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    August 15 continued

    Now 6:15 p.m. About 45 minutes ago i began to put wifey's black panties on. Took pic and sent to wifey and M, who were at their favorite restaurant for "happy hour"--started about 4:30p.m. They went there after watching movie together--Guardian of the Galaxy. Then was putting on her stockings when Master txtd back: PURPLE! Earlier i asked them to choose black or purple, but didn't get response, so i chose black.

    I put on stockings and bra, took pic, sent it, then took off and put on the purple panties, tights (not stockings) and bra, and sent those pics.

    Not getting replies, so my guess is that they are busy fucking back at his place.

    So, i continued to obey his orders. I jerked off, taking a pic, and a short vid and sent it.

    After that didn't take long for me to cum in my hand. Took a pic of it (and there was a lot!), then put all in my mouth, let it mix with the spit, and then showed it for my camera, dribbling out.

    Sent the pics. Not a reply yet.
    i'm expecting Master to send me some closeup fuck pics again! I proved to him and wifey i am the obedient sissy cuck.

    Will let all know how today turns out.
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  2. cuhusamibi

    cuhusamibi Well-Known Member

    August 15 conclusion

    They just had dinner. filled up on food and alcohol and went separate homes. Master was disappointed. Wifey and he didn't see my pics/vid until they left. Master really liked them. I called wifey and spoke to her after she opened them. She txtd me: "I am laughing at U sissy! no surprise though...hahaha!" She said i did very good, and wanted to talk Master about them.

    Master txtd me and said, "she tells me she gets wet seeing your pictures u send AND knowing you are listening 2 us on the videos and speaker phone."

    Master going to try to fuck wifey tomorrow after work (which will be late!), and he promised take more videos.

    New thing: He sent me 2 minute BJ video from D-Dayt (june 6), fuck date. I am attaching a few cell phone stills i took. NOT great quality but the video is FUN to watch and hear. He tells her to stick a finger up his ass while she's sucking.

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  3. cuhusamibi

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    few more pics

    you probably like seeing pics of wifey and Master more than this cuck, but wanted to show u some of the pics i sent to wifey and Master yesterday, being the obedient sissy boi as he calls me now. wifey working late tonite, so dont think going to Master's house :(

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  4. cuhusamibi

    cuhusamibi Well-Known Member

    another transcript

    This from the D-Dayt (june 6)
    1. Transcripts getting fucked while BAND OF GOLD (Freda Payne) plays in background. 10:31 p.m

    AHH..can’t see anything cuz the lights not good. lets do it in the day time. AHHH.. ok now start fucking me…MMHHM..AH AH MMM MM M. fuck it baby! M MMMM fuck that cock. whose cock u fucking? Papas? MHMM.
    say! PAPAS! tell me your fucking papas cock. IM FUCKING PAPAS COCK.. AHHHHH SO GOOD…MMMM (SLAP ass)…AHHMMHAHA…

    2. Her sucking him (still pics above). About 2 minutes. 10:39 p.m.

    on film sucking my cock. make it really big. you know how to get it big baby, stick your finger in my asshole. don’t ya. put finger in asshole. it’s gonna get dirty, but you don’t mind that. bring up straight so can see whole cock. yeah that’s good like that. your hands are covering the cock. make it bigger. put your finger in my ass. get your hand out of the way so you can see it. that right hand. suck it like you mean it baby. suck it like you mean it. suck it really hard. let’s see those cheeks pucker up. suck it! get those cheeks puckered up. suck it like a vacuum cleaner. oh yeah wifey..sucking that cock. get that hand out of the way so you can see that full shaft.
    get your finger out of the way. aw that’s a pretty picture.

    I went back and reviewd my notes of this date. I called them about 11:15, when they were trying to fuck again! :) I am REALLY enjoying watching these vids.
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  5. cuhusamibi

    cuhusamibi Well-Known Member

    August 22 interesting turn

    Master has gotten tuff today :)

    He orderd me to to tell wifey to write on her ass "i love my papa daddy." i told her, in sub obedience, and she obey His order thru me. Pic attached.

    Then Master txt wifey: "Wifey, I want you to tell OUR SISSY BOI to put on purple panties or stockings tonight at 8 00PM and write on his chest: " I AM A LOSER SISSY BOI AND ONLY SERVE MY MASTER M". From Master--If he does not obey you, Wifey, will get 10 hard lashes with the horse whip on both cheeks from M.

    I asked if Wifey really wanted me do, as there is a Bull on this site who wants me to be His boi (ordered me to wear lace panties and lipstick). Told her i need DOM more than I get from her and M.

    She wrote "U just obey what M told u so, u fag!"
    I forwarded this txt to M and he wrote back, "Agree with wifey :) "

    Well, would a fag send pink lipgloss lips to this site BULL, and obey Master??? :)

    i'm amazed how sub i've become to wifey and DOM Men now. something changed me for sure.

    I'll put pic up later of purple panties and writing on chest.


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  6. cuhusamibi

    cuhusamibi Well-Known Member

    8-22 wifey out of house

    She told kids she was meeting work friends. I know better!
    She didn't tell me though, nor did Master.
    Here's what i sent them both at 8:18 p.m A few minutes late, so told Master he could whip wifey if he wanted.
    Will wait for word on what happens


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  7. cuhusamibi

    cuhusamibi Well-Known Member

    8-22 conclusion

    as i knew, she went Masters house. He thought I had computer written on her ass pic, so he was very pleasantly surprised when he saw it was there :)

    Wifey fell asleep watching Spider Man2 with him and he said all he got was a lousy hand job before that started and she was clothed. He woke her up and he saw the ass as she took off her panties to get into his bed. I told him that was his cue to fuck her then send her home! Maybe he still will.
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  8. cuhusamibi

    cuhusamibi Well-Known Member


    Master ordered me to tell wifey to write "MASTER" on wife's belly with arrow down to her shaved pussy. She obeyed. Below is the pic.

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    Can you post the videos? I'm dying to see them go at it!!
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    WoW, One makes 3 Posts and makes a BIG request. shinhwa54, Don't forget to contribute.


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    I was talking to cuhusamibi. If he can't, fine. It was just a question. I've read through his thread before, probably the only one I read here. I'm a fan of his thread.
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    shinhwa54, I was talking to you! Take 3 days off to think about it. If you have something further to say, send a PM.
  13. cuhusamibi

    cuhusamibi Well-Known Member

    a lot happened

    Since last post a lot has happened between wifey and me.

    Master told me the truth of just how much he and wifey had been fucking over the last 7.5 years. It was a lot! He may have exaggerated a bit, wifey disputes his numbers--especially the anal sex number--she places it about 5-7x, and maybe the fucking at 300x, but here is what he wrote to me (some edits) Nov. 16:
    PLZ DONT SHARE WITH OUR [Wifey] .... Let me know if you get everything.

    C,...I have some things I need to get off my chest to come clean with you.
    The night before she left and gave me 4 love cards expressing her desire for me to be her Soulmate and Lover Forever and grow old with me, we did a marathon session. During it we both counted out loud the amount of times we had sex as I was doing her doggie. The truth and I think you should know this, is we averaged 1 to 3 times ( straight fucking) a week for 7 do the math, maybe 500 to 700 times. Not 6 , as she told you.

    We had anal at least 75 times as early as 2007. ( See 1107 video from old cell sending you ..need Quicktime to view as they are 3G format,) ...ATM, several dozen golden showers with both  of us peeing into each others mouth, swallowing p.. .etc.
    Tons on BJ's everywhere possible. Tons of finger to ass 2 nose 2 mouth.

    A huge # of Rim jobs whether ass was clean or dirty...esp. mine. And other off the wall things that I'm not going to mention.

    She is a total freak in bed ...

    And a lot of it was very very very freaky and I didn't go into all of it...She has No stops...Anything went by us. Anything.. . would swallow all my pee from mid stream to last drop during our Golden Showers. And Fucked me up the Ass since that was the Deal 4 me 2 HAVE HER TAKE IT UP THE ASS...and Came during Anal. ..would scream she WANTS MY SEED.MY BABY. MY LOAD AND WRAP HER BEAUTIFUL STRONG KOREAN THIGHS AROUND MY PELVIS WAIST AND ASS CHEEKS. Wifey IS INCREDIBLY HOT BUT CAN BE SUCH A (B word ;-) "

    Now back to my part.

    I asked my wife to write me a letter today. Because years ago i wrote her heartfelt and long one and she then wrote back one line (!!!)..."sorry, i don't know what to think...i need more time for everything...i mean everything"

    Here is her letter tonight:

    "Cubby is Cuck Hubby from now on, I will call you this. OK? Anyway I am not still good on writing in long letter but I will try for you. Sorry for last time (long time ago) I did not write you back long enough so, you thought I was ignore you. But I was not...I know it was all my fault not to tell you about M, honestly..That also made our marriage had huge damage and hurting and your heart was shut down. But somehow I think, we are getting better to listen and talk to each other now at least..I am so happy that you accept me whoever I was...whatever I the past.

    I am also accepting you as my cuck husband who love to do cucking so now I will do enjoy it as my benefit. Yes, sometime I think, the time of 7years with M addicted to me and its pretty hard to get rid off it from my mind. And I regret, even sorry for myself that why I had to hide it from you instead open and take charge of you and our situation of marriage.

    So If its allows me do it again, I will surely make it happened include M and other bulls...unless now you do not want me to do...but I still think you want to try it like me. Am I correct? Now go and put your cage on you! Its my order! Love, Your Female Master [wifey]!"

    once my little erection goes down I will put on the cage!

    I also have included a few stills taken from some vids Master sent me.

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  14. cuhusamibi

    cuhusamibi Well-Known Member

    something new

    Wifey told me today that she gave two bjs to a married co-worker a couple years ago. It was done at work at a time when others were around and they could have been discovered. She said for that reason they only lasted a few minutes, and no cum. They would often french kiss each other. Also at work he sucked her nips, and felt her bare pussy. Until today i knew wifey liked this guy and that they flirted, but she led me to believe it was just flirtation. wifey wanted to fuck, but the guy couldn't cheat more on his wife.
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  15. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    I think that's an interesting comment, considering:

    a.) that she was lying to you, and
    b.) his wife would have been furious anyway, even just knowing that he sucked on her nipples and fondled her bare crotch.

    Do you suspect that maybe they went all the way anyway, and that she just wasn't ready to tell you? I can't say one way or the other.

    But what I _can_ tell you is that you can't trust her to tell you the truth:

    She knew exactly what she was letting you know. If she in any way implied that that's all there was, then she wasn't being truthful.

    I'm not saying that she did or didn't have an obligation to tell you. You'll have to decide that for yourself, depending on what the ground rules of your relationship are.

    Personally, I'd be thrilled to have that much progress, since my girlfriend isn't dating (as far as I know) right now.


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  16. saturn

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    And how flexible those rules are! ;)
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  17. cuhusamibi

    cuhusamibi Well-Known Member

    Wifey lied a LOT to me over the years, and only recently did she come clean (after Master told me). The lying did a lot of damage, and I can say that since she confessed all our relationship has been very very good. I told her, Christine, you didn't believer her :) She said they didn't fuck. I believe her now. She told me today she will call Master and let me listen to themtalk too! she has NEVER done that before. Other news: the other guy she fucked once has started to text her again, and now wifey seems open to a meeting like she hasnt since their fuck in 2009. I'm happy with her being open. She answers all my questions now. Learned from her just exactly how Master made her orgasm for anal sex! He used a toy on her ass, and fingered her pussy. We still don't fuck...but I gave her an orgasm with toy yesterday. She keeps telling me she needs cock...specfically Master's cock :)
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  18. cuhusamibi

    cuhusamibi Well-Known Member

    Today started with golden showers in the shower (where else would you do? :) She on my face, and me on hers. We didn't swallow. She also told me that Master (who has an ass fetish....but then many of us do) stuck some M&Ms and peanuts in her ass, and then ate them. Wifey didn't care for that, and one got stuck until his finger got it out. She said he fucked her several times with a cock dildo in the ass. Wifey wrote him several times today, but he never responded or called back. Wifey was upset. She exchanged texts with BF too. Master told me a while ago that wifey had no "stops" or limits, and was a total freak. I think she loved Master so much that she did anything he wanted.
    A couple weeks ago wifey also said she'd like to try BBC. We will see where all this new openness leads :) I am lovin it.
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  19. hippymiester

    hippymiester New Member

    i like all the updates thank you for sharing :D
  20. cuhusamibi

    cuhusamibi Well-Known Member

    thanks hippymiester. i asked this morning if wifey ever fucked M on his deck. Answer "several time." Maybe 4-5. She told me about a full moon night in October 2010! It was cool out. Wifey was afraid neighbors would hear them. Standard fuck scene: bj, ass licking of him. he probably did her too. fucking in deck chair. She demonstrated on me (fully clothed). They went inside to finish the fuck and he came on her stomach. bare back fucking was going on most of the time over the years. wifey wrote M today and said she misses him. he's got family issues has to work on. wifey told me to jerk off today, and was by my side whispering in my ear how much she wants to fuck him, and other big cocks now. later at night while she was computer she had me suck her nips and then i got to suck her clit for a while. she told me she was horny thinking about that full moon outdoor fucking.
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