Girlfriends Physical Part one

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    It was that time of year again. The dreadful and humiliating physical exam. My girlfriend Misty, was 18 at the time. She was red headed like her mother. With blue eyes. She was kind of short at 5’1 with an hour glass figure. Big D cup breasts and a plump ass.

    She didn’t talk to me, much about it. But over hearing the girls talk. It appeared, the doctor was quite a hunk. And he had a big cock. Or so the rumors were. And Misty was looking forward to it.

    We had been having sex often. Usually before school, and after school. But that day, she didn’t want to. I guess so her pussy would be nice and clean.
    I wanted to go with her so bad. After all, she went to my physical. And flirted and teased me the entire time. So I stayed rock hard, the entire time. Sitting right there watching, as I got my balls played with. And was fingered up my tight Virgin ass, by anothrt man. But the good thing was, she jerked me off. When they needed a sperm sample.

    And when we got home, we fucked like crazy. So I was kind of hurt, because she didn’t want me to go. Claiming that it would be ackword. With me being there, while another man, was feeling her up. But the thought was thrilling to me.

    I was close to her Mom, and told her how bad I wanted to be there with her. And she assured me, not to worry. And she would keep me informed on everything, that was going on. Thanks to the new I-phones.

    That morning, when she arrived at school. She looked sexy. Though kind of casual in her red hoodie. And her tight jeans. But besides that. She wore a pair of high heeled boots. At the time, she didn’t wear heels often. And it was a real thrill, when she did.
    My dick got hard, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.

    After lunch I walked her up to the office, where her Mom was waiting. Misty hugged me. Mom smiled and winked. Confirming that she didn’t forget our previous discussion. I watched her get in the car, and off they went. My cock aching, knowing in less than an hour. She would be undressed in the presence of another man.

    And just like her mom promised. I got the first text.

    “ They just called her back. “

    Then I got a pic of her sexy plump, blue jean covered ass.
    A few minutes later. Another one showed up.

    “ The hoodie is off. “ Her Mom texted. And the pic, showed Misty on the exam table. The doctor was checking her BP. The interesting thing about it was, she didn’t have a bra on. That was really out of her character. Her big tits were hanging free, her nipples were erect, and poking through her top.

    “ No bra???...What a Fucking slut! “
    I texted her mom.

    “ Lol...Look at this. “ Mom said. And it was the bulge, in the doctors scrub pants. Which was quite impressive.

    “ Good pic Mom...I bet you want some of that big dick? “
    I texted her.

    “ You know I do...And I’m going to get me some to. “
    Mom to was quite the slut.
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    He started at the top, and moved down. Examining her ears, eyes, nose and mouth. I wondered if he wondered about how good her pierced tongue feels, on his hard cock.
    A video clip soon came on to my phone.

    “ I’m going to need you to take your shirt off please. “
    Without hesitation. Misty took the shirt off. And proudly displayed her sexy tits.

    Another video showed him examining them. Squeezing, fondling. And tugging at her thick puffy nipples.
    He proceeded on down her body. Checking her reflexes.

    “ Nice boots. “ I heard the doctor say.

    The video showed him, grasping her boot. And gently pulling it off.

    “ You like my sexy boots doctor? “
    The video showed him smiling, as the left one is pulled off.
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    Mom was working the video just right. As I got to see the left boot, fall to the floor. My girlfriends feet dangling, from the exam table. The doctor goes right for her socks, peeling them off. He examined and massaging her pretty delicate bare feet. Then had her press them, against his hands, testing her leg strength.
    As he stamds back up to review her chart. She extended her foot. And placed it against his bulging cock.

    “ Doctor did I do that to you? “
    She said in a teasing and sexy way.
    He tried to stay as professional as possible. But it was obvious that she was wearing him down.

    “ It Says here, your due for your pelvic exam....I’m going to need you to disrobe from the waste down. “

    She hops off the exam table. And Mom zoomed the camera in, right on her crotch. Getting an awesome close up. As she unfastened her jeans. Then Seeing her jeans split apart. As the zipper is pulled down. Revealing her fat pussy, bulging from a pair of white saten panties.
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    “ I’m going to need you to step out, in to the hallway. The nurse forgot to get your weight. “
    He then opened the door.

    Just in her panties. With others in the hallway. Misty walks toward the nurse. With the camera. Mom followed her. Getting a good look at her panty covered ass. The nurse has her to step up on the scale.

    “ 125 LBS. Very good. “ The nurse said. Misty returned to the exam room. She turned her back to the camera. And slipped her panties down. She proceeded to climb up on the exam table. With her pretty bare feet up in the stirrups. Presenting to the doctor her beautifuly shaved pussy.
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