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    new news

    Asked wifey yesterday again, how many times M came in her ass. she said 5x! I asked how many times then did he fuck her ass. She estimated 7-10. She then told me to ask him. So i wrote him. no answer yet. He is slowing down as "master" because personal issues. Still 5x cum in my wifey's ass is pretty good. I've only fucked her ass once or twice maybe last time was 20 years ago. And...we have fucked maybe 4x in last 5-6 days. she orgasmed on my lil dick too without any extra stimulation...except thinking of M. First time we fucked we were watching vid of M fucking her in his bathroom. i feel used :) Finally a black guy at work has been flirting with her.
  2. cuhusamibi

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    picture update

    not much news. M did send two pics today tho. One is a screen cap of a fuck session. nice cock on M and wifeys lovely ass. the other is of wifey on knees, clothed, and sucking M's cock. she use to go over to his place when he'd call and he'd meet her at door naked and cock at attention. this was one of those times. both pics from a while ago. i asked if she fucked him also after the sucking. She said "probably."

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    Great update! Glad things are still going well for you and your wife!
  4. Mickle

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    I second that great update, you have just proved why our wives need other men, good luck
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    Very nice ;)
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  6. cuhusamibi

    cuhusamibi Well-Known Member

    Wow! It's been over two years since I posted on this thread i started long ago. Not much of interest to tell in last two years. No new lovers for wifey. No sex for me. As I read last two accounts above, i had learned more. Master fucked wifey's ass much more than she let on. He estimated at least 75x. Wifey, for her own reasons, never revealed much. But today i learned something new and fabulous.

    In bed i asked her to tell me something i didn't know. She laughed and began but stopped. Said, "oh boy...i don't know." I was telling her that i'm a freak and need a freak. I said "when did you know you were a freak?" I was expecting the answer the first time with Master. She surprised me! Way back in 2002...5 years before she first began with Master she was working and a single older co-worker talked about life.

    He said he'd sometimes pay $20 for a Hispanic prostitute to give BJs. My wifey probably said something like she'd do it too for money. That lead to him pulling down pants. First time she just gave him a hand job to completion. Then next time it was a BJ to completion. She said she never swallowed his cum.

    He was Chinese-Korean, and his dick wasn't long, but said it was thick. She said she maybe gave him 10 BJs before he left (was fired). Knowing my wifey's lack of getting the numbers right, maybe it was higher (joke).

    She said one day their boss came in unscheduled and early, as she was finishing the BJ. They both quickly gathered themselves up and boss said, "why do you two both look so happy today?" Well, i was so happy with this new news I even stuck my lil d in her pussy and pumped few minutes (no completion). For us, that was enough. A few days earlier she grabbed my lil di in bed, when i was semi-sleeping, and it was semi-hard. she laughed and said, "it's even smaller than i remember." She knows how to keep me from thinking I could fuck any woman.

    Wifey said, feigning forgotten memories, that "maybe" it was this co-worker that gave her "extra money." Maybe my wifey was telling me she was a prostitute for at least one man? :) She'd often tell me she should be a prostitute to make money for her family. I thought it was just talk. Knowing my wifey's good hearted nature, she'd blow or fuck any many that tells her he doesn't get much sex. She was helping a co-worker out. I've been ecstatic the rest of the day! We both wish she could have a full-time Lover like Master was.

    Hope i don't have to wait another two years to tell some new and good happenings with us.
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  7. cuhusamibi

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    It hasn't been quite two years since my last post...but finally some good news! Wifey is, in my mind, officially "Queen of Spades." She has a coworker of about 3 years she's flirted with and within the last 4-6 months got more serious. They kissed not too long ago, finding spots at work to do so. Last week in her car. Inside work, they'd fondle each other.

    I routinely send her lots of cuck texts and pics throughout the day. Today was no different. I sent a gif of white gal fucking BBC, and she wrote in Korean that she was "bodacious." About 10 p.m. i text her to fuck before coming home. Here then are our texts:
    Wifey: i am on my way now.
    me: go back. fuck. come home
    wifey: not fuck tonight but suck his dick finally.
    me: Wow!! Uda Babe!
    wifey: kiss me when I get home
    me: Of course!!
    I went out and waited for her, hoped in the car, kissed, sucked her tongue, and her nipples. She said he also sucked her nips.
    I've, she's waited for a long time to get a lover. we don't fuck, and are both happy, but i'm happier now it looks like she's got a lover. She even took a pic of his cock and sent me.
    he had prostate surgery over a year ago. needs viagra to get fully erect, but he told her he's still a good 8 inches. Before surgery he said he would get even bigger.
    He praised wifey's tongue skills and said she's more dirty than he thought. No One would think my wifey is anything but a faithful wife. Now she's sucked White, Asian, and Black cock.
    Wifey has laid hints that her hubby won't mind her messing around, but she hasn't told him yet i'm full on cuck! He knows that she's not getting any sex at home though.
    Since i don't get on here much anymore, and since it has really been almost 4 yeas since wifey had a lover, life was dull. I do keep in contact with a member via email. a cuck like me. Good guy. Talking to another cuck and sharing our lives is a good thing.
    More as it develops!
    I did say that if/when wifey fucks another Man since her last Lover, i'd start try to have sex again. WIfey wants that, though she is now super comfortable and no longer pesters me for sex (for about the last two years). I didn't push her to start with this coworker, but she genuinely likes him and she tells me about their work days together.
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    Great post my friend.
  9. cuhusamibi

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    Here's today's update as given in texts between wifey and me. "MR" is what we call her Black co-worker.

    Wife text to me 1:42 p.m. “Met MR at the park b4 came to work. I let him eat my pussy today. He said I have prettiest pussy he ever saw and when he put his finger inside, I felt big O for short time. I sucked his dick and taste was good. Had some outdoor fun for a half hour and now I am going in to office. Will tell you more later tonight. I have cock breath now. :)
    Me to Wifey: “Wonderful! Glad you had fun. Good sign you had orgasm. How is dick size? Make him cum? He's LUCKY MAN (I'm lucky too)

    Wifey: “He listened me to say take blue pill so I can see full grown. He was not that big at park but he guarantees that it will be at least 9 to 10””
    Me: “Good thing I'm not in cage cuz my lil d is rock hard! Tell MR HI from me! You sexy Wife!”
    You can see my wife wants to see him "full size" before she takes a ride. She likes his humor and honesty with her, and his big cock. He's wanting there first fuck to happen when i go out of town on business, but wifey is saying "why wait?"
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  10. cuhusamibi

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    Learned some more this morning about yesterday.
    B4 work he really ate her pussy well and also her ass. I thought he told her to get on all fours at first, but she was on her back. She said he was really tongue fucking her ass. She loves that. I asked about the dress. She tried pull it down, but that didn't work, so she hiked it up. He also asked that she finger his ass, and she did. She hasn't eaten his ass yet.
    AND THEN...after work...He got off before her and went to a bar and had a drink. When wifey got off work (late) after ten p.m., he asked her to meet her at this bar. She did....and again they performed oral sex on each other. wifey said he tried to fuck, but she said, no she wants to wait for a hotel. She sucked his cock again, and he's impressed with her skill. She said he has big balls, and she tried to get both in her mouth. he wonders where she learned such things. He didn't cum, and wasn't fully erect. He did "leak," however. This time he had vaseline and asked wifey to finger his asshole which she did. Wifey said her pussy was sensitive from the eating in the morning and at night. Here's the important part that he said after she didn't fuck last night. He said "after i fuck you for the first time in the hotel, after that i will fuck you anytime anyplace anywhere! do you understand?" NOT KIDDING! I was impressed. That day I had sent her a pic of bbc fucking wife with the very same saying. She told me she never thought she'd have a black lover. at work people are saying she is "glowing." i think she is too. OH...MR has a foot fetish! He was sucking on her toes, and liked the nail polish. told her to keep wearing it. gets better. He made a request that she wear black panties for him and stockings. She said she would. TOday when she went to work she wore a dress and underneath black panties...but not very sexy style ones. I told her put on sexier ones. She didn't.
    She couldn't believe she met him twice in same day. She wondered why he didn't take her in the bar, but i think because it was an all black patron bar.
    He asked her WHY did she choose him since she's so pretty and could have any lover. wifey said, "it just happened." OH...i asked to fuck her this morning..not expecting really, but expecting her answer...which was No. I then said, "tell MR that your hubby asked for sex and you denied him." :)
    Will see what happens today.
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  11. cuhusamibi

    cuhusamibi Well-Known Member

    Last night wifey came home and told me what happened. They met again in the parking lot of the bar. She had shown him the black panties. Now she took them off and the dress came up again. She said he reallly is good at eating pussy and her ass, and using his fingers. She orgasmed. She also sucked his cock. He tried or wanted to fuck her, but he wasn't hard enough so wifey said they should wait. He really likes how she uses her mouth and hands saying she's a pro, and wondering how she learned. When wifey told me about his lack of getting hard, i said "maybe he can't" due to the surgery. That made her worry. She really wants to fuck, and she said to me, "do you know how much time i put into this?" She meant the years of flirting. She doesn't just go grab a cock. She's so worried about seeming to be "cheap" or "easy." I suggested MR might have a friend that could do the fucking job, while He can still get to eat pussy and get blow jobs even though they haven't gone to cumming.
    Wifey said that next Tuesday they may try to fuck, and then she can see if he is capable. Today at work she texts me and they have the plan. Both are not working. His live at home grown son is working (he also works at their same place!), so somewhere between 2-10 p.m. wifey will go to his house and hopefully they'll have a fucking good time, or a good fucking time. Will let you know! Oh and last night wifey said now i can shave smooth. She hasn't let me do that in long time (i did on my own, and she didn't even notice). But she has promised that IF/WHEN she ever fucked another Man again, she would have me shave, put in the cage and pantied while she was on the date. I am truly happy again!
    And also, she did tell MR that i tried to have sex with her, but she denied me, and he said "that's good. don't do it." It's been a good few days :)
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  12. cuhusamibi

    cuhusamibi Well-Known Member

    Anticipation!!! :) A day away!
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  13. cuhusamibi

    cuhusamibi Well-Known Member

    Wifey just left the house 1:15 p.m. She texted me back from a picture i sent to her of an extremely beautiful woman, sitting with her lovely backside in pink lace panties, and a side shot of a perfectly formed breast, with a fallen maya blue color bra, and such a pretty face and blond hair. I wrote her: "Do you know what your hubby thinks when he sees this BEAUTIFUL WOMAN? The lil d sissy thinks: I wish i had those panties and bra!" she replied "That is very funny," to which I wrote: "True too!" Have a GREAT BIG FUN time. (Say Hi to MR if you want...and that i said you look SEXY for going to work." Wifey actually has the day off, as does MR, and they planned to tell me she would say she had unexpected event at work and had to go.
    Wifey showered, and then I shaved extra close her pussy and asshole (though she reall ydoes not have any hair to there to begin with. He likes her silky pussy.) I also rubbed her down with coconut oil. Kissed her clit, asshole, toes, nipples and mouth, but nothing sensual. just a last time before she has her first black cock to fuck. She's excited again. Took some time finding the right black panties.
    Now we wait. I asked if it'd be ok to text her around 7 p.m. to see how "work" was going, and she's going to text back. MR at this point is excited thinking i don't know anything.
    Will keep you informed. I do hope i can at least see some pics.
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  14. cuhusamibi

    cuhusamibi Well-Known Member

    I'll tell more of the story soon, but wanted to put this pic up. it was taken 2:42 p.m. from MR phone (so now he has a pic of my wife's beautiful ass on his phone to show if he wants). You can see he's very thick.
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  15. cuhusamibi

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    A little more: wifey said MR is awesome with his mouth. Gave her two orgasms with oral skills and hands. However, she was disappointed with the cock. remember he had prostate surgery. He couldn't get hard enough. He did fuck her missionary style, and she like the feeling of his larger girth. Fucked her without a condom and that freaked her out. He didn't stop though, and when He came he pulled out but she said some was inside. They tried other positions, but he couldn't. However, it was the lack of hardness that really upset her. She was working a long time to find a lover, and she thinks she might have to give up. MR is a really nice guy, and wifey says he knows how to talk to ladies. He really was a ladies man, with skills. On way home wifey called me and we went out for drinks and dinner. At home, i had sex with her for the first time in around 15 years (by sex i mean fucking the pussy and cumming inside), even though it was difficult for me to do because not only am i small, i can't stay hard anymore for much time. Wifey was complimentary, because she's sweet. I also almost made her cum with eating her pussy. she said he ate her for so long and finger fucked her that her pussy was sore. She really hasn't had sex in almost 4 years herself. She was going to talk with him about her need for a working cock. I didn't say much as she was really disappointed and sad.
    Today at work MR told her it was the best sex he ever had. I doubt that, but made wifey feel good. she's soft hearted. He told her after their date he also researched on how to keep erection after his type of surgery. I suggested finding younger lovers (she has a thing for old(er) guys).
    Attached are two pics. MR licking wifey's pussy, and his cock. Wifey has another day off soon. Wifey mentioned about trying again (this time with a different ED pill, closer to the time for fucking).
    20180529_144139.jpg 20180529_143733.jpg
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  16. cuhusamibi

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    a few more items from yesterday. wifey said that when she arrived at his place after a brief greeting and show of place he took of his clothes and ordered her to do the same. she said "what?" he said again, "take it all off." and she did. Her lover MG used to complain to me that she'd leave her bra on. MR told wifey even before they had date she'd do what ever he said. Well, she did, except for one thing. He tried to get her to smoke some MJ. She has never done and told him so. He didn't press too hard. He smoked twice. He picked her up naked, and she wrapped her legs around his waste as he carried her to the bed. After their session she began to put on her clothes and he said NO, she was to remain naked. She asked if she could wear one of his shirts and he gave her a white Tshirt. He's a big guy, and she's petite, so it covered her ass. I think it's hot when women wear men's shirts with nothing on. She told MR that her hubby asked why she was home early and looking so tired. She also said i tried to have sex with her but she refused. He was happy to hear that.
    Also at work today, i gotta say wifey looked very good in what she wore and her face. MR told her that when he got to work another worker told him that wifey, even though she's older, is still the best looking woman at the work place, and that she was glowing today. Wifey loved hearing that! I made a nickname for wifey that she could tell MR if she wanted, and he could call her. She did, and he liked it. It was "Bobby." It stands for black owned beautiful baby."
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  17. cuhusamibi

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    MR sent wifey a pic he took of her on his phone. She asked if he would cut the face so others couldn't see. He said "No!" and when she forwarded the picture and note to me, she put frowny face. I've attached. i did crop the face :) Another thing that he did on their date was slap her face with his cock. He told her he was going to do so, and he did. She likes that. I told her that whatever MR says she is to do, and trust him, all because she is now His. She really does love the forceful Man!

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  18. cuhusamibi

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    Today was the second time wifey fucked MR. They went out for lunch then back to his place. She delivered a present from me, but she didnt' tell him i bought it. He still thinks i don't know what's going on. As soon as they got to his house he told her to get to the bedroom and be ready to fuck, while he did something somewhere else. She was naked except for the red lace panties she recently bought in response to his telling her to buy them. She has given him several BJs in her car at various parking lots and parks in the last month, and she says each time his cock seems to be getting bigger and stronger. Today, with the help of a viagra, it was best so far, but not near its potential. MR brags how big it was before his surgery, and he was and still is quite the ladies man. Wifey says he really knows how to talk to ladies. She knows he has fucked lots of women. Whether he just sweet talks wifey, i'm not sure, but he makes it sound like he's happy just with her for now. Wifey says she really likes his honesty and he always says what he thinks. She's never met someone like that. She is dropping hints though that her husband is a cuck, she just hasn't come out and said it. He used to tell her to have sex with me, but now he's telling her not too. Also, if i do find out, he's going to tell me, "well, i'm not going to stop seeing your wife so you will have to share her with me." I like that! They fucked in several positions, and she orgasmed by fucking and with his finger in her ass. He came inside her, and she said he really let out a loud moan and had his full weight on her. He's very large, and she's petite. He said it was the best sex he's had in two years. WHen I asked her on a scale of 1-10 what it rated she said an 8. When she got home i was in the bedroom waiting. I took off her clothes and she told me that there was cum inside. She was laughing at how hungrily i was eating and licking. I thought i was tasting cum, especially after i stuck my fingers in. Then it was my turn to fuck, and i asked wifey to get on top of me. She did, and as she was there she laughed and said "you really are small." Eventually, for fear of her hurting my little dick, i went to missionary style (after a few doggy style strokes) and she said i was doing pretty good. yes i'm small...but was hard than Him today. While fucking her she slapped my face rather hard a few times, and told me "i told you i was going to fuck black cock and you didn't believe me." I didn't make her cum with mouth our lil dick, but I did cum inside her too. I moaned really loudly too. I'm not used to sex with wifey, and this felt pretty good for me. I took a pic which I may post soon, along with her and MR. Wifey and I are happy. And so is MR. They are talking about meeting once a week to fuck. Wifey said she needs it more than once a month, and he said that if they do several times a week he might tire of her. Wifey would not have allowed her former lover to see other women, but with MR she's much more relaxed and though she likes and cares for him, it's not the sort of "love" she had for MG (and that was what hurt our relationship). she'd like him to be exclusive to her but she's not demanding it. Pics to post soon.
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  19. cuhusamibi

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    here are few pics from last time. his cock pic, licking pussy pic, holding hands pic, and finally wifey's pussy with my cum on the outside. left some on the inside to mix with MRs too :) . they are planning another monday date next week.
    2018-06-25 14.57.20.jpg 2018-06-25 15.18.36.jpg 2018-06-25 16.51.37.jpg
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    Wow, those pics and your posts are so hot! Thank you for sharing. The close up of him licking her pussy and the one holding hands are intimate and hot. Did he come in her pussy, too? I am glad you two have found a great Bull and that you are all happy. I look forward to hearing and seeing more of your adventures.
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