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    Yesterday early in the morning he call (my wife lover), He said- sweet pie (he always call me sweet pie) I want steak for dinner, I said sure I will get some juicy steaks as you like, ok I see you tonight sweet pie.
    I went to Costco and bought some nice ribeyes (the ones he like).
    As usual he was at the door at about 7.00 open with his own key and I welcome him, he bring red roses for her and white roses for me.
    After dinner they start theyr romance that end in the bedroom, me waiting patiently outside, Im not allow in unless Im call, finally after 2 long hours of noisy active action Im call I though I was gonna let to eat the pie so I walk in wearing bra and panties as usual and instead I got a surprise he was all big strong viril macho in the bed and she was wearing her panties, she told me baby we have a treat for you taking off her panties and giving them to me - they are all soaked with his cum so you can go out and play baby we love you.
    Thas all I want and need thas why I always said that my wife sexual life bring me all the pleasure I need.
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    It's great that you all found one another and are all happy.

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