Family limits?

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Would it be exciting to know about consenting sex between

  1. Bull and your adult daughter?

    132 vote(s)
  2. Bull and your adult sister?

    89 vote(s)
  3. Bull and your mother?

    71 vote(s)
  4. Wife and her adult stepson?

    64 vote(s)
  5. Wife and your father?

    80 vote(s)
  6. Wife and your mother?

    34 vote(s)
  7. Wife and your adult brother?

    87 vote(s)
  8. Wife and your adult sister?

    55 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. pigr75

    pigr75 Well-Known Member

    Hot story! Did your friend keep his mouth shut, or did your folks get outted?
  2. subhubjon

    subhubjon Active Member

    Actually after seeing that my friend's cock was bigger than my dad's, I began to suspect that my little dick wouldn't grow much larger. That night we both lay in his bed, it was a double size and jerked off. He started and as I watched for a minute my dick got hard so I did it too. At first it was very embarrassing because it was so obvious that his cock was twice the size of mine. When he came, he let it spray onto his stomach and chest, it appeared to be more cum than I produced in a week. By that time, I'd already made my little dribble and was ashamed when he looked at it and asked if I needed his cum towel or not. I took it trying carefully not to get his cum on my hand. He'd seen me looking at his cock which now in it's deflated condition was still way bigger than mine ever got. I guess in an effort to make me feel better, he said, yours will probably grow bigger. Then remembering the size of my father, he corrected himself, on the other hand, your dad is way smaller than me too.

    We both lay in silence for a bit, I tried not to look at his big cock which lay across his thigh obscenely large for a 12 year old. Mine had all but shriveled up to almost nothing. He looked at it and said, wow does it always get that little. He added, I guess little dicks run in your family. Going on he said, I guess that's why your dad was letting the shoe store guy fuck you mom. Did you see his cock, he asked. It was big like mine, I'll bet your mom would like mine too. I said, Hey and he apologized. Sorry, but it's probably true and did you see what your dad did, he lick your mom pussy after the shoe guy filled her full of cum. That's almost like sucking his dick. Do you think your dad would do that too. My head was swimming with lust, thinking about my mom getting fuck and my dad licking up the cum. My dick had gotten hard again and my friend pointed it out to me. Hey you must like hearing about your mom and me. Your little dick is hard, or maybe it was thinking about you dad lick up the shoe guy's cum. He took his big cock in his and begin to stroke it. I was watching in wonder and awe, when he said, I'll make some cum for you to lick up if you want. Then said, or maybe you'd like to suck it out of my cock. I was jerking my little dick as fast as I could when he took my other hand and put it on his cock. Here you go, you can see how a real prick feels in your hand. I let him move my hand up and down a few times before I began to do it on my own. After a minute or so, I'd stopped jerking myself and concentrated on stroking his big boy. We were both breathing heavily when he pushed my face down toward his cock. I had to really stretch my lips to get my mouth of the big head. I'd feared it would taste nasty but to my surprise it didn't have a strong taste of anything at first, just sucking on skin. Then I began to taste his precum which had a sweet saltiness to it, not all that bad either. I was barely able to get any of his dick in my mouth other than the head. Several times he tried pushing me down on it, causing me to gag. Finally he settled for stroking himself while I suck on the head. I could feel him tightening up and knew he must be going to cum soon. He started talking to me, suck it bitch, he said. Come on cocksucker you can do it. You're my little cocksucker now. How's it feel having a big dick in your mouth. I'm going to fill it with cum, so keep sucking, you're my bitch now. Strangely I liked the way he was demeaning me. I like been humiliated this way and I loved knowing that I was going to make him cum or at least help him. Then he started in on my mom, you want me to fuck you mom with my big cock and then you and your dad can lick my cum out of her pussy. Or I'll shoot it in her mouth and all over her face so you dad will taste my big dick when he kisses her. He went on and I thought my cock was going to explode and I wasn't even touching it. Imagine, my dick will be so much deeper insider her than you dad's that I might knock her up and give you a little brother. Then my mouth was filled with his cum and I could feel the dribble oozing out of my own dick.
  3. subhubjon

    subhubjon Active Member

    After that night I more or less became my friend's bitch. I sucked or jerked him off nearly everyday after that and we often spied on my mother. I began staying over at his house a couple nights a week. It gave him more time to have his dick in my mouth and we'd sneak back to my house and spy on my parents. We saw my dad's boss, one of his co-workers, and the shoe store guy fuck her than my dad would lick their cum out of her pussy. Finally one night a stranger showed up and after he fucked my mom, my dad licked and sucked his cock clean before licking my mother's pussy. This guy never came too often but when he did my dad would always suck his cock. I discovered they often had guys come after I'd gone to bed. Then I watched one night as my dad took money from the shoe store guy. I looked like a twenty dollar bill, after that I noticed there was always money either given to my dad or left on the dresser by the door. I spied from the front porch most often peeping through a crack in the blinds. I rarely but sometimes would peek through a the door if it was left ajar. Sometimes I'd just have to listen. It was devastating to learn my dad was a cocksucker and my mother was a whore.

    I was at a really low point one day and over at my friends house. We thought his dad was at work and his mom out shopping. I was doing my usual thing, sucking my friend's big cock when the door to his room suddenly opened and his father stepped in. We were both shocked and embarrassed, as his dad looked at my little dick and his son's big cock. He began laughing a big belly laugh and said, it's easy to see who's the bitch in here. Then he added, I guess you take after your old man. I suppose little dicks run in your family and you're sucking cock just like your mommy fucks. After he left, my friend said, I wonder if my dad has fucked your mom. Then he bragged, with a cock like mine, I'll bet she'd like to fuck me too. I started to say something back but was cut off as he pushed his cock back into my mouth.
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  4. FamLover37

    FamLover37 New Member

    Mom enjoys her own biological son...gets intentionally pregnant with her own grandchild. Dad knows, asks them both to pair off together while she's fertile. Yes, Dad & Son are biologically related. Dad waits downstairs as Mom & Son bareback fuck for a baby, Mom lets Dad clean up after but does not let Dad fuck her until their doctor confirms Mom's certifiably knocked-up. Only Mom & Dad know its' their son's kid in her belly & swelling her tits with milk.

    Most swingers would never ever ever videotape a breeding party but I hope the mom lets Dad videotape it & give their son the tape/DVD as a souvenir including the home preg test at the end.
  5. mentaldish

    mentaldish New Member

    My dream would be for my wife and her younger brother fucking. He is a total arrogant stud and is 8 years younger than my wife. He is also very hung (I've seen him naked over the years in locker rooms/changing rooms). I would love for him to fuck her and fill her with his cum so I could lick her clean (either in front of him or later on without him knowing).
  6. surry

    surry Guest

    WHAT A HOT STORY! Add more to it.

  7. Fang

    Fang New Member

    Not really my thing. I just prefer to have my own GF get the pleasure, not any other family member.
  8. selfless70

    selfless70 New Member

    defiantly this poll is not for me. i would love to have a threesome with my gf or let her have sex with a stranger in a bar or party or anywhere else she like or i like but no fucking with family. that is too much
  9. jaggu008

    jaggu008 New Member

    Family linits

    We were living in the city, both me and wife were working. She a successful career woman in finance, and i a struggling engineer. Life was going smoothly. Then I lost my mother when she had a massive heart attack. My parents were living in a small town. Father was devastated and we thought he was heading towrads a depression. It was thought a change might help him overcome that and we suggested that he move with us for some time. He was reluctant at first and didnot want to close his paint shop, which he was running. WE made arrangements for his assistant to take care of it in his absence then he relented and moved in with us.
    Father was in his late fifties, with a well maintained body and a natural charmer. Wife used to spend as much time as possible with him to cheer him up and elp him to get over his loss. I was thankful to her and was looking fine and he was almost his old natural self.
    One night, i woke up, at around midnight, and found was not there on our bed, nor in the washroom. I was surprised and littled scared also and opened or room door and called her name out amd went to kitchen to check. After not finding there, when i was coming back, I saw her near our bed room. As soon as i came into her view, she asked me the reason for me getting upset, and she claimed that she was in the balcony as she was not getting sleep. But she avoided looking me in the eye and was trying to turn her face away. I could see she was not telling the truth and tring to hide some thing. I noticed her haed breathing and red face, but did not want to probe further, as I noticed, that our spare bedroom door was not properly closed.
    Within a week after that father went back to to his place. I had a nagging feeling about that night, and went on questioning my wife about that night, she finally confessed that she had started sleeping with father for quite some time. When I started reacting to her violently, She told me on my face, that even though he seduced her in the beginning, she liked his love making. He was a great lover, and he regularly made to orgasm, unlike me, he had bigger cock and he new how to give pleasure a woman unlike me. She even told, "with your small cock and premature ejaculation, I had never esperirnced the joy of sex. Your father is a real man, with real cock and he can fuck real hard and he never failed to make me achieve orgasm and sometimes, he could give me multiple orgasms"
    Listening she telling that i had an erection and she even noticed it, and made a comment that you are getting excited by listening about your father fucking me, but your erection is much smaller than your father and u cant really satisfy me. I had no answer faor her sudden outburst and things started to change between us and she started to become more dominant.
    t whenever i tried to make love, becuse of the anxiety, i started ejaculating as soon my cock touched her vagina lips and gradually she made me to satisfy her orally. That was the befinning of my cuckolding
  10. takeoff

    takeoff New Member

    Many years ago, when I met my wife Kate we were having sex together in her room while her younger sister Vanhessa entered the room and saw us. My dream was to be able to have both my wife and her sister together in the same bed having sex with me.
    As the years have passed now my wife Kate has sex with her bull in a regular basis and she has sex with me from times to times. She has also shared her bull a few times with her sister Vanhessa. So, the bull is the lucky one to have sex with my wife and her sister together, instead of me.
  11. crazyinvt

    crazyinvt Active Member

    My father passed years ago but I often fantasies about my wife being with. My father was only 56 when he died and he once told me that if you ever turn down a piece of ass, you can fuck for the rest of your life and never get that one back. And he lived by that. I was well aware while growing up that he got a ton of pussy and fucked most of our friends wives and several others in our small town. I have no doubt that if he were still alive and able, he would make every effort to get his cock into my wife. I also believe that she would have been more than willing to spread her legs for him. I believe all this because as I have said before, my wife is an easy lay and she was quite fond of him.
  12. happycuck23

    happycuck23 New Member

    About five years ago my mother in law was having a barbecue. She ran out of some food, so her and I quickly ran out to the store. When we came back, we walked in the backyard and found my wife fucking her mother's boyfriend on one of the pool lawn chairs. He was absolutely pounding her, and I saw how big his dick was, and how much stamina this 55 year old man had. Instead of being pissed, my mother-in-law said to her boyfriend, "it's about time you two fucked." My wife and her mother's boyfriend went inside and spent the rest of the day in bed, while my mother-in-law and me stayed outside and shared a couple bottles of wine. For the next year and a half, my wife and her mother shared this guy, with him fucking my wife twice a week.

    That slowed down and eventually stopped about two years ago when my wife started dating her current boyfriend. Her mother knows I am a cuck, and the four of them now go on double dates and out to dinner together.
  13. paleryder

    paleryder New Member

    None of the scenarios you listed works for me. My parents are close to 90 years old.

    But I must confess that my wife comes from a very promiscuous and incestual family. Her mother was a real slut (3 children by different fathers and married to none) and lots of men, as are/were her mothers six brothers. Their father (wife's maternal grandfather) was a musician and known as a "ladies man", so that's were they all this got started. And a great-grandfather was also known to have gotten his daughters pregnant in Central America. Supposedly the men in the family are well hung, I've never seen and don't care to. But there has been a lot of sex between family members, uncles with nieces, aunts with son-in-laws, etc..

    I didn't know about any of this until well after we were married. Even my wife has had sex with a couple of her male cousins (and one of mine recently), but no one else in the family.
  14. indian cucko

    indian cucko New Member

    I love these ideas, i would like to chat with others that share these fantasy's...PM me it will be fun
  15. asiancouple1

    asiancouple1 New Member

    please PM me. I want to chat further on this topic
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  16. asiancouple1

    asiancouple1 New Member

    I love this scene with my wife and her mother...taking a black bull for her
  17. asiancouple1

    asiancouple1 New Member

    I like the idea of my mother and my wife's mother to know that she is cuckholding me..they encourage her and watch her while I am in the house...knowing that a bull is satisfying her which I cannot do...
  18. TomZ

    TomZ New Member

    I am kind of interested to explore the bull mom situation
  19. swittol

    swittol New Member

    Wow, I am not alone! :) My hotwife's bull is also doing our daughter, and I love it!
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  20. Clarepear

    Clarepear Well-Known Member

    I guess I used to date was fucking his co-worker's daughter. The co-worker didn't mind until my bf started fucking his wife as well!
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