Family limits?

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Would it be exciting to know about consenting sex between

  1. Bull and your adult daughter?

    132 vote(s)
  2. Bull and your adult sister?

    89 vote(s)
  3. Bull and your mother?

    71 vote(s)
  4. Wife and her adult stepson?

    64 vote(s)
  5. Wife and your father?

    80 vote(s)
  6. Wife and your mother?

    34 vote(s)
  7. Wife and your adult brother?

    87 vote(s)
  8. Wife and your adult sister?

    55 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hanrejfam

    Hanrejfam New Member

    Perhaps a controversial poll for the cuckold couple: What is your attitude towards family getting involved? (Although absolutely NOT incest!)
    If the wife-relations mentioned are illegal somewhere, please remove the poll!
  2. GordonPym

    GordonPym Member

    What really turns me on is thinking of my sister in law with a bull, o her hubby with my wife. Or - even better - a group sex: Wife, her sis, sis' husband and bull, all together :)
  3. gdj1217

    gdj1217 Active Member

    I'm a Straight Whit Bull. This is for your Poll.

    I Have Fucked.
    Girl Friends.
    2 Female Friends.
    Daughters. Over 18.
    Sisters. Over 21.
    Nieces. Over 18.
    And Single Women.

    Some were knowing of the others and some had No Idea. Some of them were set up by either the Women or by the cucks or by Both.

    As Long as Everyone is Comfortable with Fucking, then where does the Taboo Stigmata come into play? It Don't!
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  4. FamLover37

    FamLover37 New Member

    Wife & your own biological son, she's pregnant by him (after discussing it as a family first,) & breastfeeding you & him from milk she has coming in from a prior pregnancy or re-inducing.
  5. pwps70

    pwps70 New Member

    None of the options appeals, but I'm pretty sure my girlfriend's younger sister knows, which makes me super horny.
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  6. cuckhusband

    cuckhusband Well-Known Member

    Have already experienced 2 of the above options and both were extremely HOT!
    Have also seen my wife with my cousin and 3 different brothers-in-law. We feel as long as all involved are adults and willing participants they're fair game ;)
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  7. rfresco

    rfresco Active Member

    Interesting topic. Believe that as long as everything is consentual and everyone is an Adult (18+ in most areas) then who does what to who is entirely up to the people involved. If your 19 yo daughter wants to experience your wife's Bull, and there is no force being applied, then the decision rests completely with the daughter and the Bull. No one else has a vote.
    Of course, the wife may object (her Bull is having her daughter) but the only option she has available is expressing her opinion to the Bull and terminating the relationship with him. She shouldn't be upset with her daughter in the least.
    Finally, I wish to stress that everyone is in agreement and everyone is an Adult! No one under 18 should be involved in anything (unless younger is legal in your area). Minor children should not be involved in any aspect of this lifestyle.
    R n T
    rfresco_99 (yahoo)
  8. waster

    waster New Member

    I can't decide between bull with my sister or one of my twins when they are old enough.
    Don't actually have a bull but there is one guy I have in mind.
  9. 3decadecuck

    3decadecuck New Member

    My wife has a live-in boyfriend. He has been with my daughter, my wife's daughter, my ex wife and her girlfriend, my ex sister in-law and her two daughters, my current wife's sister, her daughter, 3 of my wife's nieces, 4 of my wife's nieces friends. My ex wife had an affair with my father for 15 yrs before he passed away. My ex wife gave birth to my oldest son who was fathered by my own father.

    My current wife has been with my best friend,three guys I work with, all three of her brothers (she was adopted.) My current wife has been with my oldest son who is now 28 yrs old and has had him several times throughout the last 5 years. My current wife has also had sex with her sister's two sons and her ex husband. I do not see anything wrong with adults consenting to fun with each other, whomever they may be.
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  10. Degradius

    Degradius New Member

    I have fantasies about my wife and her mother sharing the bull (no incest) and my wife demanding that I also take the cuckold role for my mother-in-law....
  11. NECuck

    NECuck Super Moderator

    Wow!!! Sounds like another Post I recently read!!!
  12. stuckcuck

    stuckcuck Well-Known Member

    my wife and my father, it never happened at least I am pretty positive, but there was an obvious spark between them and she was the only girl I ever went out with that my father told me was hot. he was a very good looking man I I knew my wife had dated several older men and always wondered if she might have a thing for him. I am pretty sure that given half a chance he would have taken her.
  13. Rob Y

    Rob Y Guest

    I used to fantasize that I was hiding in the closet and watching my mother with a bull in her and my dad's bedroom, really going at it, not long after dad leaves for work. She gets a few mild red welts, bite marks and scratches on her shoulders, neck, and thighs Later that day, she hosts a pool party where she's wearing a single-strap maillot, and the love marks are plainly visible. She invited her bull to the party, and she flirts and pays a fair amount of attention to him. She's happy and vivacious as usual, completely uninterested as to what anyone might surmise, including dad, who is present.

    When I was younger and first married, I had an even more unlikely fantasy. My wife and my mother are both out on dates at the same time with their bulls, but each is unaware that the other is a cuckoldress. They catch each other snuggling up to her respective date in a restaurant, or maybe in a park. My mother glares at my wife, but doesn't make a public scene. My smart wife suspects my mom will confront her later, and she secretly snaps a pic of my mom and her lover. Sure enough my mom, oblivious to her own infidelity, confronts my wife, who reminds my mom she shouldn't throw stones and shows her the picture.

    My mom changes her attitude and starts crying, saying she loves my dad but has needs he can't meet. My wife says the same thing about me, and they agree to cover for each other (in this fantasy, I don't know my wife is cucking me). Soon they start double dating with their bulls, which works perfectly because they can tell us they're out shopping, etc. with each other. One day, one of the bulls suggest they get together and trade partners, sort of a swinging thing. My wife and mom eventually agree. The ample room and amenities of my mom's house make it too hard to resist and they meet there. My dad is supposed to be on a long business trip but gets back much earlier than usual. For whatever reason, I pick him up at the airport and take him to his house.

    We walk in, hear noises, and find my mom on her knees sucking the cock of my wife's lover, while my wife is in bed close by, moaning as my mom's lover is plowing her. Long story short (too late, I know), dad and I end up accepting things, even inviting the bulls over for dinner and letting them stay the weekend at our houses. Dad and I share the joys and frustrations of being cuckolds, and we're as open with the lifestyle as we can reasonably be.
  14. pigr75

    pigr75 Well-Known Member

    Interesting fantasies, Rob. Do you know or suspect that any outside sexual activity was going on with your parents? Did you ever catch either of them in a compromising situation?
  15. Rob Y

    Rob Y Guest

    I suspected my mom was cuckolding my dad, but never found out for sure. She was flirtatious with guys, and once when I was in town I saw her get in a car with a guy. It looked a lot like she kissed him, but it was too dark to be certain. There were other little things like strange phone calls, but I was too young to really put it all together then, and now I try to connect the dots long after the fact. If a third party could have observed the things I did they'd have probably said she was. But it was my mom, and I sort of wanted it to be true because it was exciting to me, and I sort of didn't because of my dad.

    If she was and my dad knew, I'm pretty sure he would have endured it. I can't see him filing for divorce or having an affair himself.
  16. waster

    waster New Member

    I think definitely one of my twin girls when they are legal
  17. FamLover37

    FamLover37 New Member

    I'm looking to create a roleplay family where there's a mom, a sister,a dad, & I. the women all love risking getting pregnant and/or Adult-breastfeeding their son, brother, etc. They love being watched by the other family members while being fucked / cream-pied as a loving expression of their family closeness. The wife/mom loves being asked by dad to let son impregnate / nurse from her during the family meeting / family picnic. Anyone into this? Ladies, I want to hear specifically from you.
  18. Design82

    Design82 New Member

    Shame there isn't an option for -- wife and her uncle -- cos that happened many years ago between my wife and her much older uncle.
    She has told me snippets of their liasons, and I can't help but get tremendously aroused. He initiated her into sex, but he must have been good because she soon started visiting him on a regular basis, wanting him to fuck her.
    She says he showed her how to suck his cock, and how to sit on top and work her hips to bring him off.....He taught her well!!
  19. waster

    waster New Member

    This reminds me, I am 90% sure my sister has been with my uncle at least once or twice.
  20. subhubjon

    subhubjon Active Member

    I discovered my dad was a cuckold when I was 12 years old. I didn't know what a cuckold was until many years later when I became one. Like my dad I too, have a very small penis. I was spending the night with my best friend and we need an extra control to play a video game. I only lived a few blocks away so we walked over to my house to pick it up. When we got there I saw there was a strange car parked in the driveway, but that wasn't unusual my dad often had friends over that I didn't know. We came in the side door to the kitchen and started down the hall to my bedroom when I heard my mom. The door to their bedroom stood open only a few feet further down the hall from my room. I could hear her moan and then clearly heard her saying fuck me, fuck me. I'd never heard her say the word fuck before. I motioned for my friend to go on into my room and then I peeped into my parents bedroom. My mother and the stranger were both naked on the bed and he was on top of her between her legs which were up in the air. I'd never seen anyone fucking before, but knew this is what was happening. Then I noticed my dad also naked lying next to my mom and stroking his cock. I'd recently begun to masturbate knew immediately that was what he was doing. I was mesmerized watching the strangers seemingly huge cock sliding in and out of my mother's pussy. Then realized his dick appeared to be at least twice the size of my dad's which didn't seem that much bigger if at all than my own little cock. It was dark in the hall and the only light in room was the side of them, I was pretty sure they would have a hard time seeing me as I watched. My mother started talking again, telling the guy to fuck her hard. Then she added something like, give me some real dick for a change, followed by more fuck me, fuck me.

    I could feel my own dick getting hard and thought about taking it out to stroke it, but knew my friend would be wondering what happened to me. I turned the go back down the hall to my room where I'd sent him. As I did this, I bumped into him, he'd followed me up the hall and was peering into the room with me. Then I noticed he was doing what I wanted too. He had his cock in his hand was jerking it slowly as he watched them fuck. I was horrified that my friend was seeing my mother naked and worse yet being fucked by a stranger. I quickly pulled him back down the hall to my room and quietly closed the door behind us. He cock was still poking out of his pants and that's when I noticed how much bigger it was than mine. He excitedly said, did you see that your mom is getting fucked by guy from the shoe store. We lived in a small town which only had a couple of shoe stores and then I placed his face. I remember going with her while she bought shoes from him. My friend had begun stroking his cock again and urged me to go back and watch them finish. I said, no we had to get out of there and go back to his house. I was still stroking himself and said, let me finish I'm about to cum. I could hardly stand it my own cock was rock hard, but I wasn't about to pull it out and let him see how small it was. Instead I watched him and wondered what it must feel like to have a cock that big. He was clearly bigger than my dad. I watched as he shot an amazing load of cum, it actually squirted several feet out of his nearly hitting me as it splattering on the hardwood floor. When I would cum it only dribbled out and wasn't nearly that much. He shot several streams before he stopped jerking on it. Then asked if he could borrow my towel. I looked puzzled and he said, don't you have a cum towel to clean up when you jerk off. I said no, so he picked up a tee shirt laying on a chair and this will do. He wiped off his dick which now soft was still way bigger than mine. He tossed me the shirt and said, you can get the floor. I bend down and wiped up his cum with my shirt. When I'd finished he said, get the joystick and lets go.

    He went back out into the hall while I unplugged my joystick. Following him out of the room, I found him back down the hall once again peering into my parents room. He quickly motioned me to come have a look. When I peeked in this time I could see the shoe store guy was kneeling up beside my mother's face and she had his big cock in her mouth sucking on it. Meanwhile my dad was down between her legs, kissing and licking her pussy. I pulled my friend away and we returned to his house.

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