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Hairy Sissy Legs?

Discussion in 'Sissification' started by Limp Sissy, May 19, 2009.

  1. Limp Sissy

    Limp Sissy Guest

    For a sissy like me it is very important to feel feminine. That means a hair free body among other things. This summer i will spend some time with old friends and relatives and i don't dare to show up with shaved legs.

    Gabby (my wife) says it is ok for me to let the body hair grow, and she will also let me out of the chastity tube when it is time. The men are not so happy about it though. Rob (my wife's lover) hardly speaks to me after Gabby gave her approval, and Roger (who has used me a lot in the past years) says i have to wait until autumn for sex.

    I can understand that men prefer smooth and hair free sissies to hairy ones, but are we useless with hairy legs? I would really like to know what men feel about this... I would also like to know how you other sissies handle this problem.

    limp sissy

    PS I won't let it grow out of control. I will use trimmer and epilator to keep it reasonably sparse and short, but anyway i don't like it...

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  2. Sissy_Chrissy

    Sissy_Chrissy Gay Sissy Cuckold

    Hairy Sissy Legs

    It is important to me too, as much for the psychological implications as well as the aesthetic. I'm afraid that I just won't be able to let my legs go even in the face of the very real possibility of outing myself. Many of our friends already have their suspicions regards my sexuality but I just can't seem to help myself. It seems I have a subconscious desire to be out to the world, for better or worse, once and for all.
  3. Sissy_Chrissy

    Sissy_Chrissy Gay Sissy Cuckold

    Feeling Feminine

    Regards my previous post. I stand corrected. Mistress says about 1/3 of her friends are aware that I am gay.
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  4. EmmaK

    EmmaK <b><font color="#ff0000">VERIFIED REAL MEMBER</fon

    Given how great your legs look smooth (in the photo) I wouldn't be letting them get all hairy either. I wish my legs looked like that.

    Have you thought about going with shaven legs and then having a convenient explanation if someone asks? Both serious bicycle-riders and swimmers often shave. So do some models.
    You appear to be in great shape and might just say you've taken up riding. If folks already expect your lifestyle, they might not buy it but then they basically already know.

    I actually think the kind of hair you get after shaving or using an epi would be more suspicious than no hair at all. The hair is often clearly "cut" and is all the same length. So I am not sure that would be the best solution.

    As for your partners who don't want to play anymore, my guess is they are attached to the whole package you present as a sissy and hairy legs just ruin it for them. I don't know that I'd be so severe with you but clearly they have expectations about how you maintain your appearance.
  5. bobbieboy

    bobbieboy New Member

    First off - I am so envious and wish I had long, hot legs like you do. So envious! You look so hot!

    I had the same concerns that you did and discussed them at some length with my wife and her then boyfriend. He treated me with the disdain due from a virile, in charge man to a sissy. He strongy insisted that I be pantied, sub and curtsying, etc. when around him. He also basically insisted that my only physical-sexual contact with my wife be through my tongue. The more femmy that I acted, the more he was not annoyed by my presence.

    I was concerned about how my family and her father and various co-workers and neighbors would respond when seeing me with shaved chest, underarms (probably the most obvious) arms and legs, as well as, of course, my pubis. In my case this is heightened as we have a pool and often have guests and friends over to enjoy the pool.

    When we discussed my shaving, we all agreed that I should continue to be smooth and hairless, though I did have trepidations. On the other hand, I did enjoy the submissiveness of it and especially liked it when my wife was dom and insistent about my being a sissy and being more open about it.

    I will admit that I started being less attentive to my shaving, especially my underarms and legs. After a couple of remarks from her boyfriend about my sloppiness, I found myself on the way to her day spa for a waxing. Ouch. Ouch again. Two weeks later (once hair had grown out a bit) I was taken to a physician to begin permanent laser hair removal. More ouch. And for the next two years I would make semi-annual visits for zap those few stray hairs.

    Yes, I do get looks - especially my under arms when I wear tank tops or am topless and, also, my legs and when exposed, my denuded pubis. When I see people looking or staring, I just return a submissive, embarrassed little smile - they then know, without much doubt, that I am some form of sissy. Many, especially women, smirk back with that knowing look.

    In response to remarks or questions, I simply reply that my wife prefers my body shaven and smooth and I very much wish to please her. She likes that response and it is quite true. Only a few have replied to that remark with questions about my looking unmanly or femmed and then I respond by repeating that the hairless look is my wifes choice for me and that she does have special friends whom she also spends time with who are quite hirsute and manly, but that my place in our marriage is shaved and hairless. That ends the conversation.

    I must admit, while I am at time embarrassed at the looks and my obviously shaved appearance, the fact that the decision was taken from me by my wife, at her and her then boyfriends insistence, makes me feel better about it. I can just be me and not worry about such decisions and little deceptions, etc. I am a sissy and why try to hide what I am?

    I do think you should consider just going for it and stop worrying. You have gorgeous legs and a cute penis to go with - you were meant to be femmed, not a hairy brute, so just relax and be you. I have certainly found it much more rewarding to just go with the flow.
  6. Limp Sissy

    Limp Sissy Guest

    Thanks for the replies and compliments :)

    Emma i agree that the trimmer makes it all the same length, but it gets better if i use the epilator after (actually did just that today).
    If i had been much younger i would have taken up swimming seriously, just so i can be smooth all the time. At 50+ i however doubt i could fool anybody with that.

    Bobbieboy, you are right that i'm not meant to be a hairy brute. I'm a sissy at heart and a smooth and feminine body is a part of my personality. Sometimes i wish i had come out of the closet, but other times it's convenient to stay there. I know that won't change this summer, so i have to live with these "imperfections" on my body and try to limit the damage as much as possible.

    However much i love the summer, i'm already longing for autumn. It will be so lovely to once again be a smooth and feminine sissy. Hairy brutes (like Rob and Roger) will once again look at me with lust in their eyes ;)

    limp sissy
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  7. syndi

    syndi Sissy Cuckslut

    Limp, my legs are naturally hair free (due to genetics I suppose) and my experience has been that most people don't even mention it. Same for my chest, back, and arms. I regularly wear shorts out in public and in the gym and I never get a double look, as far as I can tell. Fact is, there are lots of men running around with smooth legs so we don't stand out that much. As for friends and family, on a few occasions I have been asked by a girlfriend of my wife if I do shave, and I just say "no" while getting a little humiliation thrill.

    By the way, when I was in my teens, there was hair on my legs but year by year, it thinned out. You might be get away with telling your curious friends that the same thing happened to you.

    Last edited: May 22, 2009
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  8. EmmaK

    EmmaK <b><font color="#ff0000">VERIFIED REAL MEMBER</fon

    I really love the first response that Bobbie suggests: My wife likes my body shaven. Just borderline enough to pass and probably wouldn't provoke too much questioning. Lots of girls dislike really hair guys.

    I can't imagine a guy getting all his hair lasered off! I've had laser hair removal on my bikini line and it cost a fortune. Getting it all lasered off is serious dedication!

    I really would take this as an opportunity to jump in and see what the response is. You probably won't embarrass anyone (except yourself - which is fine I presume) with a simple response like above and it is totally honest (which makes it pleasurable to say).

    Let us know what you go for and how it turns out. Going shaven is actually going to be a lot more FUN for all of you so I hope you try that!
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  9. pia_slave

    pia_slave CUCKQUEAN

    I totally agree with EmmaK. LimpSissy you have wonderful legs! I wish I had such a beautiful legs. Leave them hair free! Well of course provided that Mistress Gabby doesn´t want otherwise
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  10. Mumblbl ahenm they already know ahrmmm.
  11. barbietiz

    barbietiz Active Member

    I have very little body hair but I use epilady on my arms and legs to keep them clean neat looking, my wife and her lover want me all smooth and what people may think is not important to me I been cuckolded my entire marriage, more than 10 years and must people know.
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  12. Cucked-Up

    Cucked-Up New Member

    if they ask about your shaven legs - the only appropriate response is "Why are looking and why are you asking?" That should shut them up and you won't be bothered by them again.
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  13. barbietiz

    barbietiz Active Member

    hairy legs are a no, no Im embarrassed just to think about it, I dont shave I use epilady, soft and smooth every two weeks.
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