girlfriend will force me to be a cuckold but I need help =[

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  1. youngcuckboy

    youngcuckboy New Member

    hi im 19 years old and like the cuckold fantasy i found out i liked it by watching porn and stuff and eventually told my gf at one time we was going to go ahead with it in reality but as a man I decided to not let it happen since then its just been a fantasy.

    As a man I've always been the leader of my peer group, people have respect for me and some people even look up to me although in the bedroom I'm so submissive, I have a dick of around 7 - 8 inches I'm white but every time i have sex apart from being with my gf for a while and ex gf for a while I've always been really nervous and could never get it up and when its been with girls on one night stands its been embarrassing and if not humiliating and has really messed with my mind.

    I have a foot fetish and other humiliating fetishes. one girl in school who i was with made me confess about my fetish then when i went to hers she made me suck her toes I always felt I should of been having sex with her that day and not sucking her toes. my ex made me suck her toes have foot jobs, wear her underwear (once) and lick her asshole. my ex had always been with black men and I was the first white man and she also slept with about 10 men but I'm not sure if she cheated on me while we was together coz she got tested for an std and she had one and i got tested but was fine.

    My gf now has made me drink her urine, wear her underwear, spat on me, made me put my legs over my head and cum on my own face, watch her on cam to random guys, suck her toes, lick her ass, spank me, made me do the housework in her sexy lingerie which she actually bought for herself to wear for me, she knows I like the idea of being a cuckold, eating cum and sucking dick for her (even though I'm not bi), knows I like humiliation swell and wants to get a strap on one day. Im also quite good in bed so she is satisfied

    This all sounds crazy because as a person im not weak, I don't have a small penis and I'm not pathetic. But my gf said to me yesterday, once we get a place of our own she is definitely going to cuckold me whether I like it or not and she also has a thing for black men. She said to me that she wants to experience other dicks as she has only slept with 2 people. Im scared that if this happens I will have no self esteem, self respect or anything for myself. I have been insecure and jealous of black men since my ex. I always am the weaker one in the relationship and she is more in charge although she isn't completely. I will stand up to her and not let her do this but in the end I don't know if i'll give in as I'm weak sexually and the cuckold fantasy is in my head a lot. But if i do give in it will ruin my man hood and I will become nothing but A weak pathetic loser who can never become a man again.

    Once another man plants his cock inside your gf/wife you will never ever be a man again and I just can't let it happen.

    Bulls, cucks and mistresses please give me some advice I'd like to know everyones opinions please?.
  2. married_browser

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    My wife has sex with a lot of men. I have sex with a lot of women. It's not that big of a deal. You're as manly as you are willing and able to stand up for yourself. If you're either into her having sex with other men or apathetic toward her having sex with other men, let her do it. If you're not into it, tell her not to do it. And if she does it anyway, leave her. It's that simple.

    Just communicate your desires clearly and don't be dependent.
  3. Ekad91

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    Yeah that's how I feel too and I'm around your age, just a bit older. Sounds like you are more into swapping than cuckolding. Cuckolding for me is more like roleplay instead of a lifestyle. If you really want to stay a man like you say just dump her. Whatever you do, live with no regret and live for yourself not other people.
  4. youngcuckboy

    youngcuckboy New Member

    if i really wanted to not do it I think she would accept it but always try again its just the fetish is making me want to give in but at the same time the man in is saying no
  5. vladdy

    vladdy Active Member

    I disagree with your premise that as a Man once another man has sex with your woman that you won't be a man again. Although I admit when I was younger I kinda felt that way also but as you get a bit older and have some more experiences (honestly I mean in the next five years) you'll see that it isn't as extreme as you are making it out to be.

    Cuckolding is really about the Female in the relationship taking charge of her sexuality and exploring it. While the man eagerly submits and looks on while she takes lovers for various reasons. Perhaps they have a bigger cock, or are black or white or asian or latin maybe they are just younger and more vigorous in their love making maybe she wants to humiliate the man in her life sexually.

    The fact of the matter is when I read your post you talk about all these submissive acts your willing to experience but you seem reluctant to let her have sex with another guy. I think you are letting other peoples opinions, family, friends or just societal norms cloud the submissive you are. If you think it would be fun to watch as she gets another guys dick or hear about it later then go for it. Your young and probably won't marry the girl, although I don't know your relationship. Just make sure she agree's to have the other guy wear a rubber when she fucks him if she goes through with.

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