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Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by cuckold_wittol, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. cuckold_wittol

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    Last weekend my GF [28] invited her new colleague to our place. I[28] expected him to be around our age. He was just 22. He felt shy and discomfort when I was present during "their" private moments. So my GF told me to sleep in the guest bedroom. Being a jealous pervert I just sat near the bedroom door. All I can hear was her moaning and "thud thud" bed sounds for the next 2 hrs. Woke up at midnight and the room was silent. So i dragged myself away. He left before I woke up.

    She told me that he had a huge cock. They tried for anal and it was too painful for her. So maybe next time. :(
  2. Worth It

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    Interesting question - how young does your woman go? Audrey said she fucked a 17 year old when she was 19. Now all the men are older, but some of the wives are younger than her.
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  3. keyless

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    A kinky ex of mine got the hots for a 17 year old coworker of ours and banged him on his 18th birthday. She was 27 at the time.
  4. cuckold_wittol

    cuckold_wittol Active Member

    Haven't asked her this question. But I guess age doesn't matter as long its above 18.
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  5. cuckold_wittol

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    Thats cute :)
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  6. Worth It

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    It gets complicated if you're younger than 18 yourself. If two fifteen year-olds want to do it they need to first consult a lawyer.
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  7. Pathedick

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    Now that's a Memorable birthday present.
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