Girlfriend is Drinking with the Boyrfriend's Enemy

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  1. Samantha came out into the living room wearing a short black cocktail dress and stockings. She was teetering in her high heels since she wasn’t very accustomed to wearing them.

    “Whoa, where are you going?†asked her boyfriend Frank, looking up from playing his video game.

    “I told you that I was going out drinking with Cindy tonight,†said Samantha with exasperation as she put in her earrings hurriedly.

    “Why are you dressed like such a slut?†asked Frank suspiciously.

    “You like this?†asked Samantha brightly, turning and wiggling her rump at him. Her short dress clung tightly to her rear, revealing it’s round shape.

    Frank gazed longingly at Samantha’s butt and gorgeous legs. There was a strip of pale thigh visible above her stockings which always made him hard and this time was no exception. He felt himself stiffening at the sight of her.

    “Who’s all going?†he asked her.

    “Just some friends of hers from her new job at that bar Scooters,†said Samantha absently.

    “Scooters?!†cried Frank in amazement. “That’s the place where I got in a fight with the bouncers!â€

    “Wait, what?†asked Samantha. “You never told me about that.â€

    “I uh, yeah,†admitted Frank awkwardly. “Well remember when I came home with that black eye last month?â€

    “Oh boy,†said Samantha, biting her nails nervously and avoiding Frank’s accusing gaze.

    “Don’t tell me you and Cindy are going out drinking with the bouncers from Scooters,†yelped Frank indignantly.

    “How was I supposed to know you got in a fight with those guys?†demanded Samantha defensively. “You never told me.â€

    “Well, you can’t go,†said Frank shakily. “You definitely can’t go drinking with those dickheads that beat my ass in the bar just for mouthing off to them.â€

    Samantha stood with her hands on her hips and just stared Frank down. She wasn’t used to taking orders from him and she wasn’t about to start now.

    “I mean, come on,†he said weakly, wilting beneath her stern expression. “That’s not cool.â€

    “Frank, I can’t ditch Cindy at the last minute like this,†said Samantha reasonably. “I just have to go.â€

    “But that’s like betraying me,†whined Frank.

    “Look, we are just having drinks,†said Samantha, pulling self-consciously at the hem of her revealing dress. “It’s not like I am going to sleep with all of them.â€

    “Yeah, well, can’t you at least go change into something less sexy?†begged Frank. “Put some jeans on or something.â€

    Samantha snorted in response. “You want me to go out looking like a bag lady?†she asked.

    “Those assholes are going to be checking out your body like mad,†said Fred bitterly, his stomach roiling in jealousy at the thought of the big rough bouncers getting drunk and ogling his girlfriend.

    “No they won’t,†said Samantha unconvincingly.

    “Yes, they will,†asserted Frank. “That dress barely covers your crotch. And Jesus, are you even wearing a bra?â€

    “No,†said Samantha, covering her stiff nipples with her hands modestly. “But I never wear a bra with this dress, the straps would show,†she argued feebly, gesturing to the spaghetti straps of her dress.

    “Oh man, what if one of them hits on you?†asked Frank, his brow breaking out in sweat as he looked his attractive girlfriend up and down. “Those big meatheads will get drunk and start pawing at you like crazy.â€

    Just then there was a honk from the driveway. “Oh shit, here they are,†said Samantha, glancing out the window. “Look, I know this is weird, and I wouldn’t normally go out with some guys that beat you up, but it’s too late to back out now. I can’t leave Cindy hanging.â€

    “Fuck!†said Frank in frustration, peeking out the window at the big black SUV in the driveway. The head bouncer from Scooters was at the wheel and Frank recognized him as the one that had given Frank his black eye.

    “Look, I love you and I would never betray you, ok?†said Samantha, giving Frank a quick peck on the cheek.

    Frank didn’t respond and Samantha teetered out the door. He watched through the window as she swayed down the driveway and the big bouncer got out of the SUV and looked her up and down appreciatively. Frank ground his teeth at the sight. The big man opened the back door for Samantha to get in and slapped her playfully on the ass as she climbed into the SUV.

    Frank could take no more and went running out the door to confront him.

    “That’s my fucking girlfriend, asshole,†shouted Frank, confronting the bigger man in the driveway.

    “What the fuck?†said the bouncer, taken aback for a minute. “Oh hey, I remember you. Looks like your eye healed up but you still don’t know how to keep your mouth shut.â€

    “Samantha, get out of the car!†shouted Frank shrilly.

    Samantha rolled down the window and yelled, “Frank, just go back inside, will you?â€

    “Yeah, just go back inside, Frank,†laughed the bouncer climbing back into the driver’s seat. “Don’t worry, me and my buddies will take good care of your girl tonight.†Then he slammed the door and pulled out of the driveway. Samantha waved consolingly to Frank as the SUV screeched down the street, loud music blasted from it’s obnoxiously loud stereo system.

    Frank paced back and forth all night, unable to concentrate on anything but Samantha. He kept picturing her getting fucked by each of those muscle bound steroid freaks, one after another, crying out in ecstasy as each big man used her for sex and spurted his load inside and all over her. He drank beer after beer, getting drunker and more upset until he finally just passed out cold.

    He was awoken the following morning by Samantha as she creeped in the front door with her shoes in her hand. Frank had fallen asleep on the couch and he groaned as he looked over at his disheveled girlfriend. Her hair was a mess and her makeup was all smeared. Her stockings were full of runs and her dress was stained with white splotches.

    “Where the fuck were you all night?†demanded Frank. Then he paused after noticing how ragged Samantha looked and softened his tone. “Jeez, you look as bad as I feel.â€

    “Look, honey, I can explain,†said Samantha, holding up her hands for clemency.

    “Ok, explain,†said Frank sitting up painfully and reaching for the bottle of water on the table to wash the taste of copper pennies from his mouth.

    “We got a little drunk and I ended up crashing at Jimmy’s house,†croaked Samantha awkwardly.

    “Who the fuck is Jimmy?†demanded Frank impatiently.

    “Look, can I go get washed up first before we get into this?†pleaded Samantha.

    “No, Jimmy is one of those bouncers, right?†spat Frank, his face burning with shame.

    “Yeah, he was the one who opened the door for me last night,†admitted Samantha, with a grimace.

    “And who slapped your ass,†said Frank tightly.

    “Yeah, I guess,†said Samantha, coming over and sitting down on the couch next to Frank. She took the water bottle from Frank and took a long drink. “Look, those guys are actually really nice. It’s a shame you got off on the wrong foot.â€

    “Wait, what?†squawked Frank.

    “They don’t have anything against you,†said Samantha defensively. “They said that you were being a real jerk to them the night they roughed you up.â€

    “Whose side are you on?†demanded Frank angrily.

    “I’m on your side, honey,†said Samantha rubbing his shoulder to comfort him.

    “Then why did you sleep at Jimmy’s house last night?†he pouted sullenly.

    “The boys and I went to Jimmy’s house for more drinks after the bar closed and they uh, were too drunk to drive me back,†said Samantha evasively.

    “Jesus, you went and drank all night with a bunch of asshats that beat the shit out of me,†said Frank, shaking his head in amazement and looking at Samatha with a hurt expression. “Why didn’t you take a cab home?â€

    “We were, um, it was, uh, I don’t know,†stammered Samantha, avoiding Frank’s accusing gaze. “We were having fun, actually,†she admitted in a small voice. “They were really into me.â€

    “They were into you?" complained Frank. Then he looked more closely at the stains on spattered all over Samatha’s dress. “What the fuck did you get on your dress?†he asked with disgust.

    “Yeah, I, uh, don’t know,†said Samatha brushing at herself guiltily.

    “Jesus, is that cum?†gasped Frank in shock. “Did you fuck those guys last night?†His heart was racing as the idea crossed his mind.

    “No, ha, what the heck?†laughed Samantha weakly, taking his hand. “What kind of slut do you think I am?â€

    “You’re lying through your damn teeth,†said Frank, snatching his hand away. “Don’t insult my intelligence.†He glared at her angrily, but he didn’t want to believe she had cheated on him with those douchebags. That would be too humiliating.

    “Ok, what do you want me to say?†pleaded Samantha desperately. “Maybe we horsed around a little, but it was just for fun, it wasn’t serious or anything.â€

    “What kind of horsing around?†demanded Frank suspiciously.

    “Uh, let’s just forget about it,†said Samantha. “I’m taking a shower.†She got up and retreated to the bathroom, but Frank followed her insistently.

    “You just seem guilty if you won’t tell me what happened,†whined Frank, standing in the bathroom door as Samantha twisted the shower knobs, releasing a spray of hot water.

    “Look, let’s just talk about it later,†she replied, stripping of her dress casually.

    Frank paused to admire her naked body for a moment then stopped short, “Hey, where are you panties?†he asked.

    “Uh, I, well,†stammered Samantha, blushing furiously. She was at a complete loss of words. “I don’t know, actually,†she admitted. Then she hopped into the shower to avoid further discussion.

    “How can you not know where your goddamn drawers are?†insisted Frank. His stomach dropped at the implication. “Why did you take them off?â€

    “I can’t hear you,†shouted Samantha as she soaped up her large round boobs and then reached down to scrub her bush while Frank looked on longingly.

    “Oh, fuck,†swore Frank as he stalked out of the bathroom. “She fucked those guys, I just know it,†he said to himself miserably, pacing back and forth in the living room. He knew he should dump her over this, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He was too in love with her. Besides, he didn’t really have any proof that she cheated.

    Samantha got out of the shower and then scurried directly into the bedroom, slamming the door behind her. Frank had to work that day, so after he showered and dressed quickly then ran off to work without talking to Samantha any further. When Frank got home from work, he found the black SUV in the driveway and Jimmy knocking on the front door while two of the other bouncers sat in the SUV waiting for him.

    Samantha answered the door just as Frank approached. She was wearing a short trenchcoat buttoned all the way up, and fishnet stockings, which seemed odd to Frank given the mild weather.

    “What the fuck are you doing here?†demanded Frank, approaching Jimmy belligerently.

    “Honey, take it easy,†said Samantha nervously, glancing back and forth between Jimmy and Frank.

    “Hey, Frank,†said Jimmy, looking down at Frank condescendingly. “Look, I just wanted to apologize for myself and the boys about that misunderstanding at the bar the other night. No hard feelings, huh?†He thrust his hand out to shake but Frank just stared at him angrily.

    “Don’t be like that, Frank, go ahead and shake hands,†said Samantha, drawing the collar of her coat closed self-consciously.

    Frank gritted his teeth and reluctantly shook hands with the big bouncer. Jimmy crushed his hand in steel grip and Frank nearly cried out in pain. He shook his hand ruefully once Jimmy deigned to release him.

    “Ok, well, now that you have apologized, you can go,†said Frank in annoyance.

    “Sure, let’s go Samantha,†said Jimmy. “You look really nice, by the way.â€

    “Thanks, Jimmy,†said Samantha, blushing and looking down as she stepped out of the house and started teetering toward the SUV with Frank in her high heels.

    “Wait, where the fuck are you going?†shrieked Frank shrilly, unable to believe this was happening.

    “The boys and I are were just going to take Sam out shopping,†said Jimmy with a broad smile. “Don’t worry, your girlfriend will be in good hands.â€

    “Shopping for what?†squawked Frank.

    “You know, just to the mall,†said Samantha uncomfortably.

    “Why are you wearing that damn trenchcoat?†asked Frank irritably.

    “Oh, uh, it’s just, ah, you know, a gag I guess,†said Samantha blushing furiously. “It was Jimmy’s idea.â€

    “Show him what you are wearing under there,†coaxed Jimmy, wagging his eyebrows at her.

    “Don’t rub it in, Jimmy,†said Samantha, looking at Frank with concern.

    “Show me,†demanded Frank, sweat breaking out on his forehead.

    “Oh shit,†said Samantha, rolling her eyes and unbuttoning the coat. She looked around nervously to make sure no one was around, then opened her trenchcoat timidly to reveal that she was dressed only in a lacy bra and panties with garters to hold up her stockings. She quickly closed her coat again and buttoned it up while Jimmy laughed deeply.

    Frank was at a loss for words, “What, what?†he stuttered in shock, his pits damp with sweat.

    “Come on man, don’t be such a stick in the mud,†said Jimmy slapping Frank on the back and nearly knocking him over. “We are going to have Sam flash guys in the mall and take pictures of the reactions she gets. It will be hilarious!â€

    “Sam, you agreed to this?†asked Frank in amazement, mortified at the idea of these guys humiliating his girl in public like that.

    “Oh Frank, don’t make a big deal out of it,†said Samantha, smiling sickly. “It’s just for laughs.â€

    “Yeah, besides, we are going to buy Sam some real nice lingerie as a present,†said Jimmy rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

    “Wait, you are taking my girlfriend lingerie shopping?†croaked Frank in disgrace. “Not going to happen, I won’t allow it,†he said trying to sound forceful.

    “Oh Frank, just relax,†said Samantha, forcing a nervous laugh. “It’s all perfectly harmless.â€

    “Yeah, we just want to show her our appreciation for the good time she gave us last night,†said Jimmy with a lewd smile.

    “Hush, Jimmy,†said Samantha, slapping his shoulder playfully. “Don’t tease Frank like that.†Then she opened the door to the SUV and hopped inside.

    “Wait, when are you coming home?†cried Frank desperately.

    “Um, later, I guess,†she called, rolling down the window.

    “We are going to take her back to my place again and have her give us a little lingerie show,†said Jimmy clapping his big hands together. “But don’t worry, there won’t be any hanky panky. I promise.†Then he winked lasciviously at Frank, jumped into his SUV, and peeled out of the driveway while Frank stood there gaping like a fish.

    He stayed up late waiting for her to get home, but he wasn’t too surprised when she finally called around 2 am and said that she would be spending the night at Jimmy’s again. He tried to ignore the giggling in the background as he pictured his girl strutting her stuff in skimpy lingerie for those dumb jocks and it burned his ass, but he just swallowed his anger as he crawled into bed. He tried to convince himself that she was staying faithful to him. She was just having a bit a fun. Maybe it was all perfectly harmless like she said.
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    It is always very humiliatig when wife deals with her husband`s enemy. I had big troubles handling it. But at the end the excitement overrules the humiliation.

    We did it twice and it was a big turn on. Afterwards I had to correct my reputation.


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