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Guys From The Wifes Past

Discussion in 'Hotwifing, Swinging and Swapping' started by spmartini, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. Yes have had similar. Old bf I fucking hated, fast forward she ran into him, and I was like that's totally hot. Drove her to Cincinnati to get a bikini and ass wax the day of their played date. He didn't show, but txt really late she left 1 am came back around 7. She said guess what?...He fucked my ass... Bending spreading showing me. She came home gaped, that was hot. Everytime after there was always emotional talk like her saying she still loved him blAh blah. Bottom line women weill do what they want. Including sleeping with who they want how they want, how u handle it determines what u know.
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  2. Kal Niwaz

    Kal Niwaz New Member

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  3. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    My first long term boyfriend had a 4" cock, dated him for 8 years, then soon after met hubby who is 5.5*6".
    Been with him for 25 years, now my two lovers have 9" cocks, I'm NOT going back !!
  4. Explore with me

    Explore with me Active Member

    You go Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Is it because you've changed, or just never knew?
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  6. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    Well in hubby's case it's cause I love him DEARLY.....you take what you get....
    MY lovers no explanation needed !
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  7. Explore with me

    Explore with me Active Member

    i love your style !!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. She may go for it man, talk about a movie with the kind of sexuality you like, say you read a story about a sexual adventure, make it seem random and fun.
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  9. All4HerPleasure

    All4HerPleasure Well-Known Member

    I do not think the situation you described is out of the norm for many people. Finding a spouse or partner who will accept the interactions is probably less common than the meeting of two old friends and it turning erotic.

    I had a boyfriend when my husband and I met 34 years ago but it was never a sexual relationship at the time. We both had strong desires and there was a lot of heavy make out sessions back then but we never had sex as I was raised in a strict catholic family and birth control of any type was not something I wanted to do so abstinence was my path.

    I met my husband and moved in with him about a week after we met, this time I was so wanting him we bought condoms and shortly after I went on the pill. My husband was my first. At the time there was a lot of hard feelings with my ex boyfriend and a lot of macho aggression between my now husband and ex. We ended up moving about a year later and I had no contact with the ex afterward.

    Fast forward 24 years later and on a visit happened to run into the ex who was now divorced and still living in the area. We ended up having drinks one night and talking about old times back in high school and the people we used to run with. My husband actually invited him back to our hotel and we ended up in a threesome. The sex was great and the ex turned out to be a very good lover.

    We go back each year to visit my family who still live in the area. Each time we have visited over the last 10 years we have got together with my ex and without planning we always end up having sex. He and my husband get along great and I really enjoy our time together. The strange part is he has never worn a condom with me and always leaves his load inside me.

    I am going to be there again in January for one of my nieces weddings. The ex knows I am returning and is also attending the wedding and reception. (Small town) My husband will not be with me this time, he has given me the green light for anything I want to do but I am not sure, for me it would be weird to have sex with my ex, solo. So, we will see.
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  10. It sounds like the three of you are all very well-adjusted and self-confident people; that has certainly made the relationship between the three of you comfortable and satisfying, hasn't it? The way you have embraced this polyandrous relationship after your conservative Catholic upbringing is surprising but really admirable. Somehow you emerged from that into a loving and sexually adventurous woman. Wonderful. :rolleyes:
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  11. It sounds like the three of you are all very well-adjusted and self-confident people; that has certainly made the relationship between the three of you comfortable and satisfying, hasn't it? The way you have embraced this polyandrous relationship after your conservative Catholic upbringing is surprising but really admirable. Somehow you emerged from that into a loving and sexually adventurous woman. Wonderful. :rolleyes:
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  12. wagonneer

    wagonneer Member

    My Wife has been with her Ex-Husband many times even while i was in closet secretly watching it has always been fun. But h tried to get to clingy and She told him to get lost. Made my confidence in our relationship soar.
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  13. UCUM666

    UCUM666 Well-Known Member

    Secretely watching from the closet....that is awesome! How do you stay quiet for so long? :)
  14. wagonneer

    wagonneer Member

    Not that hard She had music up so had a little cover noise and the thought of being discovered and outed in our small community put enough fear in me to make sure i was good. Lol
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  15. legshowcuck

    legshowcuck Well-Known Member

    it has always been a turn on for both of us for Her to date Her exes...

    She love telling me how they treated Her as i lick Her clean...
  16. All4HerPleasure

    All4HerPleasure Well-Known Member

    I did end up attending my nieces wedding a few weeks ago and staying in town, but this time I stayed with my sister since I was alone. I did see my ex at the wedding and at the reception we talked and danced a few times but we didn't end up hooking up or anything.
  17. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    As I've said before, all of my now wife's current lovers (with the exception of one guy's wife) are people she was fucking before we met.

    But this story is about my first wife, Betsy, who (as I also said before) never did any cucking or cheating. We married in our mid twenties and had the usual jealous, possessive attitudes that made any thoughts of non-monogamy seem abnormal. There is one time, however...

    About a year or two after we married we got together with a couple that she went to high school with, Linda and Steve. It was before either of us couples had our first child. Linda was one of her best friends that she still communicated with regularly, and Betsy dated Steve in high school and a little in college. Linda and Steve had just gotten a new (for them) big old sailboat, which they kept docked on Cape Cod Bay. We were visiting from our hometown "out West" - to them any place west of Boston.

    It was a fine day and after we got away from shore Linda unexpectedly (to me, anyway) took off the top of her bathing suit. Her tits were nice. Linda urged Betsy to do the same, but she declined. At the time Betsy was 27 years-old cute and hot, skinny blonde with pretty big breasts that were amazingly firm and upright for their size. Betsy told me a couple of times when we first dated that she thought guys just fixated on her boobs and that she would feel more comfortable taking off her pants than her top. This certainly came into my mind as Linda walked around topless, so as Betsy came near at one point I said, "Take off your bottom and together you'll make one complete naked woman." Surprisingly, as I tugged on her bathing suit bottom she didn't object. It was quite a show out on the water with Betsy showing a blonde bush and really nice ass and Linda her tits. After about half an hour Steve said to Linda that since Betsy took of her bottom, she could too. I could tell Linda was hesitant, and Steve said, “Oh, you’re among friends.” Linda pulled down her bottom and the cause of her reluctance was obvious - she had the largest set of inner lips sticking out that I ever saw. Linda immediately and automatically separated them, unfolded them, and pulled them down. I tried not to stare, but kept looking; they were long but not thick; pink with dark edges. And with that Betsy took off her top as well. I was proud. So now we had two complete naked women. After that, the girls had us guys get naked too.

    Steve and Betsy had dated in high school and college, but never fucked. When Betsy and I had discussed our sexual pasts, she told me about the guys she screwed and mentioned that Steve had only felt her up. Maybe there was a little more, finger fucking or a blow job, but I’m pretty sure no intercourse. As the afternoon went on I could tell there was still an attraction between Betsy and Steve. Several times her breasts brushed him or momentarily pressed up against him. Finally at one point they went below into the cabin to get food or drinks with Linda and me following. Steve was sitting and Betsy came up to him, her breasts only inches away from his face. It was at this point that it occured to me that it was unfair that Betsy and Steve never fucked. Linda was beside me looking at them and I was ready to say, “I think they want each other.” Then I also thought it would be better to put it as a question to her, “Do you think we should let them have sex?” I didn’t know how to phrase it, and the moment passed. Betsy turned around, Steve lightly slapped her ass, and she walked away.

    We saw them again over the next five years or so. We never made it a point to be naked around each other, but if it happened, it happened, which was probably a dozen or more times. Linda got pregnant during that time and it was interesting to see her tits swell, her nipples get really dark and her labia fill out even more as her pregnancy progressed. She unabashedly nursed their daughter in our presence as well. I’m not sure what Linda’s reaction would have been if that day on the boat I had suggested (or asked) about letting Steve and Betsy screw, or if Betsy would have gone for it (she was, however, really wet that night when we fucked), or how I would have felt afterwards had it happened. But having seen Steve naked, I admit I did sometimes imagine watching his balls bouncing as he pounded Betsy, she flat on her back in the boat cabin with her feet up in the air.

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