Fantasy "Where There's Smoke" (D/s, cuck)

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    NOTE: the following is fictional.

    During the day, I'm a "hero". I save little old ladies, pull people out of burning buildings, and rescue kittens from trees. But at night, I become Smoke; controlling the actions of others, choking them, blinding them, bending them to my whim, remaining uncontrolled myself. And tonight, I've got a new captive.

    She was a vision in pearl; 35 years old, copper hair, 5'5, approximately 135 lbs. Curves in all the right places, from her perfectly tear-dropped breasts to that creamy soft peach of an ass, to those deceptively long legs, framed just so by her skirt, garter, and stockings. She wasn't wearing underwear. She never did. She had that air of supreme confidence, of arrogance and conceit, that as long as she had her looks and her attitude she could manipulate any man she wanted. Well...she wasn't dealing with any man at this point. She was dealing with something she could not fathom, something she could not make hers, something that was going to break her down to a level she could never comprehend until she were there.

    Her training started like any good lesson does, with me explaining everything that was going to happen. "Listen, whore. You are defiant now, confident you can't be broken. Confident you won't beg for my big, black cock, beg to cum, beg to be blessed with my seed. But you will be trained. You will become the cum slut you were born to become, and you will return to your husband a changed, subservient slave."

    At the moment, she was standing, handcuffed, glaring at me with silent indignation. There was no way she'd bow to some commoner, the kind she looked down upon from her penthouse loft. Well that was going to change, and soon.

    I grabbed her behind the neck and forced her to her knees. "Open that mouth of yours, whore." She refused initially, but a slap to the tits caused a squeak of pain, and I filled her face with nine inches of throbbing hard cock. She tried to pull away, but like quicksand every move she made filled her mouth with ever more. Deeper and deeper I went, until she was reduced to a gagging, coughing, teary-eyed mess. "Will you open your mouth the next time I tell you to?" "NEVER!", she cried between sobs and gasps for air. I freed my belt, and gave her a swat across those deliciously milky tits. She cried out, and I filled her throat with cock again. This time, I didn't ease it in; I shoved it in, until my balls rested on her chin. The feeling her throat spasms and contractions gave me were absolutely marvelous, and with every gag, retch, and tear shed I could feel her will cracking. Mere seconds must have begun to feel like hours for her, struggling to breathe around something that could not, would not be dislodged by her choice.
    Finally, it was time to move on to the next stage of training. She would be broken soon enough.

    I bent her over, bound her hands to my work table, lifted her skirt and spread her legs wide enough that she wouldn't be able to squirm away during this next phase of training.

    "Now, slut, you are going to learn about restraint. You will not cum until I allow you to. Any attempts to disobey me will be met with punishment. Understood?"

    She began to shake her head, to challenge me again, and then stopped, choosing instead to stare at me in disbelief. Yes, that spirit of hers was beginning to smolder, to sputter and die, like a campfire during the beginnings of a summer storm.

    I took my wand, caressed it gently up her inner thighs, around her lips that were beginning to glisten with excitement, just barely grazing a clit that was quivering with anticipation. Oh, she liked this. As much as she would never admit it to anyone, she was beginning to fall in love with losing all control and yielding to me. Yielding to any man who was brave enough to take authority over her. I began to stroke her clit, taking in the essence, the aroma of a woman reaching ecstasy. Her knees began to buckle, her hips began to shake, and I snatched the wand away before that climax could be reached, like a climber who just had his rope snap. She tried to squat, wriggle her hips free, desperately searching to find that magic wand in order to reach what I would not allow her to obtain. She was met by a smack on the behind.
    "Did I tell you to cum yet?"

    More silence...but this time there was a tinge of sadness in her teary, liner-streaked eyes. A look of disappointment, one of pleading. She was almost torn down, to be rebuilt into something of beauty and subservient perfection. Her thighs were drenched. She wanted to cum so, so badly, but I would not let her. Not until that air of conceit was gone completely, replaced with nothing but desire to serve any man with a desire for her to serve him. Over and over I brought her to the edge, only to pull her away at the last moment, until she finally broke.


    I plunged myself deep inside of her, feeling the waves of pent-up release lap over me. I could feel her cervix convulsing, her walls clenching, her entire body stiffen and relax as she finally understood what it meant to be dominated. To be owned. To be subjugated.

    "Now, whore, I will train your asshole to accept any cock, any object, of any size. Understood?"


    I decided that with her new-found obedience, she deserved a brief reprieve. So, I didn't go straight for the 8" plug or the beads. I chose something a little slimmer, a little easier for her tight, pink little star to wrap itself Freshly lubricated by her secretions, I watched my head breach her. Watched that long, sinewy, mahogany shaft follow. Watched her begin to writhe in pain, before relaxing in quiet resignation. Resignation to the fact that no matter how much she fought it, she was going to leave here a tamed slut.

    And so, she began to thrust herself onto me. Gradually at first, increasing with ever more determination. She was beginning to enjoy having me deep inside her. Soon, she began to speak.

    "Please go deeper, sir! Please slam those balls against my cunt, sir! Please give me your cum, sir! I've been a horrible bitch, one that did not know her place! Would you like to fuck my throat again, sir? It's been waiting."

    I obliged. This was the cum slut I saw inside of her, from the first time we met at that dreary award banquet so long ago. Her husband, the chief, a sneaky coward of a man who only reached his place through stealing the work of others. I knew then that he would never see what potential his wife held, that inside of the contemptuous shrew he shared a home with laid a slave begging to be freed.

    She took me to the hilt, without flinching, without nary a gag. Once again, she looked at me with tears streaming from her eyes. But these were not the same tears. Once tears of pain, of shame, of humiliation, they were now tears of joy, of unimaginable pleasure.
    "I want to taste it, sir. To savor it. Please let me have it, sir." She began to work her head, her tongue, her larynx in a concerted effort to gain my seed.

    I finally released. Down her throat, in her eyes, and across her face. She licked off everything she could, and wiped the rest into her mouth to swallow.

    "Thank you, sir. Would you like to fill my ass or my cunt next?" 'Atta girl.

    I filled both, and told her to carry it home to that pussy of a husband of hers and make him eat it out of her. He didn't deserve such a treasure. No matter, he'd never know it existed...waiting for someone to unearth it once more.
    An hour after she left, I heard a knock at the door.

    "Hello. I'm the wife of the-"

    "I know who you are, ma'am. How can I help you this evening?"

    Where there's Smoke...there's a whore waiting to be trained...
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