gf is going to cuckold me

Discussion in 'Emotional Support' started by youngcuckboy, Dec 6, 2013.

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    a long time ago she was going to cuckold me but i fought against it and won but recently i can't stop thinking about her cuckold and when she found it she has been all for it making me do her chores making me call her mistress and feeding off my weakness she said that I'm not good at sex even though i have a 7 in penis size.

    I really can't help but give in but the man in doesn't want to let this happen as it would rip apart any self respect and man hood that I have.

    I feel bad because I thought I satisfied her which she said I do sometimes and I said have u faked ur orgasms and she said well quite a lot of times but she has orgasmed with me.

    Its so hard because all my gfs have been black men lovers and I don't know why I always attract them sort of women, Its so hard for me because I never thought I'd become this I'm only 19 and the fetish is in my head constantly. In real life I'm not weak or pathetic I'm strong minded and respected but when it comes to the bedroom I'm a pathetic loser who doesn't know how to use his dick, It doesn't help that I for some reason love humiliation, feet, spitting and would even love to suck bbc for her.

    The man inside me hates this fetish and how its making me but the sissy bitch inside me loves it and wants me to embrace it. Do u think this is what I am a cuckold? should I accept it and make my gf happy.

    She's really understanding aswell she said she would have it organised and not just fuck someone behind my back or without me agreeing to it but she wants to experience other dicks preferably big black dick who is a few years older than us who can fuck her better than me.

    I really need some help as its getting to the point of where this fetish isn't going away anywhere.
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    In your post, you say that you are 19. How old is your GF?

    Where are the both of you Located? That info can help you out to get others in and around your area that are here to be able to make this happen.

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