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  1. joeshmoe

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    Was anyone ever forced into a cuckold relationship do to illness or disease or threatened with divorce ?
    My wife and I were tested for STD'S and we learned I had genital herpes she is a germophobic and very afraid of catching my illness and asked if we can have a sexless marriage ? I said I understand and agreed. 1 year latter she said she missed sex and asked if she could date her old boyfriend again . I said ok. She was nice about it and only seen him while I was at work. Latter on it was nights and weekends. I became a house keeper and friend more than a husband. I cut the story short . So I wouldn't bore anyone.
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  2. EastLondonCucky

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    Yikes that sounds awful, do you remain married? Are you aroused by it?
  3. kinderjaje

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    Sorry to hear about herpes :/
  4. joeshmoe

    joeshmoe New Member

    Yes we are still married. But not in a loving way . I'm more of a friend now. When she's home we talk about her relationship with her boyfriend and house work. I'm the house keeper I do all the cooking and cleaning. I do get to rest and watch tv once I'm done my house work. When she goings out I'm left with a todo list. That's a list of things that need to be done around the house. I am turned on by watching her being kissed good night or by kiss when her boyfriend drops her off in his car. They don't come in the house as a couple when I'm home. I wasn't pleased when she asked to see her old boyfriend again so behind her back I put .2 ads on crg list. One saying I had herpes looking for a Herpes women the other saying nothing about herpes.
    No one replied to the herpes ad. But I got many for my non herpes ad. But once they learned I had herpes I never seen or heard from them again.
    So decided to stay with the wife . She's tall and thin and very attractive I just love looking at her. Truthfully she's a joy to look at. So now I realize I'm ment for this life and I have a sexy wife/friend in my life. We still don't have a sex life but I see her nude once in a while. Like if she runs out of towels in the bathroom.
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  5. subhubjon

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    Ours is not a totally sexless marriage although we rarely have sexual intercourse. I do eat her pussy a lot almost daily and she sometimes jerks me of or blows me. I get pussy on my birthday for sure and maybe a couple more times during the year. Her main lover is her ex-husband who never stopped fucking her even while we were dating. She also has long standing sexual relationships with one of her co-workers, a former co-worker of mine and the son of our next door neighbor who's in his last year of college and used to mow our lawn. Unlike you I wasn't exactly forced into but I accepted it because I'd already lost one wife to another man and decided to do whatever to keep this one. I do spend a lot of time jerking off dreaming of fucking pussy but I also have learned to really enjoy being submissive eating her ex's creampies and sucking his big cock if he wants me too.
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  6. joeshmoe

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  7. joeshmoe

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    If your going to get married or live with someone have then tested for std's. Lucky for us my doctor informed us that herpes was not included in the average STD test. The herpes test has to be asked for. The herpes test is an extra test that has to be done along with the STD test.
    Unfortunate for us. we got married first and then we were tested for STDs that's when the doctor informed me that the STD test didn't include herpes test.
    we got the extra test for herpes and it came positive on me... I have been living sexless for years with my beautiful wife. She missed her sex life and asked if she could see her old boyfriend again and I said yes. We have been living this way for years she gets the sex she needs and I get a beautiful wife. And yes that's my story about this.
    and yes that's my story above this
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  8. cuckis87

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    I would have let her go actually
  9. emmet

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    Upfront I apologize for making the wrong assumption but I get the impression you didn't realized you had herpes until the blood test was performed. Two things I would like to offer. If you had chicken pox as a kid it will show up on a herpes test and show as a positive in some fashion. And the biggest indicator is that anyone with herpes knows they have it usually before they even take a blood test due to the pain and discomfort with having the disease.. If you aren't having the outbreaks I would revisit your results. I wish you good luck...
  10. Paraplegicsub

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    I was forced. Lay in a hospital bed a catheter up my cock and a nappy on my bum. I was told I would never walk again and so far they have been right. My wife came to see me one night and a doctor was with me asking for me to consider being circumciced for catheter insertion in the future. I was shocked. The wife said to the doctor to give us a few minutes. She told me to get it cut as a mark of respect for her. She said I could only come home if I agreed to a FLR marriage. She would not want sex with me again and had plenty of guys lined up. She took her phone out and showed me photos of her encounter the night before with a great looking guy and a huge cock. She said tell the doctor yes and it means you agree tell him no and it's over. I told him yes. I cried that night and she held me and promise to look after me. She has. Well the care workers have. I was fully cut. Frenulum removed radical tight cut. I like it now she calls it her little cut dicky. I love her so much and I am part of the sex now. Often I sit in my wheelchair and watch and sometimes on the bed. I love cleaning up.
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