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Discussion in 'Hotwifing, Swinging and Swapping' started by cuckedupuk, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. cuckedupuk

    cuckedupuk Member

    So now my wife knows and we've been having some great sex with role playing. I want to get her on the Internet to find some people that might be interested. Any suggestions on the best way to approach this? Don't want to freak her out by making it real.

    She does keep saying she wants to go to a sex club and get fucked on a sex swing by loads of guys and girls whilst I watch and hold her arms down.
  2. slowpoking

    slowpoking Well-Known Member

    Let me make sure I understand. Does she want the gang thing at the sex club to happen in reality? If so, why don't you arrange that instead of what you're talking about. I assume she'd be just as happy with one or two people, that the main point is for you to hold her down while it happens. Surely it would not be difficult to find willing participants at a sex club.

    Any time a woman has a request for her maiden voyage - as long as its safely executable - I think the man should fulfill it.
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  3. Silverback

    Silverback Active Member

    Whoa, slow down there fella! This can be very simple and easy. So she knows what turns you on. Does she have a hall pass? Make sure she's confident about that. Confirm it by buying condo.s for her to carry. Tell her it turns you on to think she'll use them sometime. Then start taking her out to nice restaurants. Bars, etc for coctails. Guys will hit on her if you give them space. When it's the right guy, you won't be able to stop her.
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  4. cuckedupuk

    cuckedupuk Member

    Two great bits of advice, thanks guys. Love the idea of giving her a condom to have, even if she doesn't use it. We've never discussed hall passes, it's always about us doing it together.
  5. softree

    softree Guest

    To start with I took my wife to a hotel in the city on the ground floor and when the night clubs emptied I opened the curtains and stripped her naked, then I exposed her to the groups on the street whilst fucking from behind. She really got shocked then turned on when I made her stay in that position. I told her to look at their faces and then i opened the window so they could feel her up as I fucked her. Try something like this first then move on to more horny adventures. We now have a dozen regular bulls who come and have totally natural bareback sex with her.

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