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Giving Bull oral

Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by Betaguy69, Mar 21, 2018.


how far would you go to sexually dominate her young&smaller bf?

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  2. Oral

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  4. Impregnation

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  1. Betaguy69

    Betaguy69 New Member

    Im a younger guy in my mid twenties, I'd deffinattly love to have a father figure take control of me and my older more hyper sexual baby momma. I consider myself straight so I find it difficult to preform oral on another man let alone submit to him.
    He would have to be older, larger, and more establishda then myself, possibly provide finically then I would feel that I owe him.
    Lately the idea of her and him telling me to lick their assholes and his balls has turned me on.
    Having my ass licked is so pleasurable it' almost is like being in control in a tiny way. Would they not bth orgasm faster and harder with me french kissing their assholes?
    I like the idea of then respecting, submiting, supporting his larger testicles as they tense up well he plants his seed inside ofthe women I love so dearly. My sweeteart has also suggest that I should clean her juices off his cock, at the time the idea turned me off. Any older men have experience puttng smaller younger guys in their place?

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