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Discussion in 'Countries' started by jaggu008, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. jaggu008

    jaggu008 New Member

    I am sure we do have quite a sizeble community if cuckolds and Bulls in India, I do hope, we will have our thread for indians, both native and those indians living aroad, so that we can exchange our experiences and seek guidence , lean from others' experiences
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  2. noida27

    noida27 New Member

    hi thats right many here in india
  3. blues_cal

    blues_cal New Member

    hello....i am from india too. any one else?
  4. jaggu008

    jaggu008 New Member

    welcome blues. are you a cuckold,or bull or cucoldress?
  5. pachu2003

    pachu2003 New Member

    Hey Pachu here from Bangalore.. love Indian Married women
  6. dreamboyatwork

    dreamboyatwork New Member

    Bull frm India, Hyderabad, had an exp with around 6 cucks in India and 4 while in UK
  7. yourwife_mydick

    yourwife_mydick New Member

    Experienced bull 38 from mumbai india ,been with many couples,long lasting and tecniques to please a hot wife in front of hubby...
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  8. arjukk

    arjukk New Member

    hi all.
    25 m, Bull from india here.
    i'd love to hear more from the cuckolds here.
    And, am not here to shout at people or use words through calls or chats. Am just a friendly guy looking for couples., or cuck guys.
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  9. MyDesiShyWife

    MyDesiShyWife New Member

    I am husband to very shy and traditional indian wife. I am 38 years old and my wife is 33. My bjggest fantasy is to see my wife as hot wife and with other guys. But my wife is very shy and completely againat such things.

    Recently from last two weeks, she is more horny than earlier and listening to my dirty talk on bed.

    So looking for decent guy who can tease my wife when i am on bed with her.

    After that group chat and then u can chat with her if she is fine.
  10. MyDesiShyWife

    MyDesiShyWife New Member

    You can reach out to me via Private Message
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  11. Machoindianbull

    Machoindianbull New Member

    Don't worry at all I will seduce her to the core and get on her, the same shy wife of your's will plead for my dick, PM me
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  12. yea me from india an experienced bull...for pleasure only not cheap bucks....decent working pro by day and pleasure bull by night
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  13. cuckold_wittol

    cuckold_wittol Active Member

    cuckold from india
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  14. indianhorse

    indianhorse New Member

    Hi I want to chat with You. I am male 35 India. Eager to chat with someone Indian.
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  15. Sreejit Raman

    Sreejit Raman New Member

    Why dont we start a WhatsApp group of Wannabe Cuckolds and Bulls?
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  16. cuckold_wittol

    cuckold_wittol Active Member

    Not sure much Indians are into this. Cuckoldry in India is not widely accepted compared to other countries.
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  17. cuckmfm

    cuckmfm New Member

    hi dear chat about my wife
  18. prasad

    prasad Member

    Hello everyone I m a bi but i wanna experience some cuckold . I m from pune , India... please message me for further chat
  19. prasad

    prasad Member

    Nice idea...we can start... please pm me
  20. Hai ! I am a bull here from Tamilnadu, 28 years old.
    I am Dominant , bisexual top for effeminate married Guy's !
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