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    TJ Ryder
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    The new owner by inheritance of the Olduvai mining company
    waited in anticipation at the Nairobi Regency cocktail lounge
    for the papers to be delivered by his 'godfather' Sir Edward
    Rothbottom! Timmy Dimsdale wondered if he would ever recognize
    Sir Edward, the black sheep of the family, but then again nothing
    made sense, including being left this family owned mining
    company by an uncle he had never met except once! The slim
    and smallish blonde young man needed it to make money though!
    Divorce and alimony to his cheating ex wife was going to put him
    into bankruptcy unless he finally made something work.

    Finally, a grey dignified man came in with a small briefcase
    and he sighed with relief.

    Shaking Edward's hand, they sat in a corner booth.
    Sir Edward immediately ordered a gin and tonic from the attractive
    brunette so Timmy ordered another lite beer.

    "Why bother to drink at all, Timmy?"

    "Trying to not get fat!"

    "Ah, the climate here will take care of that. So, you have
    all the paperwork I believe, and the directions!"

    "Yes, all that, but I need real answers now. Why me, of all
    Uncle John's relatives did he choose me! Not that I'm upset!"
    he quickly added.

    "Because, dear boy, John thought you were the most likely
    person to make it work! However, that was a couple of years ago
    when you and Heather were together!"

    "What's that bitch got to do with it?" He asked, clearly puzzled.

    "Because small farms and industries in this mostly black country
    have to deal with a certain reality, my boy, big black reality, haw haw!"

    Timmy blushed, the scandal of Heather going out with black men in
    England during their chaotic and twisted marriage had reached everywhere.

    "Well, don't worry, she's gone now!"

    "Yes, and if Uncle John knew that, he would probably have willed it
    to someone else!"

    This made no sense, but Timmy wanted to get to the chase.
    "Okay, its water under the bridge, past history, now, so I'd like
    to know the score on this business!"

    "Unfortunately dear boy, you will have to deal with this history
    and remedy it or I'm afraid you will have a severe personnel problem
    very soon!"


    "Because, the mine employs at any time a dozen prime strong zulu
    giant bucks, and being quite isolated in the country and also of the
    Ibo tribe and the whole area being of the Hausa tribe which has been trying to
    exterminate the Ibo for centuries; these young studs cannot exactly
    spend Saturday night at the local village unless they want to be on
    the menu!" He chuckled at that and ordered another gin fizz.

    "Oh, well, I guess we have to pay them off and hire locals then?"

    Edward slowly shook his head with a wry smile.
    "A Hausa would enter the compound only to reconnoiter for a raid.
    You never let one enter or disable your security or forget a payment
    to the local Hausa chief. The Hausa are not miners, carpenters
    or any kind of tribesmen. They barely have domesticated cattle! Mostly
    they are hunters, for anything!"

    'Mmmmm, I guess for an extra expense
    we can have women brought there
    then, is there enough money for it?"

    "Oh yes, could get them for nothing, but the entire Hausa nation would
    revolt at the idea of an Ibo woman in their territory. They accept
    the presence of only Ibo males because that means they are temporary
    guests on their land for a percentage. A female means progeny!"

    "Well of course we could tell them they practice birth control!"

    "They don't know what that is and wouldn't believe it anyway, and besides
    the workers wouldn't like it. After three generations of Dimsdale women
    servicing the workers, they don't like black women too much!"

    "Dimsdale women, you mean aunt Judy?"

    "Yes, and her niece, her sister, Tammy, her mother Ellen, her grandmother
    and so on. That's how its done. It's cheap, good security and good for
    everyone. And the Ibo expect it and if its not done it would be considered
    an insult!"

    "Wait," Timmy blushed, "they expect to fuck our women?"

    "Oh yes, in exchange for their labor, especially if you are providing
    living quarters. And let me tell you, with disease rampant, it's the only
    way of protecting them and yourselves!"

    "Aunt Judy and Tammy fucked negro tribesmen!"

    "Oh yes, haw haw, enthusiastically! Let me tell you, but of course
    I hardly have to tell you about a wife who goes to the dark side!"

    Timmy groaned, blushing now. "That's why he chose me then! That
    bitch Heather!"

    "Dear boy, all the colonial wives go black nowadays, the few of us
    that are left. The natives expect it as simple courtesy and with all the
    troubles it's the only secure way to run a business in country with native
    labor! Goes back centuries actually from what my grandfather told me!"
    Timmy ordered a real drink then, sitting back in the leather booth,
    and was between being disturbed, disappointed and truth to tell, a little
    excited. For a while he imagined his gorgeous wife going to the workers'
    quarters for multiple huge and hung black sex partners and returning to
    his bed afterwards like she had done so many times.
    The cute brunette showing cleavage came by and smiled.

    "Ready for another gentlemen?"

    "Soon, Chrissy!" As she walked away, Edward asked him to notice
    the medallion around her neck. A queen of Spades!

    "See what I mean by they all do it down here, my boy! Her husband
    had a difficult time with it at first too, but now he just loves it when
    she comes home to him!"

    "And that's what you thought I would be?"

    "Well, you stayed married to Heather for a long time after every
    nigra in London had her phone number! Oh and by the way if you do make
    this work you really must read up on the local OBEAH customs and etiquette
    before you go out there!"

    "Who's running it out there now?"

    "The foreman, giant black man, but he can't hold it together for long
    and its not a good idea to be too far away too long, natives getting
    restless and all. This is a hands on, haw haw, family business!"

    "And you don't see any other way of my doing this by myself?"

    He shook his head, "no dear boy, a century of tradition cannot be
    overcome in a day, even if we wanted it!"

    "Oh brother, I really counted on this to work! Just enough to
    get back on my feet anyway!"

    "Dear boy, I didn't say I wouldn't help you, that's why I came, when
    I heard about the divorce after the will was read. We need to find you
    a proper Olduvai wife and that's the solution!"

    Timmy groaned, "the ONLY solution?"

    "I'm afraid so, my boy. That's the score. I have added in this
    file some organizations and advice but I'm afraid the rest is up to you!"
    After he had left and Timmy walked numbly back up to his hotel room
    he moped for a couple of hours, and then hesitantly took out the file
    with the names of clubs and websites.

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