George Costanza "shrinkage" moment

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  1. UCUM666

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    Just happened to see the old Seinfeld episode the other night where the woman walks in on George as he's taking off his swim suit after having been in cold water pool. It was the mutually unexpected meeting of man and woman where she see's his penis at it's smallest and leads to her laughing hysterically, and George in ultimate humiliation is reduced to a man at his most vulnerable and pathetic state and imploring the woman to understand that what she's seeing is not his normal state of manhood. This is a woman he had been hoping to "hook up" with, but she leaves the house and situation with a feeble excuse, obviously totally discouraged by his less than desirable manhood. One of the classics of comedy if you have seen it; if not, try to find it online or as a rerun on TV. Anyway, just want to see if any of the rest of you guys have had a similar experience in life. Or, you women have come across a man where you saw his compromised manhood and dismissed him summarily. In my case (and I'm in the general average size range erect at around 5.5"), I always had my cock shrink up from sports in high school, and there was this guy that called me "pin cock". It effected me dramatically psychologically, and to this day I attribute a decent percentage as to the way I've turned out sexually to him and this humiliation. Please do tell of your George Constanza "shrinkage" moments and the humiliation it caused you. :)
  2. Wife4others

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    I'm only around 4.5 inches erect. So either flaccid or erect I'm not that impressive. Never really had a moment like George. But in the high school locker room was always a bit tough. Late puberty and overall lack of size made for a lot of comments even with my friends.
    Other then that every time my wife sees me erect she giggles.
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    Wife and Bull sometimes make fun of our comical size difference. My wife likes to buy me new chastity cages from time to time and recently bought me a tiny pink one. Our Bull saw the new only lying on a nightstand and asked, "How the hell do you fit into this thing?" as he pressed the tube against his completely flaccid cock. Even completely flaccid, his cock was about two and a half times too long for the tube and 50% too thick. With my wife laughing at the impossibility of her Bull's cock in her cuck's tiny pink cage, i felt an instant and intense desire to fluff his cock for her.
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    I think this is on topic, but with a twist. I’ve never had a personal George Costanza "shrinkage" moment where women saw me at my smallest. But when I was in middle school and we were all just hitting puberty, there was a guy in our grade that was just massive in body size. He was bigger (height and build) than the PE teachers. He was very hairy, had horrible acne, a bad disposition, and was not attractive. Everyone was a scared of him and considered him a freak. Although a social outcast, nobody dared tease him because he was a gorilla in comparison to the rest of us. Looking back, I wonder if he had some sort of thyroid condition. The size of his cock, length and girth, was massive. And the rest of us boys who saw him naked in the locker room were amazed, and a little intimidated. He was bigger flaccid than we were when rock hard. He made us ALL feel under-endowed. Nobody made fun of anyone’s cock size in that locker room.

    Years later, as a high school senior, I remember seeing him one day walking in the student parking lot at the end of the school day. He was hand in hand with an unpopular girl. I’m trying to be diplomatic (not cruel) in saying that she was just not supermodel material. However, I thought it was nice that two people might have found some acceptance and happiness together. At the time, I didn’t have a girlfriend, so he was doing better than I was in the romance arena.
  5. matadormix84

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    I have had two episodes that were kinda in that department but not from girls.

    Soo basiclly this one time we were out drinking in a big celebration outdoor (public night barbeque for the entire community thing). I went to a corner down at the shore close to this ledge and had a pee and all of a sudden my best friend just shouted towards me:
    What kind of small ass penis do you have, you piss like a girl (low pressure and it was a bit chilly in the air) it was indeed small, and probably 20-30 people heard him including our friend group and my girlfriend :p That was a blow to the stomach (not cuckold at that point in time).

    Later that same friend told me after a threesome we had with my new girlfriend:
    Hey! your dick isnt that small. I though you were a midget from your ex's description. And i do think that he at one point did something with my ex during our "we were on a break" period.

    He is my best buddy though and one of the few that gets my bi senses tingling.
    Ive been a sub with him on some of our guy trips where i sucked him off. Apparently im good at something xD
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  6. UCUM666

    UCUM666 Well-Known Member

    Love the Ross&Rachelle "we were on a break" reference! Also, interesting your relationship with your "best buddy" who you suck off! I'm not sure how good of a friend he is based on the little bit of info provided here, but I guess you got a decent situation going if you're a natural sub. Sounds like your embarrassing experience may have contributed to that. Thanks for sharing. Jeff S.
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  7. matadormix84

    matadormix84 Member

    My best friend. The one that is good to have because you know you can talk about everything with.
    To be fair to him it was quite a while ago and it was in a very experimental phase. Me and him sandwiched his girl at some point to.
    Then when they broke up, he got to releave himself in my gf while i watched :)

    Just a shame he got a new girlfriend soon after and the fun stopped.
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  8. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Tell us more! They sound like wonderful women.

    Why did the fun need to stop? My wife Audrey was clear from the beginning with me and with her previous relationships that nonmonogamy is nonnegotiable. Besides, seems like he was open to her having fun too.
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  9. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    My wife uses the same words when she wants, "needs" is more accurate, to have sex. She says she needs relief, or saw a boyfriend or girlfriend to relieve herself. Makes it sound more like an imperative I can't argue with.
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  10. matadormix84

    matadormix84 Member

    He got a new girlfriend that was seriouse and kinda took him out of the equation. Should be a story about the event on this site somewhere :)
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  11. matadormix84

    matadormix84 Member

    I find the word soo sexy, like she is providing him a service that was supposed to be between her and bf. Theres just something soo sexy about the idea. Same feeling i got another time when she did it to another buddy that was kinda down that he was at that was in his 20's and still was a virgin.
    Its like, yeah i really want him to relieve himself in me and let him experience how good it is to have sex
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