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    My wife answered truthfully

    I was looking thru my wife's journal recently. I was trying to identify some of the black men that Haywood arranged for her to enjoy during some of their weekend "getaways". These are often men that she took pictures of and I have never met them.

    Near the end of the second year that Haywood was her 2nd husband, this was after she had been pregnant to him and had miscarried, my wife had made an interesting entry to her journal. His daughter Marcella (if you remember he had brought her to the same 13th birthday party for another girl as I had brought my niece to the same birthday party-which is how we first met Haywood).

    Every so often she would call ahead on Thursday after school and come over on Friday evening around 5:30 her mother would drop her off and she and Haywood would usually do something daddy/daughter that evening and during Saturday and then he would take her back to her mother's.

    This particular Friday evening after dinner I was taking Haywood to the car dealer to pick up his car from being serviced, it would take about an hour to make this trip. Surprisingly Marcella didn't want to go along, said that she wanted to stay and talk to my wife. The rest is from her journal.

    I was waiting on Haywood's bed when he got home today at 3:30, Marcella was coming over around 5:30 and I wanted some of him as soon as he got home and he was every bit as ready for me and he hammered me with his big cock for well over an hour, because we both knew that she would be here overnight into tomorrow evening.

    Wow, what an interesting discussion with Marcella. As soon as the guys left she just started talking about her mom.

    Mom and I get along great but whenever I want to talk about guys and sex and stuff she keeps telling me that I'm not old enough yet to be involved with that stuff. I'm 15 now and will you answer some questions about sex and stuff?

    I indicated that I would but we are to discuss this as adults not giggly little girl stuff.

    She agreed.

    Dad probably knows that mom has been doing it with her boss. He's a white guy and he stays over at the house almost every night. I can hear them doing it, mom's is awful loud sometimes.

    I told Marcella that if we are having this adult conversation, that we are not going to use 12 year old little girl words. Not "doing it", she can use the "f-word"and I'm OK with that.

    She said fine that she didn't want me to be angry with her. Mom's boss Mr. Leonard, Jeff is what he asked me to call him, but I don't. Anyway last night he shows up with another white guy. His name is Mr. Williams and Jeff tells my mom that he is the best costumer that they have.

    We eat dinner and I did my homework and the I went to bed about 9:30.

    Mom came up to check if I was asleep and I pretended that I was.

    After she went back down I waited about 10 minutes and then I slipped out into the hall and when I looked down into the living room all 3 of them were naked and my mom was on her knees sucking the new guy's cock and Jeff is behind her playing with her pussy and breasts.

    They went into her bedroom and I went down a few steps so that I could see in to the room and I heard Mr. Williams say to Jeff that he should go first to open her up a little, so she could handle his bigger cock.

    As mom got on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed I heard her say my ex-husband has a big cock and that she can handle it. Jeff fucked her for awhile until Mr. Williams said that he wanted some of her now and Jeff pulled out and I heard my mother moan pretty loud something like owwwl, she hasn't had anything that big since her ex-husband.

    I watched for some time and Mr. Williams slammed mom pretty hard and had her yelling and moaning and then Jeff took over again. At that point I went to bed.

    This morning mom gave me a note for me to get out of school early and I guess she must have forgot that I would be home early, because when I got home Mr. Williams was fucking her again in her bedroom and the door was wide open so I just went upstairs.

    I asked Marcie- thats what we call her, if she has ever actually had sex.

    She said that she has with 2 different guys. They both were black guys. The first wasn't very good, but the 2nd was an older brother-college guy that really fucked her hard. She also said that the 2nd guy was a lot bigger than the first, but not as big as what she saw that Mr. Williams is.

    Are you on birth control I asked?

    She said that she wasn't. And that both guys didn't use condoms either. But the first guy pulled out when he was cumming but the college guy came in her twice, but she's had her period since then so she isn't pregnant.

    Have you talked to your mother about birth control and she said that her mother said that she isn't old enough to be doing sex yet.

    What she said next I wasn't expecting.

    I wanted to tell you that I didn't get here at 5:30 today, I actually got here at about 3:45 and I left myself in thru the side door with the key that Mr. GTR gave me and as I came in the hallway I heard your voice say very loudly "OH YES,FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG COCK", and I froze on the spot.

    When I could get my legs to move again I went across the living room and dad's bedroom door was wide open and the lights were on in there and there was dad and you, both naked and dad was between your legs and he looked to be fucking you pretty hard.

    I also heard you tell dad that you love his big cock. Does dad really have a big cock?

    I probably shouldn't say but yes your dad has a very large cock. He told me that your mother and I are the only 2 women that could take all of him.

    I just stood there and watched and couldn't believe what you and dad were doing. Then I heard you tell dad to put another baby in your belly. what did you mean by that?

    Marcie I was actually pregnant to your dad about 8 months ago but I had a miscarriage and lost the baby. I feel bad that you had to learn about it this way.

    Does Mr. GTR know about you and dad?


    How long have you and dad been doing er..... fucking?

    Actually we started before your dad moved out of his apartment on Mary Street.

    Do you still fuck Mr. GTR.

    Oh my yes, anytime he wants and often he and your dad are tag-teaming me and I am a very lucky woman. Most nights the 3 of us all sleep in the master bedroom.

    Two different white guys at school have asked me out and I guess that I should go out with them.

    Is it different when you fuck with a black guy from when you fuck a white guy?

    You've already found out that each man is different.

    Is dad the first black man that you've ever fucked?

    Oh no, Marcie. I have been with quite a few black men.

    How old were you when you had your first black guy?

    My first was at a New Years Eve party 2 days before I turned 18, but I was also already married to GTR.

    GTR was OK with that?

    Yes, he actually stood in the hallway and watched a black co-worker of his fuck me 2 times that night. And before you ask, yes the black guy had a big cock, not as big as your dad's but he was big.

    I should tell you that I was just 15 when I got fucked the first time. So I'll talk to your dad about this birth-control issue. One other thought Marcie is you have heard both your mother and me be vocal during sex, believe me the more noise you make, it just makes the fucking better.The guys like to hear things that you say and/or sounds that you make. Don't just lay there and keep quiet, make some noise and let the guy know that you're enjoying what he's doing with you.

    At that point GTR and Haywood came in from the garage and Marcie didn't ask me anything else.

    When I came across this in her journal, I realized that I had completely forgotten about my wife telling me about this conversation that she and Marcie had. I'm sure that if we would have had a daughter my wife would have helped her develop her sexuality to be able to fully enjoy being a woman.

    I checked her journal on the next day and she noted that she discussed Marcie and birth control with Haywood and he said he would discuss it with his ex-wife about getting Marcie taken care of.
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    Again you had a heck of a wife.
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    Pathedick, thanks for the note, I wasn't sure if the members would appreciate my telling of this incident. When I was reading it myself I realized once more how fortunate I was to have had her as my wife. GTR
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    The fun of working on a movie set-first time

    The majority of the "adventure" is from my wife's journal, and a little of what I can remember her telling me about it. She had written "Sunday, a little after lunch her cousin had called to say that a movie production company had came into town that morning and they were looking for extras and a few support staff people-to run errands etc.

    My wife talked to me about it and we both felt that it might be a fun thing to do. She left and went over to her cousin's home and the two of them went about another 25 miles to the location of the movie production motor homes. Both signed up to be extras and support staff. They spent the afternoon with the assistant director, my wife's notes indicated that he was in his early 30's.

    She also noted in her journal that her cousin who is older and slightly jaded about life on several occasions told my wife to stop being obvious and overly friendly toward the assistant director. When her cousin went to the ladies restroom, my wife wrote in her journal that she made the assistant director (his name is Mark) that she could/would be happy to work closely with him on anything he needed, anything at all. He said that he might take her up on her offer and she noted that I hope that you do.

    Her first words on the next day (Monday) were and I'm quoting exactly here, "I fucked my first Canadian today, actually he fucked me twice." Then she went on into the circumstances of how it happened.

    When we first arrived my cousin and I were given a few assignments to preform and when completed we were to report to Mark's motor home. Around 10:15-10:30 we finished up and went into Mark's motor home. Mark at that point told my cousin that he needed her to go to a film supply shop that was easily 45 minutes away to pickup some specific type of film. My cousin looked at me and whispered "Now you be a good girl while I'm gone."
    "Oh, I'll be real good, you can count on that." was what she noted in her journal that she told her cousin.

    This is what she told me that night and after reading her journal notes, I have remembered most of the following 3 weeks of her "working" in the movies. Her words.

    My cousin wasn't gone no more than 2 minutes when Mark came over to me and said that he wanted to find out how serious I was about the anything at all. I didn't hesitate and unbuckeled his belt, unbuttoned the button on his slacks and pulled his zipper down and grabbed the waistband of his slacks and boxers and pulled them down and while his cock wasn't completely hard yet, it was a big one. Probably around 9 inches and thick, especially at the base of it.

    I grabbed it and started to lick the head and his shaft. Within seconds he was rock hard and he pulled me up and for the first time kissed me and then unsnapped my jeans and pulled them down, he also noticed that I didn't have panties on, I told him that I rarely ever wear them. He slid my jeans down until I got my right leg out of them and then he turned me around and had me bend over the little kitchen table and he lifted my right leg up onto the table.

    At that point he turned a little sideways to me and began to spank me with about 4 hard smacks on each ass cheek. He moved back behind me and the moment had arrived and he spread my pussy lips with his hand and started to work his cock deep into me, just the way I wanted it. Before long I could feel his balls against my pussy lips and the up curve on his cock was an experience that I won't soon forget.

    After several minutes of just pumping his cock in and out he pulled out and smacked my ass a few more smacks each and then he went back to fucking me. By now I'm being fairly loud and I squealed each time he smacked my ass. At that point he said to me that he should have fucked me yesterday, and between each stroke from him I said that... he... could... have... and....should... have, and I was cumming for the second time.

    Mark was holding me by my hips and just continually pounded his big cock into me, and at some point he lifted my feet off the floor and slid me back and forth on his cock. I might only be 23, but I know when I'm being fucked by a man that knows how to fuck a woman and I've already decided that Mark can have as much of this girls pussy as he has need of.

    Mark finally said that he was about to cum and where did I want it, of course I told him as deep in my pussy as he can get, and he did exactly that. When I could get my eyes focused, I looked at the clock and it was almost noon. Mark also did what I always like and left his cock in me for some time after having cum.

    He suggested that we should shower before my cousin returned and I said I think that you'll need some air freshener to cover the sex aroma in here. We showered and fooled around in the shower a little bit, then got dressed and did use some air-freshener.

    Mark said that if I would like he would leave my cousin and I go at around 3 and if I wanted he would like for me to return afterward. Oh, I would and I did for the second time with Mark in his bed, which was a less intense and slower missionary position fuck that went on and on, couldn't tell you how many times I came with him. We discussed what each of us wanted from this and I told Mark that he could enjoy me at least twice a day every day that he is in town, including weekends.

    As I looked at the next 19 days of her journal, while she also wrote of other things at the movie set and family stuff, every day Mark had his cock in her at least twice each day. On the last day he was here, he told her that he would recommend her to other production companies, if they might film in the general area. That happened too. As always she included a picture of the cock she was getting. GTR

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    I have that same worry\concern about many things I've posted. And it's probably true, at least some of the time. But often it's a mix of responses, but if at least someone Identifies, Appreciates, or gets something out of it, it makes me glad I got passed the fears.
    Glad you did. As for your Awesome Wife, she probably saved that girl from a teenage pregnancy based on her previous two sexual encounters.
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    Pathedick, Marcie kept in contact with my wife and I even after her dad moved to the west coast. I know that she graduated from college and went on for her masters degree. We attended her wedding, interestingly she married a white guy. She whispered to my wife that he is hung like a horse. Oh, and her dad spent the week he was back in the area staying with us and fucking my/our wife just like old times. He was single again and again asked my/our wife if she would move to the west coast with him. She told him that he already had her answer about that. I'm sure that you are correct in your assessment on the teenage pregnancy issue. After that conversation that evening, whenever Marcie would come over to visit with Haywood, she almost always had "girl talk" time with my wife. Who knows what they talked about, all that was in my wife's journal is that Marcie had stayed overnight.

    I'm fairly certain that most of the young women don't have the realities of sex and life explained to them like my wife did with Marcie. A comment my wife often made to me was that most women don't know what they are missing when it comes to really, truly enjoying fucking and being well fucked by someone other than their husband. They're too afraid to try. GTR
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    WOW, what a Beautiful, Powerful Cock. Your Cool Wife was a Lucky girl, who help create her own Luck by seeing what she wanted and Going for it.
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    When I have written about my wife and her/our adventures, I've mentioned the next door neighbor at her home. His name is Tom.

    When I first met and started dating my young wife to be (she was 17 at that point) she had told me that she worked basically every day after school and on the weekends cleaning Tom's house, doing his laundry and cooking some meals for him. Tom was 30 at that point and divorced, worked night shift. She didn't mention that he had been fucking her basically every day for the last almost 3 years.

    Tom also had a pure bred male German Sheppard and a pure bred male Great Dane that he had both as stud dogs for breeding purposes, that needed to be fed and watered each evening.

    We were married in June and I didn't learn of the true relationship between Tom and my wife until the following April, after my wife returned from the "fishing trip" with Willie and his uncle Leonard.

    When she gave me her journal, I looked back at when she started actually started to write in it. She kept notes of all types and did it faithfully everyday.

    Interestingly it started the first day she "had sex" is how she wrote it she was 15 and her first was a classmate that took her to a movie and then "did it" in the back seat of the car, 3 times before he took her home and then they "did it" 3 more times the next day- Saturday in his bed, his parents were away all day.

    He never asked her to go out again. She wrote that he didn't have any "rubbers" and pulled out each time and shot it on her pussy hair. I didn't really like it when he did that, she noted.

    A week later the older brother of another classmate that was in college took her out. She noted that his dick was a lot bigger and he came inside her several times before he took her home.

    A week later she noted that her period came on regular schedule and happy she wasn't pregnant because she didn't hear from him after that first date.

    About one week later is when Tom "hit " on her and he began to teach her what fucking and being properly fucked is all about.

    He was the first to bury his face in her pussy and bring her to her first orgasm and then he worked his thick, 8 inches plus cock into her.

    She noted in her journal that it took him several minutes to get himself all the way in her. She also wrote that it didn't hurt, but that she felt "stuffed".

    Tom asked me how I felt at that point and I told him, stuffed full, but that it felt good. He asked me how many others had fucked me.

    I told him that two guys had done it to me. But that neither one of them had me feel stuffed like he did.

    He continued to hold himself up as he was fully in me. He said you have a lot to learn, young lady and just then I felt his dick throb and suddenly I was cumming again.

    First we aren't "doing it", it's either I'm fucking you or you're being fucked, OK.

    Second I want you to wrap your legs around my waist, yes just like that now rock your hips up on my cock, and it's a cock- not a dick or my thing, got that.

    I started to rock my hips and it felt amazing as he held his cock still and I could feel it sliding in and out of me from my rocking on it.

    Tom leaned down and started to kiss and nuzzle on my neck while I was still rocking my hips and I was cumming for the third time.

    Tom said that now he knows of two trigger points on me me neck and my tits and nipples.

    I realized that Tom is now pumping his cock in and out of me in rhythm with me rocking my hips on his cock and it feels really good.

    Now you've cum three times already and haven't made a sound. If you want to learn how to completely enjoy yourself when you are fucking or being fucked, you need to open up vocally and let the man between your legs know that he is making you cum and that what he is doing is just what you want and that you are enjoying it.

    Tell him that you are enjoying his cock and if you feel that he has a big cock you should say something like I love your big cock, and that he is so deep in you.

    Along with saying things like that and expressions like oh god that feels good and yes, yes, yes or oh,oh,oh, and fuck me and fuck me harder. A little louder saying I'm cumming is something you should always do when you are cumming on his cock.

    A woman should enjoy fucking and being fucked every bit as much as a man does. I want you to learn how to really enjoy being fucked.

    Tom asked me if either of the two that fucked me cum inside of me. I told him the first pulled out and came on the outside of my pussy in the hair. The other one with the bigger cock came inside me every time.

    Did you feel him cumming in you and if you did , did you like and enjoy how it felt when he did.

    I didn't like the first that got his stuff all over my pussy.
    This goes along with what I said earlier, its not his stuff, its he kept cumming on my pussy, OK.

    Yes I did feel the other guy every time he came, I liked how it felt and the one time it caused me to cum as he did.

    By then Tom was pumping his cock into fairly hard and just like that I came on his cock again and he slammed me another stroke and I clenched my legs and he started to cum in me and I told him that I could feel him cumming and oh god it felt so good.

    After a few moments Tom asked how I felt and I told him that I couldn't believe how I was tingling all over and I really enjoyed what he did.

    Tom said no this it what we did together and that because I let myself participate it felt a lot different and better than what I had with the other two.

    Tom's cock got softer but he was still inside me and I liked how that felt too. I kissed him and said I guess now I know what it feels like to be properly fucked.

    When I said that I felt his cock twitch and a few minutes later his cock was real hard again and this time he hooked my legs with his arms and as he was nuzzling on my neck he said now I'm going to fuck you hard because you're open and ready for it.

    I had learned my lessons well, because during the next 15-20 minuted I was rocking my hips up and meeting him stroke for stroke and telling him how big his cock is and how hard his cock is and saying oh my god fuck me and squealing and moaning as I came on his cock at least 3 more times before I felt him holding himself deep and cumming in me again.

    We both took a shower and he got hard again and I wanted to feel his cock in me again and he had me get on the bed on my hands and knees and he taught me what "doggie" style is. He slammed his cock in me for at least another 15 minutes and I couldn't believe myself how loud I was.

    After showering again I got dressed and Tom asked if I would return tomorrow to help with things.

    I had no second thoughts about it and told him if he was going to fuck me like that I would "work"for him everyday during the week and on the weekends.

    He promised that he would fuck me as often as I wanted him to and that he was going to teach me how to properly suck a man's cock and that he would also teach me how to enjoy being fucked in the ass.

    I felt my ass cheeks clench when he said that but I'm willing to learn to enjoy doing both.

    As I'm writing this in my journal my pussy is still feeling the fucking that I got today and I can hardly wait for Tom to fuck me again tomorrow.

    The next day she wrote Tom fucked me again today and he told me that I am a fast learner, because I did everything that he told me yesterday and today I sucked his cock too.

    He came in me each time we fucked today and I really enjoyed being fucked by him and feeling him cum in me.
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    In her journal on the next day, she wrote, wow, what a day I had with Tom, he fucked me, I sucked his cock and for the first time I was ass fucked today, it hurt a little at first but before long I was cumming as he was pumping his big cock in my ass until he was cumming in my ass.
    The following day along with some family notes she wrote that Tom fucked her again and I want his cock every day. I'm truly enjoying being fucked by Tom.

    As I paged thru her journal from that point, she noted other things, school stuff, guys asking her out dates, but not fucking any of them, family stuff, etc. Short notes about what she and Tom did each day and when she was "out of service", she would suck his cock and/or be ass-fucked and so on.

    As I turned the pages I realized that she was quite content in her relationship with Tom. She noted on 3 occasions that her mother confronted her about what she and Tom were doing and she defended him that she knew what she was doing.

    When I finally came to the journal entry of meeting this guy called GTR, she noted that she wanted to spend time with him, she had written "there is something different about him" (direct note from journal).

    Skipping over several more dates, she wrote, "Got fucked by GTR tonight-WOW, he had me cumming within the first few moments and I couldn't stop." I have to tell Tom tomorrow about it. (more direct quotes.)

    Got fucked by Tom and I told him about last night with GTR, he didn't really say much. I told him that I was going with him again tonight. She also wrote went out with GTR and he fucked me again and as crazy as it sounds I think that I could be in love with him.

    She wrote that she was being fucked by Tom and GTR every day and just over a week later GTR asked her to marry him and she told him yes she would.

    The following morning. a Saturday she told Tom and he wasn't surprised and then they fucked again as if nothing had really changed between them.

    Before long her regularly scheduled "out of service" day didn't show up and the son born later was easily identified as the work of GTR. To this day the resemblance between GTR and the son is very easy to see.

    She continued her relationship with Tom until Thanksgiving, when Tom brought another woman into his home as a live-in girlfriend. Off and on over the next 10 years Tom would get his big cock in her whenever the opportunity presented itself.

    I finally learned of this relationship with Tom the following spring after she returned from her "fishing trip" with Willie, Leonard and I later learned about Martin (Leonard's son) having joined them on the fishing trip and had fucked her also.

    I can honestly say that as foolish as it sounds, I was glad for her relationship with Tom, he truly set her on the path to enjoy herself sexually as a woman, and I let/helped her go in the direction that she wanted to. GTR
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    I must admit that I am quite torn on this latest journal reveals due to her and Tom's ages when it began. I understand that it was a Long time ago, with at least some differences in attitudes then. Plus in this instance it appears there weren't any negative results for her from the relationship. Additionally decades before this occurred my grandmother was in her teens, I believe still a minor when she married my grandfather who was around 30. They were married over 60 years before he passed and she followed very shortly after.
    But attitudes were even more different then and they were married. So in general I don't approve of what is legally statutory rape.
  11. Pathedick

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    I also wanted to add that she was Lucky to find the perfect husband for her (I already told you that you were Lucky).
  12. Worth It

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    Your story and mine are much the same, but some of the pieces to the puzzle fit a little differently.
    Audrey doesn't keep a journal, but puts the initials of who she's had sex with that day in her calendar. It took several months for me to ask Audrey to be my wife. She had told me from early on about her other lovers.

    For Audrey, nothing has changed to this day with her lovers, except her preference is now strongly for FFM with them together, or with me and her single girlfriend.

    It is the opposite for us. I had a vasectomy after my second child with my exwife that couldn't be reversed, so the bio dad of our daughter is the husband of a couple Audrey lived with as a third for several years. She easily passes for my daughter, however. BTW, Audrey is never "out of service."

    Was the girlfriend aware and involved? Audrey needs pussy as much as dick.

    In addition to her "Tom," Audrey's has her "Willie, Leonard and Martin" and their wives as well.

    As I said, same pieces, slightly different assembly.
  13. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    Pathedick, first you are correct I was very lucky. As to the statutory rape issue, while I will agree that some, if not most young women at her age would be too immature to handle her situation, for me it didn't resolve itself overnight about Tom's age difference to hers 15 to 28 at the start, I never got the impression that she was infatuated with Tom the man so much as she was with the great fucking she was getting from him, there seemed to be a disconnect there because she was never "in love" with Tom (her words). As we both know the age difference is a "western culture" kind of thinking. interestingly a male cousin of hers-a school teacher, in his late 20's got involved with an 18 year old student during her senior year. He left the teaching profession due to the clamor about it and they were married for over 40 years until his passing.

    I have always been a little hesitant when I read about young men 18-25 or so that are arrested for "statutory rape" of younger girls between 14-17, who often in my mind participated willingly until an some other adult became aware of it. Not saying right or wrong, but I personally got to "know" several young women intimately before I turned 18 and it wasn't because I made them "do-it". Just some random thoughts on the subject from an older man now that has tried to observe live as I've lived it. GTR
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    Worth It, my wife was strictly a spread my legs for men only woman. Tom's live-in didn't know about he and my wife. Willie and Martin were both single guys and Leonard (Martin's dad & Willie's uncle) was divorced when they were fucking her. Martin's mom, Leonard's ex-wife actually called Leonard around midnight wanting to know where Martin was when he didn't come home, the first night he stayed all night with my wife and I.

    As to her "out of service" that also meant that all other activities were open and available and expected to be used . GTR
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    Usually Audrey's legs are spread for the husband while she's eating the wife, although women regularly lick her too. When it's us and her girlfriend, it's her girlfriend taking my dick and licking Audrey. It's the "other woman" mediating sex between a husband and wife that's Audrey's kink.

    Among Audrey's lovers, period sex is a regular thing. Other than putting a towel down, no one gives it a second thought. I'll do it too with the other wives.
  16. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Duplicate post.
  17. Pathedick

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    I do understand, to the point of where one of my daughters while still not 18 got involved with a much older man. I wasn't pleased with it, but the age difference, though a concern, was only part of my objections. I pushed back and things were Very tense for a while but I came up with an acceptable comprise . Eventually she dumped him. She still ended up with a much older man who she has been with for many years. This one I like much more.
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  18. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    It is the conflict between wanting to give your children their freedom and wanting to protect them. But they can also be taken advantage of by someone their age, or even younger. The only thing that one can do is try to make them skeptical and aware of what can happen.

    One woman who we know had an affair with a college professor while in high school. (She is bright and was in advanced classes at the local college.) She was in control and ended it when she went off to college. Today she sees it as one of the best experiences of her life. BTW, she is happily married with kids, her husband knows, and they talk openly about it.
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  19. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    Worth It, as you have stated, our paths have slight variations in them, but we were both fortunate to find the wives we have had. As dumb as it may sound I knew as a teenager when I started to date that I wanted a woman/wife that truly enjoyed fucking and being fucked. When I got involved with the girl that was to become my wife, I knew within a few weeks that she was the one. GTR
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  20. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Another difference between us in the way we got here. I had no cuckolding desires and had a vanilla, albeit very sexual, first marriage. Audrey, my wife now, was honest about not being able to be monogamous, but I married her because she is Worth It. Now I like it.
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