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Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by rgby7879, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. rgby7879

    rgby7879 Active Member

    I have shared my girlfriend before, and I loved it. It's always been my fantasy to watch my girl get pleasured by a big cock, and on two different occasions I have had the opportunity to see that happen.

    Now I have a new girlfriend, and we are currently long distance. I have finally got her to understand and be okay with my fantasy, and I am beginning the search for a hung bull, who will hopefully fuck her and video tape it for me to watch.

    I'm planned on writing about the search process and hopefully describe them together. I'll post some pics of people who are interested too, so you can all see what we have to choose from, with no identifying features of course.
  2. hankhavelock

    hankhavelock Well-Known Member

    Hmmm... long distance relationships are always problematic (I've been there) - cuckolding or not. How far are you apart and how often do you have the opportunity to be together? Your posting is interesting and relevant here, for sure.
  3. bellaazz

    bellaazz Well-Known Member

    would love to read about it and of course see any pics/vids that you are kind enough to share
  4. rgby7879

    rgby7879 Active Member

    Well. I tried a few times to make this happen, and each time she got to D-Day and backed out. I didn't pressure her, but instead we decided to do it when we are together.

    We see each other for about one week every 3 months we are about 800 miles apart.

    We met since then, and the first time she straight out refused. The second time she said she would do it, but after we found a guy she got cold feet and said no again.

    Right now I'm about ready to just accept that's it's not gonna be our thing.
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  5. rgby7879

    rgby7879 Active Member

    So new happenings, she's decided to stop talking her birth control, we recently researched it's side effects and it seems like it has been causing some problems/ symptoms we noticed. Loss of sexual desire, weight gain, and fatigue.

    It's been 3 weeks and she's already noticed a huge increase in her desire and energy levels. I also sent her some articles about the benefits of hot wifing, and now she's on board. She agrees it would be nice to get some sex before the next time she sees me, and she likes the benefits the articles claim.

    I made her an account on a dating site and logged her on, and a guy she used to talk to tears ago stared hitting her up right away. They are heading in the right direction and it's very exciting.
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  6. Dantheman

    Dantheman Active Member

    I hope she uses some form of birth control otherwise some stud is gonna impregnate her!
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  7. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    From reading about her long-distance boyfriend's hot desire to have her nailed by a well-hung stud when (ostensibly for libido-boosting purposes) she is off oral contraceptives, I also have a hunch that she is going to be impregnated----very likely first time up---and the boyfriend is going to love it.

    That's one wild fucking fantasy he has.

    But each to his own..................
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  8. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Please post any pictures you have of the big-cocked bulls that are interested in fucking her. Thanks.
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  9. rgby7879

    rgby7879 Active Member

    Haha, no, I absolutely do not want her impregnated. They will be using condoms.
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  10. rgby7879

    rgby7879 Active Member

    As of today she's taking to 2 guys,. One is the one I previously spoke to, the other is a guy who we just met, she prefers the new guy, because he has a much larger dick.
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  11. bellaazz

    bellaazz Well-Known Member

    Good man, if you don't want that to happen. Both times my wife got pregnant from me, it was immediately after she went off birth control
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  12. rgby7879

    rgby7879 Active Member

    Currently she's talking to the original guy we found, and a new one from yesterday. Shes taking her time to meet them until she's comfortable, and most of these guys are losing patience. Only the first guy is sticking around but he's a bit of a let down because he's only average in size, both me and her want someone at least 8 inches, which is why we are talking to guy #2

    Here he is

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  13. bellaazz

    bellaazz Well-Known Member

    I can see why ! Guy#2 looks huge. I'd suggest that if guys are not patient enough to wait for some great pussy with NSA, then they should move on. She NEEDS to be comfortable, as you do, so in my opinion you and she should take as much time as you both need.
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  14. rgby7879

    rgby7879 Active Member

    Here's who we are talking to today, she decided against the first guy, he sent us a pic and it looks like he's maybe about 5 inches, sorry not interested.

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  15. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    looks like my lovers !!
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  16. bellaazz

    bellaazz Well-Known Member

    WOW that is impressive. Love to watch you fuck that cock
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  17. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    "Absolutely" eh?

    Then why are your risking the mindlessly hard-thrusting head of lover-boy's cock ripping through the top of a condom and spurting his baby-batter into the womb of your wife when the going gets rough?---as it so often does in illicit or husband-encouraged cuckolding sexual intercourse.

    If you and your wife are seriously not wanting her to be impregnated---as against enjoying the thrilling thought that she just might be---take my advice and encourage her to have an IUD fitted. And back it up with condom-use, in her fertile times especially.
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  18. rgby7879

    rgby7879 Active Member

    So she dropped the ball and just stopped talking to the guys, and they disappeared. So we talked about it, and she said she wants to do it, but only with someone she's comfortabco with, and the first guys were too pushy. We made a new ad specifically detailing the fact that she won't just jump into bed with someone and it may be even up to a few weeks until they do something. She's much more comfortable with this plan.
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  19. nevertoolate

    nevertoolate New Member

    If she is not enjoying herself and does not find this a positive, comforting experience then neither will you. The cock size is impressive, but their brains need to be big too.
  20. rgby7879

    rgby7879 Active Member

    She's with an old friend she used to sleep with right now, he's already hitting on her. She said she turned him down, but I called and suggested to just let it happen
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