happened to us I'd be all ears.

    Until Adam came on the scene we had lived an average life and enjoyed an average sex life. It was spiced up by threesome fantasies, toys, porn and the occasional holiday flirtation with sexy waiters that were never consummated but, notwithstanding, deep down we both knew we each still harboured a powerful desire we could not shake off. In my case the overwhelming desire to share Sally with other guys. In her case the desire to feel another man seduce and take her.

    And so it was until Adam came on the scene.

    We got to know him through a theatre group we were part of. He was a very fit and charming widower in his 60's who had just moved to the area and would latch on to us at the pub after rehearsals.

    In the following weeks we became good friends and started meeting socially more and more often. Sometimes, when he was on a date and wanted to make up a foursome and create a none threatening backdrop to a masterful seduction. Because, as it turned out, Adam had insatiable desires and a way with the ladies. His success rate was breathtaking and most evenings like this ended up with his date in his bed and Sally in ours fantasising about what it would be like to be one of them.

    And so it was that we found ourselves once again sitting across the table from Adam and another potential conquest. Except this time there was no magic and he masterfully rushed us through to coffee before saying good night to her and putting her in a taxi.

    Having accepted our invitation to join us for a nightcap we were in our own taxi a few minutes later, and later still Adam was deep in my wife, gasping for breath as his buttocks clenched, forcing his impressive and gushing shaft deep in her, while Sally came again, arching her back to take all of him and every drop.

    We fell asleep on soaking sheets and when I woke up I was alone. Noises from the spare room indicated I was not totally alone, however, and I lay there for a good while listening to the sounds of sex, emphasised by Sally's squeals and Adam's running commentary on what he was doing and going to do next. Which, it turned out, was almost entirely for my benefit as he suspected I would be awake and listening.

    When the house fell silent again I went downstairs to make tea.

    Adam came round for dinner the following night and every night for the next fortnight. Every night we ended up in bed, and every morning I woke to the sounds of sex coming from the spare room.

    Except one morning I didn't wake up alone. Sally's head was on my chest and it felt lovely in those moments between asleep and awake.Then she started rocking gently and moaning quietly and I opened my eyes to see and feel Adam spooning her and easing his morning erection into her eager body.

    His thrust became deeper and harder and with each he forced her head further down my body until her mouth found my stiff cock and began to work its magic. Every one of Adam's thrusts driving me deep into her throat as he sank deep into her too.

    Just as I was about to come he pulled her off me, flipped her back effortlessly and pushing her legs back with his shoulders rolled her back until she lined up with his shaft and then took her with one hard thrust.

    As he pinned her down he forced himself in her hard and deep until she contorted in an explosive orgasm as I lay beside her. Then he rested and while he lay deep explained he was now going to set out the 'rules for our ongoing relationship'!

    There were many and, as he listed each, he slowly pulled out of Sally until only his tip parted her. Then, as he drove back in hard and deep he would ask, 'Will you obey me Sally?'

    The rules essentially made Sally his property and responsible for satisfying his every sexual need. She agreed to each one without hesitation every time he slammed into her. Sometimes emphasising her response with an 'Oh yes! Fuck yes!'

    Then it was my turn. As he continued to use Sally he told her to tell me to 'agree to it cuck' every time he set out a rule for me.

    And so the deal was struck.

    Adam visits now whenever he chooses to. Sally does whatever she is told to and I make sure everything happens just as he wants it and all he needs is on hand.

    How do three people get into this kind of situation and love it?
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    My wish to find a bull like Adam for my wife ;)
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    I do hope you do.
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    Those things seem to just happen. Never in a million years did I think I would find myself or my wife under some perfect online strangers control and loving every minute of it. Why would we do what he said, why would she wear what he told her to or even take things off at work whenever he text her? Why did we turn on camera so she could be naked on line for him and who knows who else. Why would she get naked in public places and why would I take pics to prove my wife was followings orders? There is a whole lot of wondering why? but no denying the underlying fact that our sex life is very good and he has been great for us.
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    Great inspirational life story cuckcupl:). Good Luck for a great partnership with your Master.

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