Feeling Envious of Bulls

Discussion in 'Emotional Support' started by OwnedCuck, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. OwnedCuck

    OwnedCuck New Member

    I have totally accepted that I am a cuck and found satisfaction serving my wife and her bull (my master). But one thing that I struggle with is that I can’t help feeling envy towards him sometimes.

    Without any thought or effort my master takes whatever he wants and lives like a king. He uses my wife any way he wants (things she never let me do) and she shaves and dresses sexy for him and begs for his attention. Meanwhile I submit to him and serve him like his personal maid, doing all the things that he considers beneath him.

    Do other cucks sometimes feel jealousy towards bulls, wishing that you could just walk into a room and have men respect you and women spread their legs for you? Sometimes I fantasize about being an alpha with a big cock who struts through life taking whatever I want, even though I know that I will always be a cuck subservient to the man my wife has chosen. Is it normal to feel this envy and is there anything I can do to make these feelings go away?
  2. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    The only thing that I know which can make them go away is to not be a cuck any more. (Seriously intended.)


  3. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    I have never felt envious of any of the men (or women) my wife fucks. First, by satisfying her desires, they are doing me a favor. Second, they have all been respectful, gracious and envious of me, because she married me, not any of them. Third, I occasionally fuck a couple of the wives of the other guys (for the amusement of those wives, my wife and the other husbands), so there is understanding all around.
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  4. cuckoldfrank

    cuckoldfrank New Member

    I do envy bulls, because they get so much from women that I will never get. Of course, I know that as a cuckold I have to be grateful if a bull fucks my wife and gives her pleasure. And I always show respect to them. It is true that some bulls have been envious of me, too, because such a great woman married me. It is true that I have been proud in such situations. But I have also experienced the arrogance of bulls who were sure that they were in control of the situation. And thus they did not show much respect.

    The truth is that this has been very unpleasant once, but at other occassions it has added a strong kick for me. I did not show or tell my wife because I was unsure what this would mean to her. But I am not unhappy since I found out that she prefers bulls who really give me reason to envy them. But this is the result of learning. The first time I found out that she loves tense situations between me and her bull, I reacted very upset. But eventually I suggested myself that she dates the guy again.
  5. surfrider

    surfrider Guest

    I've accepted the fact that I'm a cuckold, but I have been envious of "Bulls" since beginning this lifestyle. I have had opportunities to be a bull on several occasions and every time I have experienced performance anxiety, unable to get it up. It always ends up in a embarrassing situation for me. As much as I would like to be a bull on occasions. There are a lot of beautiful women out there. I am a cuckold, that's my place in life.
  6. LordBull

    LordBull Member

    I am a bull, so here is my 2 cents. We all, at one point, dream of power, success, women, etc. So it's only natural to be envious of those who have what you always dreamed of even if you are happy where you are at. So your feelings are all natural and if used right right, can increase your pleasure. As you may know, a lot about sex is mental. Emotions like love, hate, and even jealousy can increase your pleasure. Use it to your advantage.

    @christinebitg: You can be an knowing cuck or an unknowing cuck. We will fuck your wife as long as she is wants. Only she can make us go away and why would she want to? Overall, I'd enjoy to meet you and you wife. I'm sure we could all have fun.

    @cuckoldfrank: I, myself, am more of an arrogant bull that gets a kick out of humiliating the cuck. And many cucks get pleasure from humiliation by the bull, even if you deny or are oblivious to it.

    @surfrider: How cute, a cuck that wants to be a bull. Accept your place, only then will you ever be happy.
  7. Once a cuckold truly accepts their status I feel the envy goes away. I never was much of a man to begin with but after 20+ years of being a feminized cuckold, I am both happy and proud of my status as a sissy (God I hate that word) cuckold. I have had the pleasure of watching 2 wives being well and truly pleased by their Bulls and I have also had the honor of being used by their Bulls as a substitute hole. It was both an honor and further emasculation for myself as more and more of the masculine was driven out to make room for more femininity.

    Cuckolds...Accept your status, Embrace your status, Be happy your wife loves you enough to stay with you instead of going behind your back or leaving you.
  8. jaggu008

    jaggu008 New Member

    I am in full agreement with u.
    There is no iota of jealousy now, on the contrary I am grateful to the bull that he is giving her the pleasure which i am unable to give and i am happy about it
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  9. ruski75

    ruski75 New Member

    A few pangs of jealousy are par for the course when you're cuckolded no matter how much you're into it. I love our lifestyle, wouldn't change it for anything and I simply love watching her with her lovers but I have my moments.

    The actual fucking is not an issue but little things like when they fondle her boobs or kiss her when cumming or slap her ass, I get a little twinge of jealousy. But those things are part of sex so it's all good! These feelings are fleeting and pale into insignificance compared to the utter joy of seeing her pleasured by her lovers.

    It's a divine torture and there's nothing as good!!
  10. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    I agree on all counts.

    However, a cuck can choose to not be a cuck. For instance, if he asks his wife to stop and she turns that down, he can divorce her. Then he won't be a cuck.

    Of course there's also the distinction between knowing and unknowing. If the guy doesn't know about it, he won't have that anxiety, the cucky angst, as we call it.

    I would love to meet. Unfortunately, my girlfriend is never similarly inclined. She has always insisted on picking out her own guys. And (for what it's worth) she has never allowed me to watch or participate. :(


  11. stuckcuck

    stuckcuck Well-Known Member

    envious of her bulls? yes I suppose I am, I wish I was the one that could make her feel the way they do, but sometimes, more often recently, I find myself envious of her, wanting to know how good she feels being taken, being filled by their manhood. my submissive side seems to be dominating my thought process more and more and the idea of becoming "owned" is more and more appealing.

  12. bricbat

    bricbat Guest

    I feel kind of stuck in the middle of all of it. On the one hand, yes I'm envious. I wish my wife looked at me the way she looks at an Alpha male. On the other hand, I'm naturally wired to find jealousy is an incredible aphrodisiac for me.
  13. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    I know I'm not the usual cuckold, but am I the only one that feels that I am getting the full meal from my wife while her lovers ("bulls," if you will) only get the occasional taste? That her lovers get to fuck her only when SHE wants, but I can enjoy her body whenever I want? That they envy me for that?
  14. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member

    We're more in this camp. I wouldn't actually call many of L's lovers "bulls", but she's had a few who know how to let me (and everyone else) know they're the alpha. They do strike a latent humiliation chord in me at times, especially when the three of us are together in public. And at times, I do wonder what it might be like to instantly attract women who hunger for a "bullish" man.

    But with age comes a certain maturity and wisdom that allows me to be more comfortable in my own skin. I'm just not wired to be aggressive, to be that bull. L stays with me for a reason - she loves the man that I am. She has sex with other men as she wishes because her sex drive is at its peak, she enjoys the adventure of being the "bad girl" she was never allowed to be, and because she knows she has my blessing and I enjoy it as well.

    Although most of her lovers don't realize it, we spend a lot of time talking about them, what L and them do together, and which ones give her the best sex. She tells me about their body parts, not just cock, but arms, legs, abs, butts - so often which physical feature of a certain guy gets her off, and what doesn't. Now, I suppose most guys who fuck L wouldn't mind that L talks about them like they're a piece of meat, but actually, much of the time, they are just that. It's a given (for L) that she at least must like them as a person, and the pretend-boyfriend thing does get her hot, but at home, in our bed together, we use her lovers, like a vibrator, or steamy music, or L's sexy lingerie. They become a part of our very intimate sex life, a tool to keep things hot and spicy. L comes to bed with so many stories she knows will get me hot, tales about her lovers' size, endurance, looks, and personalities, both the good and the bad. Sometimes we come together when she tells them, and sometimes we laugh together.

    Making love to L really is like a box of chocolates - I never know what I'll get - the sultry siren, or shy little (bad) girl. But the undercurrent is always built on a loving life we've shared together. No one else gets that. I'm sure the most alpha of bulls are content with their talents, but at times I too wonder whether, if they knew, they'd be envious of me.

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  15. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member


    Very well put, especially the conclusion. In my case, the only alpha behavior going on is my wife and the other wives, they are always in control over who gets what, when. The guys fucking my wife are deferential to me. Several of her lovers have told me or Audrey flat out that they wish they were her husband and not the occasional cocksman.
  16. wifedateshubwaits

    wifedateshubwaits Active Member

    To some degree, yes I am envious of my wife's boyfriends. When I hear her gushing about how handsome so and so is, or how she can't wait to see X again, it does trigger some feelings of jealousy and envy. But as others have said, once you truly accept that you are a cuckold, then it lessens the sting.

    Of course my wife is going to date and fuck more handsome men than me. And she, (and I for that matter), would be disappointed if the sex wasn't more exciting, more erotic and frankly, just plain better than between my wife and I. But the bottom line is that my wife loves me, and although many men have tried to lure her away, she remains my wife and we are planning to grow old together. I think I'm the one who should be envied!
  17. cuckoldfrank

    cuckoldfrank New Member

    Thank you for your comment. Everyone is different, but I think it better fits with a cuckolding relationship if the bull takes his right to treat the cuckold as he wants. So I never protest if a bull treats me arrogantly. I even admit that this a kick for me. I also observed that my wife enjoys situations where I am moderately humilated. She has also admitted that to me. And she encouraged me several times that I tell a bull that I envy him.
  18. OwnedCuck

    OwnedCuck New Member

    Cuckoldfrank, my wife is similar to yours. Her bull is naturally arrogant and dominant, but she is the one who encourages him to humiliate me and seems to get the most enjoyment out of it.
  19. MelissaR

    MelissaR New Member

    It wouldn't be as much fun if you weren't at least a little bit jealous boys! I like to tease Russell with what he can't have x
  20. Mickle

    Mickle New Member Founding Member

    I think we come to terms and accept that our wives prefer being pleasured by others.

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