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Discussion in 'Movies and Films' started by frenchtoast, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. frenchtoast

    frenchtoast New Member

    Just wanted to have a discussion about this short film/short story.

    Couple of questions for you all. Want to hear your theories.

    1. Why did his girlfriend send a text saying she was heading home, when she wasn't?

    2. Did she expect he would find her before she started having sex and closing the curtains? I assume if he had not been in that area outside the room she still would of called to let him listen?
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  2. don_jetman

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    What I like about stories/films like this is that some questions are left for the viewer to answer. Sometimes filling in the blanks using your imagination is hotter than being told. I like to think she didn't care if he followed her and watched or not. It was time to call his bluff, and she had fun doing it.

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  3. sussexcuck

    sussexcuck Active Member

    I really enjoyed this film too. I felt that intially she was going with the guy in vengeance but then as he was hot she started to have fun and didn't care whether her husband was there or not

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