Flirt with my fiance

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  1. Kasia1988

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    Hi guys

    I am 29 my fiance she is 28.
    She is a very attractive polish girl.
    She is better looking than me but I always have wondered if she ever gets chatted up when she goes out. It doesn't bother me because I find it a turn on.

    I am looking for a guy that would chat her up behind my back and take her out on dates and see how far you can go with her..

    I don't need to be told what you're doing but I like the idea of her having an affair
    I am in the UK. In the east Midlands so I'd be looking for a guy aged between 18 and 35
    I will provide a picture for guys that are interested plea
  2. prasad

    prasad Member

    Nice i frequent traveller to uk... Would like to connect with you n ur girl.
    U cn kik me on bunny1792

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