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    We've been married for 20 years and have talked about her fucking another guy for 15 of them in the last couple of years it has escalated two years ago she came home from work and told me about this salesman that has been getting friendly with her and that particular day she said he was down right hitting on her she said he was excited about something things they were joking about the week before (something about girls reluctant to give blow jobs) Wich she explained to him that she loved to give them as long as the feeling was right with the guy Wich must have been right over 20 times before she met me anyway she was wondering if I thought she should act on it and I immediately began to shake with excitement when I began to speak my voice trembled as I asked if she wanted to. she told me that he was attractive and married so she thought it would be safe.she also said that a few other girls thought he was attractive and would jump at the chance to get with him.i told her that I would love her to meet up with him if she thought she would enjoy it in which she replied she was going to meet him on the following Thursday if he was free.low and behold that was a week away and I was extremely anxious to say the least after talking more about it that night while we fucked we never spoke a word about it untill the next Thursday when she got home almost an hour later than normal.when she walked in the door I immediately knew something happened and was becoming overwhelmed with excitement. she walked in made a drink and began to to what happened.she asked him if he was going to the walmWalthat was across the street to set up a display which he sometimes did and he said no but quickly asked why.she told him she had thought about meeting him all week and she wasvreadw to act.he quickly told her he would meet her anytime anywhere she wanted.she suggested that he could park his work van in the far corner of the Walmart parking lot and she would meet him there at six pm.she got out of work cleaned up the best she could with out coming home.when she pulled in to the parking lot she saw his van parked where they discussed he would park.she then parked in a normal spot went in the store bought some wine coolers and came out another exit closer to his van.she quickly entered the van and she said she will never forget the look on evil smile on his face.they started talking had some wine coolers to settle down and within 15 min he asked her to the back of the van.they climbed back there and she said it was almost completely dark and there was no chance of anyone seeing in.they sat down on some boxes and he wasted no time as he began to kiss her and feel up her tits.she responded by groping his cock first through his pants and eventually reaching into his pants and grabbing his his half hard cock.he then.he managed to get one hand to his pants to unzip at that time his cock jumped out fully erect she then began to stroke it .he asked if he was going to be one of the right guys in which she responded by leaning towards his lap and taking the head of his cock in her mouth.she Said he already had precum.she slowly took more of his shaft each time she bobbed .his hand then went to the top of her head and words of encouragement began to come from his mouth in order to get more comfortable she stopped only completely kneel in front of him on her knees with him still sitting on boxes at.for the next 10 min she worked his cock very vigerously stopped to pull his pants around his ankles so she could lick and suck his balls.she began to notice his breathing was getting deeper and then started changing to moans that began to get loader and deeper his hand was tightening his grip on her head some more words of encouragement blurted out and his hips started moving she started thinking about chickening out but before she could a the first of several shots of cum shot into her mouth.his hand on her head and hips worked together to make sure that all of his cum was deposited in her mouth if not down her throat.she eventually became overwhelmed with the amount of cum instead of choking she opened her mouth a little and let some of it dribble down his shaft and onto his balls Wich he was oblivious to as he shouted his words of encouragement with lots of explitives. he loosened his grip as everything began to calm he took his cock from her mouth and rubbed it on her face untill there was nothing left on it she said his 7 1/2 inch cock quickly returned to normal as he began to talk about explaining to his wife where he wife then got up off her knees and composed herself the best she could and they decided to continue the episode next week.
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    That is awesome. My girl has done the same. Sucked someones cock in their van. He filled her mouth with cum. The next time she met him he fucked her in his van and then came in her mouth again. After waiting for all those years you must be on a real high..
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    That is awesome! but for the love of all that is holy. Please use line spaces every now and then. Had to use mouse cursor to keep track xD
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    LOL. As a former English major, this made me laugh. Although having said that, one of the things I was most poor at myself was paragraphs; I suppose a sign of laziness. I get free style writing and not wanting to think. In fact, if you don't have to think, the outpouring of the mind could be less encumbered. Having said that, Hemingway wrote pretty well with well structured paragraphs, so I guess I'm a fool for even writing this! haha I guess bottom line, leave the poor boy alone and enjoy the content and not the structure of what's being written. haha.... JTS
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    To make a long story short my wife met him to more times in the van and then the last time at a house he was selling ( he sold real estate also) that time she finally fucked him after she blew him (twice) after that episode his wife found the text messages between the two of them that had every steamy detail of their encounters. his wife called my wife and needless to say things got ugly.she never heard from him again.
    I have three more stories to share if anyone is interested. Let me know.
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    Keep em coming :)
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    That's all fascinating and pretty hot TS, as far as descriptions of impulsive BJs go. But what I want to hear about is if and when and how this hotly obliging salesman got to pump a load of his musky semen through that 7 and a 1/2 inch cock of his into the back of your wife's vagina, not merely into her throat, and if and when you got to taste it too. In detail please.

    Btw, how young was the salesman? And did he ever get together with your wife again after she blew him in his van in the parking lot?
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    He was 44 yrs old and after two more meetings such as the first one they met at a house he was selling after starting out with her on her knees he finally pumped her pussy not ounce but twice.
    His wife found some of there text messages that we're very incriminating.she called my wife and needless to say got very ugly he got transferred and she never saw him again.
    I don't get into eating cream pie but there was one there if I wanted.instead I jumped on her and felt her slippery pussy with my dick. could also smell his musty colone mixed with the smell of cum on her breath.very, very hot
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    Sorry to hear that he was so stupid!


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    That's ok got a few more experiences after that one blew over (took about one month)
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    Great write up! I just love reading about formerly reticent wives getting over their inhibitions and taking their relation their sexuality to unexpected levels. Bravo!

    Too bad about her first FWB, but she's better off without him. How can you expect to trust someone who is cheating on his wife?
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    After getting over that whole ordeal she got a boy friend that she still sees(just last week). There is a few others that that came in during this period. her boyfriend experiences will take me alonga time to write because there is close to fifty episodes including 69,stra stra up oral,anal(her only time she accepted a load of cum in her ass)
    A quicker one would be after she got done bar tending she blew a guy she thought might have been most attractive guy she ever fucked (on the pool table) mouth full of cum and a load in her pussy.then there was a delivery guy she blew in the basement of the bar and then followed him down the road where he fucked her in the back of his tractor other was with her way younger girlfriends boyfriend's brother(24 yrs old ) she was 37 tell me Wich one you want me to tell ( by the way she recorded every one of them on her phone for me to listen to over and over
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    Feel free to ask me any other details
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    I'm curious about it all! It sounds like your relationship has gotten very exciting. Have you gotten used to your wife having a boyfriend? And I wonder how you manage it,does she bring them home, if you've met her FWB(s), who else knows about your lifestyle, etc. I lived this type of lifestyle with two different women, but it sounds like your wife really took the ball and ran with it!
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    She sure did

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