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Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by cuhusamibi, Jan 15, 2008.

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    I have wanted my wife to date other men for about 2.5 years. We've been married almost 19 years. At first, she was really upset when I tried to set her up. Her fucking other guys then came a part of our sex talk, and she always has tremendous orgasms when thinking of others or when I talk "dirty" to her. Tonight, she went out on a date with that guy I tried to set her up with over 1.5 years ago. She came home really happy and giddy. They didn't do anything except meet, drink and talk, and give a hug and brief kiss before parting. She gave me all the details when she got home. She knows I get very excited when she talks about being sexy for other guys, and she said, "What kind of wife gets to date other guys, and come home to her husband who gives her a massage? Is this heaven?" [BTW, i have also started doing things I didn't do much of before around the house...which she loves] My wife was virgin when we married, from another culture. This new year she started going to the gym (she's already in good shape--and a big muscular guy is already hitting on her), yesterday she got her nails done and a pedicure, and today got her hair done (her long black hair was given brown highlights). She also bought and wore tonight black leggings that looked great on her. This is all very amazing as she was (is?) super conservative. I think she's hooked now! In the past few days she vacillated, saying she wasn't going, then she's going--but just to satisfy me and give this guy a nice sendoff. She tried to say she was doing this for me before she left, but I pulled her close and said, "you want to too." She purred yes. Anyway, tonight she mentioned that next time they meet she might give him a blow job. (He texted her after their date and said he was looking forward to seeing her again and to "taste her." I said that means he wants to eat your pussy. I said," If you suck and he licks, with a slick cock and wet pussy you two will definitely fuck." Her reply? I better take birth control! (She also used her eroscillator and had a big orgasm while I held her and talked about her new guy fucking her next time.) I continued to massage her, told her I loved her, and she went to sleep.
    Can't wait to see where it all goes
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    sounds like you are off to a great start!

    PLease let us know how it develops.
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    Best of luck

    My best to you and your wife. We often get the question in here of how do you get your wife interested in this lifestyle. I won't try to step on KingBull's turf since he wrote a book on that, and other aspects of the lifestyle.

    But you plant the seed. You make it clear that you are open to the idea. And then the opportunity (i.e., the right guy) needs to suddenly appear at a time when they are interested in change, or simply frustrated with their current situation (which from my experience, is more often the case).

    In your wife's case, the right guy has merged with her interest in the gym. It is nice how the New Year causes us to consider changes in our lives. May this be a happy experience for you both.

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    One of the major reasons why this forum exists at all is to discuss how it can be made to happen. My book is just one set of techniques (good ones, I may add) that anyone can use. It's not, however, the be-all, end-all of all points of view. I'm not THAT egotistical. :)

    Share your own points of view on the lifestyle and what works. You may even teach me something.
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    I remember going through this stage with the wife.........I bet you are so excited about when it is going to happen. Hope that you enjoy the thrill as much as i have.
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    It is thrilling. After the first date my wife kept asking me why he wasn't texting her. Soon he was, and when she got home from work, around 10 p.m. they called each other. She was in our bedroom talking to him for about 30 minutes. I listened through the door for a few minutes, and was amazed at my wife's complete change. In bed she told me everything they talked about. They talked about becoming lovers--she's interested in a long term deal--he introduced her to the "friends with benefits" phrase. She asked me if she should give a bj on the second date or if that would be too fast. We worked out a possible scenario for the next date which will be at a Chinese restaurant--after that, or drinks, she walks him to his car to say good buy, gives the kiss (longer and deeper than the first date closed mouth kiss); feel him...then suggest they say good bye in the back seat of his SUV. There she'll take do his cock (long/think is the way he described it), but saving more for further dates. It was hot, and we fucked and I told her to think about her "boyfriend," sometimes I call him her "lover." Next day she's wondering if she came on too strong to him (realizing it was strong for her conservative personality), but they texted again. There's something about her getting a text message that really excites her. Anyway, as we were cuddling later she was talking about the my wife doesn't go on the internet or read about cuckolds etc ( i did tell her I was a cuck...for a while now...but now she's experiencing it) what she said next blew me away: "What if I have his baby? You'll have raise it like it's yours." I was shocked. This is not part of my fantasy. I told her, "you are treating me like a complete cuck" (i said the word "Wanjunhan" for my wife is Korean...didn't say that before. She took a shower before going to work, called me in after she was done, stood up on the toilet and said, "lick my ass." Of course I did. I love to. In fact, she told her boyfriend on the phone that I like her pussy and she then whispered "ass hole." The boyfriend said, "you do that too?" Wife responded.."occasionally, I've been married for 20 years." Again, writing this as part documentation of the amazing turn around of my wife. boyfriend is out of town for this weekend (wife is jealous because he told her he has a girlfriend in NYC!--but at the same time appreciates his honesty), but they have a tentative date scheduled for Monday. Needless to say...I'm looking forward to monday. I read other threads, and sometimes I don't know if what i'm reading is true. If so, I think, "Wow...can or will we go this far?" I do know that my wife and I are having great fun now.
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    Wow. I can't wait for the next installment.
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    Wow. Things are moving quickly. Some advice on how not to crash and burn


    There are a couple of approaches to change--the incremental and the radical. Your wife's mind is changing radically. I'm usually careful not to give too much advice with too little information. However, in two messages you have given a huge amount of information. And besides, I can try to expand. If I get it wrong, you no how to reject (or hopefully ignore politely) what I have to say. :)

    It sounds as if your wife began in a demure and shy fashion as affects traditional female roles. I have no way of knowing if that is because of her national culture, her family upbringing, or whatever. And it sounds as if you helped unleash a tiger. There were pent up feminist needs that had not been met. She could unleash them by complying with your wishes. It is the ultimate "permission to explore" in her mind.

    Most of my experience with this is women who are exploring submissive fantasies after being in a male-dominated, power-oriented world. So I have seen this exact repeal of all behavioral rules in a different context. In the end, the exploration can be painful, or it can be very positive. That is why I feel the need to jump in and explain what I have learned.

    First, there is the tittilation of opening primitive emotions of exploration and risk when you have been keeping them bottled up or more likely dormant. There is this new hunger. She has a potential boyfriend! Or a potential lover? Perhaps we should not hope for too much. It is all so exciting.

    So what does she do? She shares her excitment with her friends. Dating teenagers do that all the time. I'm embarrassed now, but I remember calling my best male friend as a teenager to ask if I should propose to my first wife. I recognized that he was baffled by the call. But I simply needed to share and get any advice and support.

    Your wife used you as her best friend. She kept sharing with you her angst about why hadn't he text-messaged. Why hadn't he done this or that? When should she give the first blowjob? Frankly, I find that the most positive and reassuring part of your message. She is willing and even eager to use you in the role traditionally filled by her best "girlfriend." By that, I don't mean to confuse genders. She simply trusts you completely in this exploration.

    By the way, when my first wife and I were opening our first marriage, she used me the same way. It was one of the most stabilizing influences in our marriage. And for the record, we did not separate over the infidelity. I left because after 29 years, we had grown too tired and complacent. We were not going to explore anything else, and we were too young for that.

    (continued in next message)
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    HEy, this story is great! YOu really seem to have started it out right, and it seems that your wife has the right attitude-- she still loves you, wants to tell you everything, and understands that you get turned on by this, and she also is into this other guy. Perfect!

    I love it so far, especially that they want to become long term lovers. I have always wanted this myself-- that my GF/wife has a long term lover and I become just a third wheel who gets to watch and hear it all. And cuddle her and clean her...

    Does her idea about having his baby turn you on, at some level? After you think about it for a while, it might...
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    More on not crashing and burning


    In the last message, I should have included the comment about you licking her asshole. That is also a great sign of her trying to fulfill her potential new role as she understands that you like it. The bonding between the two of you so far is extraordinary, and refreshing.

    But this message is about something different--the so-called "slippery slope." We all know how to test our boundaries a bit, and temporarily "kick up our heels." But what happens when one decides to let go, start the slide, and find out where our emotions take us? Your wife is doing that, as I will try to explain. But first for a little preface.

    I am used to dealing with women who want to be submissive, but don't want to lose their dignity. They want physical intensity (flogging, paddling, etc.), but they don't want real pain. That sounds to many, usually including those women, as a contradiction. It is an art form to deal with people who are asking to "let go", and yet land safely through no protective efforts of their own. And yet, amazingly, it is surprisingly easy to do with the proper support system.

    I'll make one exception. Substance abuse is not something into which you can slip and a friend can protect you. But in that case, your brain physiologically changes in dramatic ways. In the case of your wife and the submissives with which I have more experience, their brains are already prewired. They are simply removing the insulation (to use an analogy that is probably way too lame).

    I'll give you proof that there is a soft landing for your wife. Well, actually, she gave it to us. She is toying with taking this lover to such an extent that he might get her pregnant. I'm not endorsing that by any means. But I am highly encouraged that even in her "let it all hang out" fantasy, she still has you in the picture as her husband, and she wants to protect the future of her child.

    She has not abandoned her moral values or sense of obligations, as drug addicts often do. She is simply toying with abandoning her pre-trained sense of sexual limitations.

    So what are you to do? Assuming that you really want this to happen (and be careful what you ask for), remain as her support system. Let her bring her concerns and fantasies home. And yet while friends do pry for information, give her time to process her own confusion. If she doesn't feel as if she is performing for you by bringing fantasies to you, she will share more than you will believe.

    You are her support system now. If that begins to change and he becomes her support system, you will know by the questions she doesn't ask, and the vulnerabilities she does not share. If that happens, get back to me.

    Life evolves. I'm still convinced that this is a great trip. But it is not always an easy one.

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  11. cuhusamibi

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    Thanks Morgan and cuckollie for the comments.
    Morgan, a lot of what you said I agree with. I've told my wife that since we started sharing our fantasy I feel more intimate with her--like friends. Our different cultures expect different things from husband and wife. I wanted a friend when first married; she couldn't understand that at all. There are roles in marriage, but friendship doesn't happen between men and women, even in marriage. So, through all of what is currently happening, I can say we have never been closer at one level. I agree that I might have unleashed a Tiger!
    Cuckollie; no, i really don't at any level want her to get pregnant (we have enough already :).. She's waiting to see how things progress with her "boyfriend" if she'll start seasonique [we don't use anything except withdrawal--never have used, not even condoms except once or twice]. Today, had to go to CVS for something, but picked up some hand cream, foot cream, and wax--brazilian bikini--for wife. She has been shaving for about 2 years, but you all know about the stubble. Anyway, after work when she saw what I bought she said if her boyfriend contacts her (its been three days without!) she'll use the wax. Oh yes..just remembered that two days ago she bought a red blouse with spaghetti straps (she's very small breasted) and modelled it for me saying she'd wear it on the 2nd date. Prior to that I had told her to wear a black skirt, stockings, and one of my white shirts with one of my ties (that looks hot to me on a woman).
    As things change happen, I'll try to keep an update
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    Was praising my wife's butt last night and asked if I could take a pic.
    She said yes, but I couldn't send to her "boyfriend." They've talked on the phone but
    still yet to make the 2nd date. Wife is pretty sure she'd like to give hand or blow job on that
    2nd date. The other guy, whom she says is really good looking, may be a bit passive. Wish he was more bullish. When the "boyfriend" didn't call for a few days she called him. She doesn't like being rejected she said.
    ANyway, here's one shot of the butt I kiss daily.
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    First thanks so much for posting and sharing. I am a 53 yr old hubby with a 53 yr old wife. She is not a hot wife. I like you would like to move her in that direction. I want her to be the hot sensual, sexy classy woamn I see. I want her to grow in self confidence and esteem.

    Dom Morgan Thanks for you posts Well said.

    Once agian thanks for sharing and please keep posting

    Again any suggestions or expierences on move a wife in that direction would be appreciated

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    This is a great soon as I started to read it..I saw a complete simalarity to my wife and I...My wife was a virgin when we met and has been very conservative throughout our 20 year like you..we started excactly the same way..I know hwere this is going for you ...have has just begun..the more she does it ..the more she will want...and you will come closer together as you both share in this wonderful lifestyle...keep up the good work..AWESOME!!
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    Hi cuhusamibi. Thanks for sharing your story. It sounds like you're moving in the right direction. As a caveat, all I can say is to proceed slowly and cautiously. Never attempt to "force" the action so to speak. Be supportive and understanding. You may not get everthing you want initially ( I still cannot be present to watch and photograph), but over time and with gentle encouragement, your foray into this lifestyle will be exciting and rewarding. As your previous posts state, even if she only gives him a blow-job initially, French-kiss her after she gets home telling her how much you love what has just gone on. You will both be hooked!
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    pic and update

    Wish I had more news about the "boyfriend." He seems to be keeping busy with others. However, my wife does now know about AFF and she and I looked at her mailings tonight. (I made her a profile on AFF, which is where I found her "boyfriend." Everything is now totally in the open...which is great.) We both looked at the profiles and qualifications. She's telling me what she would have done had she had that second date, and now, since she has mentally crossed that hurdle of having sex with other guys, she's looking for other possibilities. Attaching a photo taken today by the cell phone (pardon the quality. Everyday after her shower, I'm there with her towel, I blowdry her, especially remembering the toes, and then she stands up on the toilet bends over, and says "lick." She's as in to me tonguing her ass as I am). You'll notice a temporary tattoo. Couple days ago she wanted to put one on (I had bought sever over one year ago). This one says "bad girl." She's also now into taking photos..and, with the hint that she'll send some to the "bf" and show him what he's missing. We took a few shots of her ass with tattoo after it was applied, and later that day she sent one to my cell phone with this message: "I need a big rod on this tattoo!" Few days ago we went shopping together. Bought some lingerie, stockings, and a dress (she never wears stockings!). Really, all that we're waiting on is the right guy. Should also mention to you that she's doing a LOT of kegel anticipation of another cock.
    So, there's not been the man yet, but other movement is happening. BTW, Meier, my suggestion would only be that I have been a very attentive husband. My wife has never had it so good from me: footrubs, body rubs, buying sprees, gifts, chores around the house being done; some cooking (but by no means all...that would NOT be good for anyone); my wife if she wants me to do something all she has to do is say the word, if she asks me I'll say, "say it and I'll do it," I've already mentioned the ass-licking/kissing (even sucked toes during her eroscillator induced orgasm recently...she loved it).
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    text message

    Wife went to work tonight, and texted me this: "I am sorry i had to work tonite honey! If i had a man, could go out 4 date:( why dont you hook me again please! If u do, i will love u
    more! xxoo!" Such a turn around from my conservative wife! This afternoon we were in the bedroom and after I gave her a footrub she asked me if I "relieved" myself last night while looking at her ass pictures. I said, "no." She said "do it now." As I started to, she fingered me and told me to think of some bbc doing her. (Normally, she has always said she likes white-only--so this was a surprise. Maybe she got some ideas as she saw a bbc with me on the computer yesterday?) Didn't take long. 2 more pics (she's asking these to be taken!). I send them to her phone. I think she's saving them to send when she gets a guy!
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    night before second date

    Well, wife went to bed (after her I gave her her nightly hand and foot, shoulder and back massage) excited for her first lunch date tomorrow with her second man. I found him on AFF. we closed out her first account, which I made, and made a new one together. For the first week, she wanted me to sit with her has she read her mail. She even made me do the writing for her responses. Last few days, however, she's on by herself and doesn't ask me to see what she's laughing at, or to whom she's writing. Anyway, she had her nails done yesterday (hands and pedicure), and she's having her hair styled tomorrow before the date. Today, in the afternoon when I got home, we met in the bedroom. I gave her a massage, and felt her stomach. It felt firmer (She goes to the gym about 5 times a week), and I knew she had been concentrating on it for the last few days because her new man likes good abs! She had a couple eroscillator orgasms, and then wanted me to f her. I said I didn't want to (i also haven't been "self-releasing" for 3 week), but she prevailed :). She goes so quickly when I mention her, so far, platonic lovers. If she likes this guy tomorrow, I imagine the cuck will be complete. The guy seems more of a bull personality than her first man. I won't see her till after her work tomorrow night. Will keep any interested readers updated. (I will tell you I thought she'd go on seasonique after her period ended a few days ago...but she didn't. she was talking about it so much. Maybe's she waiting to see how the new guy is???)
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  19. shooter_18t

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    Sounds like things are progressing well...keep up the good work my friend and thanks for posting the pics...she looks very yummie and I hope you guys get what you are looking for
  20. jphenor

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    Sounds like things are moving alond well. Still don't hold high expectations as things can easily fall apart. Especially in you comment about the Bull type personality. One thing to sound like it another to do it. I think the more important point is can she take the step of having another man fully.

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