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  1. My wife wants to get pregnant at the end of the year, something we had planned before she was a hot wife and I was a cuck.

    She loves being a hotwife and having her lovers. When safe to do so she prefers to let her lovers cum in her.

    When she comes off the pill at the end of the year either she can stop seeing any lovers for a year or so until we have had a baby or she can carry on having her lovers as well as me (she lets me cum in her only after she has had sex with someone else) and have a 'baby lottery' as she calls it, and may the strongest sperm win.

    If we chose to do that we wont do any DNA testing, we will just accept I have a chance of being the father and put my name on the birth certificate and bring up the child as normal.

  2. Wife4others

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    As long as both of you accept what can happen. And agree to raise and love the child as your own. Biologically or not. Go for it then. As a cuck whose wife just missed her period. It's someting we are looking forward to it.
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  3. tractorman

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    It is the ultimate humiliation and pleasure as a cuck to allow your wife to have his baby ...PROVIDING that it doesn't cause complications to the child or your relationship with your wife, its very controversial even here so speak to her and make your JOINT decision wisely. I would suggest however as neither of you appear to have been in this lifestyle for long personally I would suggest you both stay away from this one.
  4. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    For me it was pure pleasure---never humiliating---to watch and also physically feel, hands-on, my young buddy impregnating my wife---three times in the last few years.

    On the first occasion my buddy was very barebacking my wife in her fertile time, with me lying beside them. After her second orgasm---which she had some 2o minutes before he ejaculated in her---she grabbed my hand, broke from kissing my buddy and turning her face to me imploringly whispered "Please my love, I need his baby in me".

    My wife and I had never discussed my buddy fathering a child for her, but I was by no means shocked or taken aback by her pleading to have my buddy impregnate her there and then. In fact her begging me for his baby while he was so manfully thrusting into her seemed the most natural and right thing in the world. So I simply smiled and nodded then gently kissed her forehead.

    She responded straightaway by lifting her hips up off the bed and clasping the clenching butt-cheeks of my buddy. Quite naturally, as it seemed to me, he responded too by immediately redoubling the rate and force of his thrusting and, after some 15 more minutes of breathtakingly frantic fucking, rammed home and ejaculated long and very hard into my convulsively orgasming wife.

    As it turned out, he almost certainly impregnated her in that very act.

    To this day, though, I believe I didn't actually "allow" it. Looking back, my kissing of my wife's forehead seemed strangely and uncontrollably reflex at the time and simply---and very evidently to my buddy as well as to my wife---me bowing to the Inevitable, and not me giving my permission as her husband.

    Their first love-child may well have been conceived within an hour or two of their finishing orgasms---perhaps, I like to think, while my wife was lying still clasped in my buddy's loving arms and wonderingly listening to his quietening heart-beat with her ear pressed to his beautifully strong and sexy chest.
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  5. tractorman

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    Michael1987 very nicely written, a lovely description of how your wife took his child with your blessing and in your presence did they create a boy or a girl and whilst the fertilisation of your wife went well did things continue? do others know of your true child's parentage?
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  6. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Their first baby was a boy, as was their second one. Their as-yet unborn third one is a girl.

    After the conceptions (including the recent, third, one) were proven by test, my wife's awe and admiration of my buddy---especially of his stunning young body and cock----burgeoned dramatically, with her gentling down beautifully and desiring even greater closeness and more alone-time with him than at any time before or during her impregnation by him. She has also become more instantly orgasmic in penetrative sex with him, sometimes climaxing on the huge head of his barely in-thrust cock during his execution of the very slow and super-sexy opening penetration of her that she has come to so love him for.

    Her three pregnancies have successively and very visibly greatly increased the strength of their sexual and emotional bonding to the point where my formerly modest and romantically rather restrained wife has been transformed into an openly delighted and passionated adorer of my buddy's beautiful naked body, ardently caressing and kissing it all over, especially as he stands for her beside our bed before she lies down and draws him to her to begin their lovemaking.

    The outwardly expressed eroticism of their physical loving has become so arresting and arousing for me that I sometimes have to avert my eyes---their love for each other often seeming to me to be too holy to decently behold. Besides, at such times I have baby-minding duties to perform for their two infant offspring sleeping in the children's room, blissfully unaware of the upcoming and ongoing drama and ecstasies of their beautiful parents' lovemaking on the bed on which they and their unborn sister were conceived.
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  7. michael1987

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    ps, TM:

    I think your second question is answered in a post of mine in the thread below:


    Concerning the dramatic conception of my wife and buddy's second baby, you might also be interested in my post of August 28 on another of my threads:

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    I've changed my avatar photo for you today TM, to one of the fantastically beautiful back and butt of my young buddy I shot in the act of him impregnating my wife (Click on the avatar window for the way more erotic wider version).

    Hot, or what? :p
  9. tractorman

    tractorman Well-Known Member

    yes he has a stunning body I am not surprised she would want him to breed her she is very lucky to have you a man that blesses his wife with this present. I will ready your threads Monday when I am off unfortunately just on my way out to work and i am not knickered up yet!
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  10. harlotandhubby

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    it is something we have spoke about, and if we find a guy who fits the bill, and is comfortable with the situation then we would do this
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  11. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Or she could accommodate her lovers with oral and anal only until she is pregnant by you.
  12. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Hi TM! I've posted a few more times since you replied.

    Do let me know how you appreciated my posts pertaining to my beautiful buddy. After divorcing me several weeks ago, my wife married him---after them both obtaining my wholehearted blessing, of course.

    Our menage-a-trois continues even more intensely erotically than before, much more so because of the escalating sense of total personal dispossession (as my ex-wife's ex-husband) that I experience every time I watch my buddy manfully fucking her on the bed beside me---usually nightly, and most mornings aswell before he goes to his college classes.

    Ahhhhhhh, those glorious advantages of Youth! How my wife loves them as gloriously exemplified and powerfully exploited for her womanly pleasure by her beautiful new husband.
  13. tractorman

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    She divorced you?? that's rather extreme isn't it what have your family and friends said about this?
  14. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Yes. My wife divorcing me seemed extreme to some other outsiders too, TM. But most of them now agree that it has greatly enhanced the 3-way relationship between my buddy and me and my wife---despite those outsiders never having observed the three of us in the bedroom where the husband-wife intimacy and onflowing directly sexual benefits of my wife's change-of-husband manifest so strikingly pretty much every night now.

    It's the same with our friends and family---especially my ex-wife's girlfriends---who often comment on how outwardly much more in love with my buddy and "contented" my ex-wife is now as a result of marrying him. Even the Ouch Factor doesn't diminish my pleasure in being voyeuristically privy to almost all of their physical loving which has reached heights of hitherto almost unimaginable tenderness and power and beauty since their wedding night.

    Marriage surely maketh the Man :p
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  15. tractorman

    tractorman Well-Known Member

    that is so kinky
  16. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    It's not kinky. In the old days, when having children and many of them was a necessity and a practical matter, many wives who did not quickly get pregnant sought out help to remedy the situation. If your wife had a child, it was yours, no argument. Ever hear the old country saying, "Your net, your fish." ?
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