GIrlfriend negotiates how far she can go with another guy

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  1. You meet your girlfriend for coffee one day and she is sitting with another guy you haven’t met.

    "Oh hey babe," she says nervously. "Uh, this is Jim."

    He jumps up and shakes your hand with a broad smile that seems sort of fake and aggressive. He tries to crush your hand, but you quickly match his grip and he relents so you release his hand.

    "Yeah, hey there Jim." you say nonchalantly as you sit down close to your girl. She edges away from you slightly when you do, so you get a little annoyed, but hide your displeasure.

    "So I met Jim her at the coffee shop a few weeks ago and we’ve been chatting every now and then." starts you girls haltingly.

    "Ok…" you say looking him over as he stares at you fixedly with a false smile.

    "Uh, I can’t do this." she says looking at Jim helplessly.

    "Honestly, we have been flirting each time we meet, and so I asked Sue out last week." he says simply, his smile becoming more real and slightly embarrassed.

    "I told him I have a boyfriend." she interjects hurriedly.

    "Ok, sure. No big deal, people flirt." you say leaning back and taking a drink of coffee.

    "Right," says Jim. "That’s what I said, this is no big deal. We are just flirting a little, so why don’t we go out sometime?" He raises his eyebrows and spreads his hands open.

    You wriggle uncomfortably, not sure how to handle this. "What did you say?" you ask your girlfriend.

    She looks at you searchingly. "I said I would have to ask you about it." she says, pursing her upper lip and making a questioning face.

    "Uh, I don’t know." you say, confused.

    "I don’t even know why we are going through this awkward thing." Jim says chuckling. "I mean it’s not a date or anything."

    She gives him a significant look. "Yeah, you said you want to fool around so that makes it a date." she says firmly.

    "Whoa, wait a minute." you say, holding up your hands. "We have been going steady for like two years. You can’t go on a date with another guy."

    "Ok, that’s fair." she says, visibly relieved.

    "Now hold on, this isn’t a date." Jim says in a rush. "We can bring some other friends along or go out during the days or whatever. This is just a friendly hang out sort of thing." he says smiling broadly.

    "But what’s this fooling around business?" you ask suspiciously.

    "Well you know," he says rubbing his head and avoiding your gaze. "Sue and I have sort of this energy that passes between us."

    "It’s sort of a sexual vibe." she admits to you with a pained expression.

    "Right, so that’s not cool." you say stiffly.

    "Oh come on," she says. You and I love each other, don’t we? Don’t you trust that I am committed to you?" she reaches out and takes your hand, looking you in the eye pleadingly.

    "Well sure, but…" your stomach feels weird, how are you supposed to be cool with this?

    "Look buddy, I’m definitely not trying to steal your girlfriend. Like I said, we like to flirt, it’s kind of a playful sexual chemistry we have, but it’s not serious."

    "Oh no" Sue agrees, “It’s just casual."

    "So maybe we want to go hang out together, maybe do some harmless petting." he says.

    "Petting?" you croak, annoyed that your voice is cracking with nervousness.

    "You know, maybe kiss a little?" she asks haltingly.

    "Uh, are you really asking if you can go out with this guy and make out?" you ask incredulously.

    "Sort of…" she admits, twisting her fingers and looking down at her lap. "It seems like fun, sort of naughty, but nothing too horrible. It might spice things up a little."

    You have no idea what to say. Jim just crosses his arms and sits back waiting for you to make the next move. You don’t know why she thinks your love life needs spicing up, it seems pretty hot to you. And you definitely don’t want to discuss that in front of some other guy. Also, you have to admit, that it’s a pretty kinky idea that she would ask permission to fool around with another guy.

    "Uh, if I did agree to this, there would need to be some clear ground rules." you say, struggling to keep your composure.

    Sue perks up visibly. "Oh I agree! I won’t do oral on the first date."

    You look at her in shock. It never occurred to you that oral sex was even on the table.

    "Well I want to get at least to second base." Jim demands grumpily.

    "That seems fair." she admits, unconsciously touching her breasts.

    "It does?" you ask incredulously.

    "Well I don’t see how you can fool around without some sort of boob groping going on." laughs Sue nervously. "I mean, let’s be realistic."

    "Shirt open and bra off." says Jim firmly. "I want to see nips."

    "You can touch them through my shirt, but no touching once my shirt is off." responds Sue, growing excited. "If I take my shirt off you can only look."

    "Wait a minute." you object lamely.

    "Come on pal, what are freaking out about?" he says. "I’m sure she has topless photos online already. Probably some drunken night out with her girlfriends or something, maybe some crazy mardi gras photos."

    Sue blushes furiously and you feel your stomach flip. From her reaction, you suspect there are some snapshots of your girlfriend’s bare breasts floating around somewhere and that Jim has probably already seen them.

    "You guys can’t expect me to agree that it’s ok for some guy to feel up my girlfriend’s tits." you say firmly.

    "Well you make it sound bad when you put it that way." whines Sue. "Why not say you agree that your girlfriend can have a life and hang out with other guys sometimes… and maybe fool around a little." But you can tell she realizes how bad it sounds.

    "Ok, look, let’s table the question of how much tit action I’m going to get for now." says Jim prickishly. "Sue, you say no oral sex, but what about a handjob?"

    "Oh no, I will squeeze it through your pants but that’s it." says Sue crossing her arms.

    "Come on, if you do that, I’ll just get blue balls."he complains.

    "I don’t what you touching his thing at all." you say loudly. You are about to continue when you realize that everyone in the coffee shop just heard you and you feel your face burning up with shame.

    "Honey, really, let’s be realistic." Sue whispers, looking around at the various men and women starting to eavesdrop on your conversation. "I don’t see how a couple can fool around without a little crotch groping. I mean, if I don’t feel that hard lump in a guy’s trousers when we are kissing, I just assume that he’s gay." Sue says with a devilish twinkle in her eye.

    "Oh I agree, dear." says a woman at the next table with a laugh.

    "Oh jesus, now the peanut gallery is chiming in." you say exasperated. "I am out of here, let’s go, Sue." You stand up and wait for her to join you. Sue hesitates looking Jim in the eye for a few moments. "Sue?" you say impatiently.

    "Ok, I’m coming." she says finally and stands up.

    "Great, well, I’m glad we had this talk." says Jim, jumping up and gripping your hand aggressively. "So we are all agreed, I am taking Sue out tonight and we will be making out. I get to feel her up and see her bare titties, but I can’t touch them once her bra is off and she will be squeezing my cock through my pants, but I am on my own if I pull it out. Sounds like a good deal."

    You’ve had about enough of this guy. You shove him back and he almost falls over a chair but quickly rights himself and backs out the door with his hands raised. "Easy trigger, easy. See you at 6 Sue."

    "Sure, see you at 6?" she says waving as he leaves.

    "Are you serious?" you say flabbergasted.

    "What? I thought we just all agreed!" she says with a hurt look on her face.

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