finally found a woman who will cuckold me.

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    Hello ive been coming on this site for a few months now and I can finally say ill have some great pics and stories to share of my upcoming adventures. she has a date lined up for this saturday then we have a small gangbang planned for the following day. here is a quick pic of what ill be sharing....

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    one of her encounters. she texted me this one afternoon. enjoy....
    I let a stranger fuck me in the ass last night. He came later in the evening. We were already feeling pretty good from the wine,
    susie thought she could set him up with veronica

    But he wouldn't stop staring at me.
    You know when there's that tension?I kept touching his arm and his back while we were talking. And our eyes would catch.
    I got him a few drinks.
    Then I went inside to go to the bathroom and he followed me.
    Came in when I was peeing and just watched me.
    So I finished and when I went to wash my hands, he did it for me.
    It was so hot. The warm water, the soap and our hands sliding over one and others.
    He shoved me against the wall with the water still running and kissed me.
    Then shoved his fingers in my mouth while we were kissing.
    He put his mouth to my ear and said I want you.
    So I took him by the hand and led him outside.
    He unzipped my jacket and grabbed at my tits.
    Then he sucked and kissed my nipples while I dug my fingernails into his back and ran my hands over his black bald head.
    He wanted to go down on me and I let him lick my clit maybe twice then stopped him.
    He said he wanted to feel my pussy around his cock and I asked if he wanted to fuck my ass instead.
    He said whatever I wanted.
    I unzipped his fly and kissed his thick uncut black cock while holding the base in my hand.I put a lot of saliva on his dick and worked my mouth up and down it for a bit.
    Slapping it on my face
    Touching the tip to my nipples
    I wanted to sit on it so bad
    So I kinda rubbed it all over me.
    He put his fingers in me and flipped me over on to my hands and knees.He grabbed my hair and pulled hard then spanked my ass
    Which I really liked
    Under the trampoline.
    He grabbed my shoulders and rubbed himself against me with his pants undone and pulled down a little.
    He grabbed the condom from his pocket and said, 'girl help me put this on' so I rolled the condom down his cock and nuzzled his belly, letting his cock rub on my shoulder while I kissed him there.
    Then he took my arms and pinned them above my head, told me to try to get away.
    While I wiggled and struggled with my tits out he slapped me hard in the face. I cried out and then he bent down and kissed my cheeks. My chin. Ran his hand between my tits and licked my mouth.
    Then he rolled me over and pushed my face into the grass.
    He grabbed my ass with both hands. Kind of massaged it. Played with it.
    Rubbing and smacking.He pulled my cheeks apart and spit on my ass. It felt good.
    Really good.
    Then he rubbed it with his hand. Getting the spit everywhere. It was slippery and kind of cold.
    He put the tip against the hole and pushed it in a little bit. It made me yell.
    It isn't my favorite thing, ass fucking- but I wanted to feel him and I didn't see another way.
    With the tip in he shoved my hips down so I was laying flat in my stomach in the grass and he laid on top of me
    He pushed in further with his hands wrapped in my hair
    Then he shoved all the way in as he pulled my hair and said you feel that slut? That's my cock inside you.
    You like it don't you? Dirty sluts like cock. You want me to fuck you don't you?
    I whimpered yes
    That shit hurt.
    But he managed to fuck me with maybe half of his cock and got close then pulled out
    He took the condom off and jerked off to finish on my tits.
    I was sitting and he was kneeling with his hips and cock in my face.
    I kept rubbing my face on his cock. Telling him to come.
    Ad he did
    Then I played in it with my hands and he got some on his finger
    And made me suck it off
    The he kissed me with his cum covered finger still in my mouth
    Then I used his cum to get myself off. Rubbed it on my clit until I came with him watching me.
    Telling me I was a slut and to come for him.

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